MK Ultra


Nov 24, 2020
As many of you will know, MK Ultra was a CIA mind control program that was supposedly closed down in the nineteen sixties.

Symbolism Decode has an article which looks at Q posts referencing MK Ultra:

Consider the following: A clown has two kids. One is smart, one is far less so. Parent decides to bring the smart one into the circus, but what to do with the other one? That’s what MKUltra is for.

A way to sell a kid into an abuse system for profit. All the family has to do is the easiest thing, neglect. They allow outside forces into manipulate them into making the worst decisions possible.

Those outside forces include teachers, neighbors and aspiring clown classmates. Clowns hoping to score a few points with the 666 by abusing the target. Manipulating crowds of people into abusing the target at school (good MSM practice) Some pretend to be friends and try to get the kid hooked on drugs and into ever worse habits. And then the cooperating family will then blame the child for instead of getting to the bottom of who is to blame. All forces against them, Traumatize the child from every direction all by people who they are taught to trust.

And within years they are ready for “Therapy” which will be were it accelerates into mass murder. All that’s left is for the circus tent full of clowns around the target to cash the check from a successful op.
The Symbolism Decode site is fascinating and if you look through it you may never look at the news or the Q posts in the same way again. However, perhaps this thread could be used to help us share knowledge of MK Ultra, Monarch and other programming undertaken by the powers that be?

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