Lil uzi vert wants to be free

Dec 21, 2018
Look this out: new uzivert album is called eternal atake, and it has the logo of theof the cult heaven's gate.

Heaven's Gate cultists committed mass suicide trough the days 19-26 of march 97. According to the occult callendar on march 21-22 is the day of goddess Ostara, a minor Sabbath that requires human sacrifice.

The day 7/1/18 vert tweeted "I never really worry because I will definitely transfer to another body . Please come with me" and "I'm part of the new movement". His tweeter account has a planet earth, a comet, two hearts and a ®.

Ok now, this is what I think that happened: it was all fun and games until eternal atake was announced. It was still fun and games, he was ordered to tweet this, do that, ignorant to the real meaning of the stuff and when human sacrifice was mentioned (himself, in this case) he decides to bail out