Is this the World Economic shift?

Mar 13, 2017
I have said that Trump is not a lock to be reelected for a while now and if you pay attention to the news the world economy is starting to crumble. Firstly, if you think this is not orchestrated then you have had your head in the sand, for they are simply removing money from the market to set things in motion. The US stock market dropped today and there is a chance a recession will take hold just in time for the election. And that means even more division as fingers point quickly when peoples pocketbooks dry up.

This is not happening in the US alone. China and Europe are on shaky ground and what better to pit the world against each other than a worldwide recession. Now don't get me wrong. The economy can rebound but it is built on stilts but a shift can move the world politically and there will be a time when food and water shortages come to a head.

The market has been destined to correct itself no matter who is in charge and what country we are talking about. This may all blow over but if the PTB's want to stir the pot, there is no time like the present. All projections have been pointing to a US recession in the next year or two and interest rates cannot fall much more than they are, so only spending money on the country such as infrastructure can save what is bound to happen for a little bit.

So, a failing economy could doom Trump and then we can go to Socialism which is a notorious fail in history. So all eyes on US-China relations for they can only save one another by making a deal. You can bet Trump is working his advisors and that others in the world dependent on the US is worried, but we have been here before.

My prediction is the market drops more in the next week and new talking points will dominate the media and take peoples minds off Epstein, etc. I have always thought the one world rule will be aided by a total collapse of the world's economies.

Jun 17, 2017
im loosely following it, because i really dont care all that much. i cashed everything out of the market so i can root against all of those corporate thugs.

china is devaluating their currency (at the expense of their own people) to combat the new trump tariffs. it seems china is also running short on food and is heavily investing in australian land-- i think they want to grow food there and ship it to the mainland.

anyone following the metals market is seeing the wind begin to change-- gold is on the rise, as is silver. its a good time to buy.
the market is way overvalued-- weve been due for a big correction for awhile now.

there are also rumors that trump wants to nationalize the federal reserve. i wont hold my breath.

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Aug 18, 2017
T is considering more tax cuts! wow just make sure they are not going to add to the deficit this time! if everything is so great why keep increasing deficit - people with money pay off debt so they do not waste 20 percent on interest - like we do on the defict!