Kpop Satanic/Illuminati Influence


Jul 23, 2020
Any thoughts ?!

2021 Busan International Film Festival in Sk,celebs who attended it were wearing black colour dress.
I mean literally almost everyone in black dress...??!
Is it kinda dress code or symbol of sth?
Am finding this weird !
I don't care what anyone says, KPOP and KDRAMA have a stronger spell. That stuff achieves its purpose because people willingly offer their minds.


Apr 6, 2018
"Ce concept d'union a conduit en occident à la doctrine du "tantrisme", dont certaines branches visent à réaliser concrètement l'unification masculin/féminin, notamment par l'accomplissement codifié de l'acte sexuel. Cependant le trantrsime est souvent confondu avec le "tantra" qui se réfère le lus souvent à des rituels, et lus largement à une méthode ésotérique de pratique spirituelle (Sadhana). Ces rituels sont pratiqués après une initiation (diksha) sous la guidance d'un maître qualifié."

Même si l'acte sexuel, ne fait qu'augmenté l'énergie en reconnectant les énergies (vu sur un site d'alchimiste, qui le testait sur le ses apprentis).

Hors, la reconnections, en plus de cette acte sexuel, est aussi un retour, de la lumière à la matière, la lumière redevenant matière, tue la lumière, la vie.

La pratique sexuel, utilisant chaque mois, un acte de poursuite, de viol... de rituels sexuels, différent par mois, par rapport aux actes. Il a aussi dans le tableau, des filles dessiner avec un cup cake, sur un plateau, et une bougie (représentatrice du la lumière du soleil), symbolise la lune, comme les gâteaux classiques. Et la pizza, étant composer d'un pain plat (symbole solaire), et de garnitures, représente justement le soleil.
"This concept of union has led in the West to the doctrine of "tantrism", certain branches of which aim to concretely achieve male / female unification, in particular by the codified accomplishment of the sexual act. However, trantrsima is often confused with "tantra" which often refers to rituals, and widely read to an esoteric method of spiritual practice (saadhana). These rituals are performed after an initiation (diksha) under the guidance of a qualified master."

Even if the sexual act, only increases the energy by connecting the energies (seen on an alchemist site, which tested it on his apprentices).

However, the reconnection, in addition to this sexual act, is also a return, from light to matter, light becoming matter again, killing light, life.

Sexual practice, using each month, an act of pursuit, r*pe ... sexual rituals, different per month, compared to the acts. It also has in the table, girls drawing with a cup cake, on a tray, and a candle (representing the sunlight), symbolizes the moon, like classic cakes. And the pizza, being composed of a flat bread (solar symbol), and toppings, precisely represents the sun.


Jan 18, 2019
"All the opportunities you’ve created
I know your sacrifices Oh

My naevis we love U
I know, we’ll make sure to find your memories
Let’s meet surely after the resurrection"

that part is so weird I'm sure this have a satanic meaning. by saying sacrifices are they hinting to j0ng and sull1? and that resurrection part just sounds wrong, is this about the antichrist? How koreans can listen to this song understanding the lyrics lol it doesn't make sense at all for me just a bunch of nonsense together. The song is a hit btw already sold 400k album copies and is #1 in korean music charts...
naevis is basically a*spa's satan. also a*spa is blowing up like crazy in korea even though the music isn't exactly gp friendly.

i have heard a theory that the ae-versions of the members are all based on trainees who died before they could debut, idk how true that is but it is creepy af. and this is a personal observation, but winter is really favoured among all the group members? i initially thought it was karina, but winter is not only getting more screen time than her, she is also consistently getting more lines than the main vocalist of the group.


Dec 1, 2019
Does anyone else feel angry at the unconscious state of Kpop fans? No matter how much evidence you show frustrating.
Me too. I didn't get why people love it so much. All have sick subtext and lack of true creativity.
For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known. Therefore whatever you have spoken in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have spoken in the ear in inner rooms will be proclaimed on the housetops.
Luke 12:2‭-‬3


Jun 2, 2021
Has anyone listened to Minho's radio show. He called it Best Choice. It also has its own twitter account just like Blue Night. I haven't yet. Just curious if anyone has and what they think of it.
Haven't listened to it but it's a sports radio show where he invites sports stars as guests not exactly my kind of thing but sh1nee really starting to bore me now they are on too many variety shows these days and I hate k-variety it's all scripted and false and it feels like no one in sh1nee really cares about music or art anymore wonder what T is gonna do post enlistment will he continue focusing on his solo or become like 0new and minkey who focus more on variety shows and cfs.