Knitting site Ravelry bans pro-Trump content for ‘white supremacy’


Mar 13, 2017
This is insane.

Knitting site Ravelry bans pro-Trump content for ‘white supremacy’
Ravelry, an online community of eight million knitting enthusiasts, is coming apart at the seams over a ban on pro-Trump content, which the site has labelled “white supremacist.”​
Site administrators banned all content supporting U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday in an effort to rein in an increasingly polarized community that was set up to simply share knitting patterns.​
“We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy,” Ravelry wrote in a post on its website on Sunday. “Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy.”​
Ravelry says it is banning content — not people — and that users will still be able to access their pro-Trump purchases and data after that content is removed from the public part of the site. Ravelry will also ignore pro-Trump posts written before the ban was announced.​
Administrators add that they’re not banning conservative viewpoints or pro-Trump thought. Rather, they’re trying to prevent hateful and intolerant content from appearing on its site.​
Ravelry will effectively scrub its site of a wide range of pro-Trump patterns, such as Build the Wall sweaters, Make America Great Again tuques and POTUS tea cozies.​
The controversy threatens to tear apart a diverse knitting community that’s brought together people of all ages and colours since 2007. A fierce debate over the policy is currently playing out on various social media networks, including Instagram, where a younger generation of users has built large followings with their work.​


Mar 16, 2017
Who knew there were 8 million knitting enthusiasts...

They are a private business. They can do what they want.