Junk Food and the Government


Aug 11, 2021
I saw this video about the history of junk food. Basically when rations were sent overseas to the military station they needed to be preserved / dehydrated / extracted. etc. This makes them last longer of course and increases their sell-by date. Humans are hunter / gatherers. To guard against famine we will grab up food that can sit on the shelf a long time especially if it can be prepared quickly. Junk food especially TV Dinners were marketed to newly working women as being just as healthy as the real thing. Advertisements used to include recipes. Exotic and imported foods were now easily available. Marketers found people like to buy products connected to something they like - such as Peter Pan's Peanut Butter or New York Pizza. Everyday and complicated foods had preserved versions that were quicker and more convenient. The government encouraged food production in excess for exportation (money). Sugar is an addictive energy source that is in most foods now. You may think you like something but it is the sugar calling you... High fructose corn syrup is cheaper than sugar.

Common words in older ads
Healthy - Nutritious - Corn - Lard - Better - Real - Exotic - Tropical - Homemade Quick - Instant - Convenient - Secret - Mom - Wife - Husband - Love

In Today's Ads
Organic - All-Natural - Artificial - Sugar-Free - Probiotic - Prebiotics - Certified - Superfoods - Gluten - Grass-Fed - Pasture-raised - GMO - Made With Real Fruit - Omega-3 - Whole Grain - Whole Wheat- Multigrain - Antioxidants - Artisanal - Fresh - Local - Cold Brew

During wartime the government pushed corn, oats, rye, and potatoes on the public. They wanted you to grow crops for yourself as well as for them. They had "victory farms" for volunteers. They wanted used cooking oil, bread, and wheat to be sent to be sent overseas. Then and today they are still trying to eliminate meat.

The same technique then and now.