Mary 40 channel

Jun 17, 2017
i didnt know her, so i sampled her one video about shirley temple. if she wants to get a decent viewship, she is going to need to up her production value. holding up pics on YT does not cut it. scan the images onto the computer and make a legit presentation of the argument.
she has a upload on dave chappelle which i would like to watch, but for me, its really unwatchable. shes just too unprofessional about it for me to take the time to follow her.


Aug 18, 2017
Don’t bother. I used to watch her videos and had to stop. She just repeats what everyone else be saying. She jumped on the “transvestigation” thing and started calling every celebrity a transgender. Now, there are a lot of those in the industry but her reasons be way off. She repeats what those other amateur idiots be saying for views. Mary is a follower, nothing unique about her. She thought that the whole printing out articles and celebs pictures would give her credibility but she’s not doing anything different than the others who show the celeb pictures on their computer screens. She’s very sloppy with her information.
There was a Justin Bieber article that was obviously fake where Justin so-called admitted a lot of things and exposed the industry. The stuff in the article was so ridiculously fake, no one bothered reporting on it, no media coverage, no other YouTuber did a story on it because it was so ridiculous. Guess what Mary did? She made a video on the fake Justin Beiber article, claiming Justin said those things. I’m a huge conspiracy theorist but I know a bull crap article when I see one. Even though the things in the article really happens in the industry but the point is Justin didn’t say those things, the website made it all up for traffic. Mary will do a report on anything whether it’s fake if it fits her narrative. She’s a phony.

Sorry for the long reply.