Mel Gibson casting in Rothchild comedy sparks outrage


May 21, 2019
In a world where the movie Borat was a thing -- is this really that much worse? I think at some point Gibson probably just decided that since he has forever been branded an anti-semite, he might as well wear that badge with honor and run with it. I don't think many people will go to see it (or admit to it even if they do). Probably best just to keep quiet and let it fade into obscurity. Protesting will actually just give it more credibility and more attention. It isn't like it is going to be a blockbuster or anything. Especially since it has Shia LeBeouf in it. I mean no one who still has a decent career in Hollywood will touch this with a 10 foot pole -- not if they still want to work in Hollywood. Although it might end up being hilarious simply because it is bad. Like Sharknado.