Joy, Peace and security / Death?

Jun 1, 2018
Why do born again believers have Joy, Peace and Security through Christ?

DEATH! All people die. Good people and bad people, babies and elders, The righteous along with the wicked, Saints and sinners also. It is worldwide. In every country in the world, in every state and province, It is universal. If it's universal, there has to be a cause. That universal cause is SIN! (Gen. 2:15-18). Adam is the federal head of man, and man inherited the nature of Adam. (Rom. 5:12-14). What is sin? It is transgression of the (God's) Law. The Joy, Peace and Security we have comes from our faith and promises of Jesus Christ our Savior (Rom. 5:13-21) Those who believe in me (Christ's works in our behalf) shall NEVER see death. Many signs of Christ calling out His body, But mankind goes on just like in the days of Noah. I could have written many pages on Jesus gift, but YOU need to search the Scriptures for yourself.
In Christ
Douglas Summers