Kpop Satanic/Illuminati Influence


May 10, 2022
Are you talking about the youtuber BRISxLIFE? He's also a popular reaction channel and someone has mentioned before he's sold out as well.
I was looking through his channel and saw that he also got to meet Jungkook. He says in the video that he went with some woman named Rachel, a model, and she had some connections with CBS that allowed them to meet the group exclusively
I was the one who said bris is a sellout lol which is true he's throwing up devil horns in his video intros now
Mar 8, 2022
honestly look into "egi" elite gender inversion if you want to realise how fake all this shit really is. there is genuinely tons and tons and tons of undercover transexual celebrities. l1s4 from bl4kp1nck and w0ny0ungg from 1v3 is 100% male theres no denying it, its definately a satanic agenda to make women obsolete. you can check the gait when they walk or while they descend stairs. its been a beauty standard to be tall with long legs, wide straight shoulders, thin legs and washboard flat stomach for ages, these are all things that men have... even my friend who is 180cm and 46 kg (model weight and height) still doesnt look like those catwalk models since honestly most of them are probably male. i've been looking into this stuff recently and so much has finally clicked and now im seeing it everywhere and comparing skull sizes and stuff lmao. i think the kpop covert transexual pictures have already been posted here but i can repost them if anyone is interested.
it does wonders for the self esteem to realise that majority of these beauty icons aren't even women, i feel like some of you guys will dismiss this all as crazy which i understand since i did at first too, but the skeletal structure really doesn't lie.
Now this is the teaaaaaaa yasssss

This is why the "women" in kpop are so skinny. If they ever gained weight their bodies would take more shape and the bone structure would rat their asses out.

Before puberty, a male's voice can bend, twist and hit notes that females aren't able to. Historically families would castrate their sons before puberty to preserve their voices and push them into being singers so the family could escape poverty. Don't sue me lol but this makes me wonder how many of these talented chanteuses are biological females. Especially in kpop with all these high notes they hit.

Get them while they're younger cultivate that voice and transition them before hormones so they can pass to the average person who doesn't know what to look for

It also works out when it comes to military duties. If a male idol has transitioned they can avoid serving and continue making money for the company. No unwanted pregnancies to worry about either.
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Sep 21, 2021
i fail to see the attraction with this especially on a guy. Like men are supposed to have strong bone structure to be handsome.
New definition of "handsome" (KPop version): a boy/man who looks like a girl...with layers of make up, whitewashed skin, and tiny waist...

Trivia: Ken and Barbie dolls...are "trans dolls"... they "hate" each other...Ken because Barbie has "unrealistic" body proportions (with boobs & butts way to heavy to make her walk)...and Barbie coz Ken wears pink and tries to "compete" with