Is this murder case about MK?


Mar 16, 2017
In sweden today, there was a murder of three made by an immigrant who has some strange signs to him, things like having heard voices (Voice to skull technology?) of The Joker and a "Zig" and "Zac".

I'm thinking either schizophrenia or MK but hard to tell which. Here's the story:

Earlier, Fouad Saleh, 22, has been convicted of having run a moped without helmet twice.

Today, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for three murders.

First, he shot another criminal to death in a garage, and six weeks later, he killed a witness to the garage murder, as well as the witness of the witness.

"I got her on the bargain," said Fouad Saleh about the murder of the woman.

It's a brutal picture drawn by 22-year-old Fouad Saleh.

He was convicted on Tuesday for the imprisonment of three murders in the Hallon Mountains at the beginning of last year. These are the first serious crimes he is convicted of. In the past, he was only allowed to run a motorcycle without helmet on two occasions.

When he is arrested for the double assassination, he flips against the policemen who take his picture. During the trial he has repeatedly acted proudly and gave the press photographers his finger.

How do you go from fines for traffic crimes to three murders?
Growed in the Hallon Mountains

According to documents that Aftonbladet had taken part, Fouad Saleh 1995 was born in Stockholm, and most of his life lived in the Hallon Mountains with his parents and three siblings.

He has finished school, and although it appears that he had a bad presence in the last two years, he was given full marks.

When Fouad was 15, he was at home with his dad and his two little sisters when the father suddenly fell into the bathroom. The then 15-year-old Fouad was the one who called for help, but the father's life was not to save.

After compulsory school he started on the vehicle program, but was discouraged and jumped off after a year and a half.
"Good bike thief"

After that, he says, he has had various stride jobs, including leisure time for younger children and a summer job as pest control.

He himself says he had other income, "in the form of bicycle theft".

"I'm a good bike thief, he has told me.

During the legal psychiatric investigation, he has also said that he has a "moderate" abuse of cannabis. He says that he smoked a "fifty times" in the last two years.

But according to police investigations, nothing indicates that he was affected by alcohol or drugs at the time of the double kill.
"Lacking emotional ability"

The only time, apart from the legal psychiatric investigation, he had contact with psychiatry was when his father left eight years ago, and visited BUP, child and adolescent psychiatry.

It is apparent from the documents that Fouad Saleh, during the legal psychiatric investigation, "quickly found himself correct" in the psychiatric department and was in agreement with the other residents.

"Personally, Saleh showed lack of emotional ability with difficulty in living in other people's feelings and situations."

Fouad Saleh tells both the police and investigative psychiatrists that he is ruled by voices from "TheJoker" and "Zic and" Zac ", but this judges physicians to be a retrospective to" dampen their own anxiety ".

He also states that at one point, after he had urinated on the floor of his cell, he seemed to see how the urine turned into a dolphin.

"Received orders to kill"

As for the murder of the witness and his wife, he said in the conversation that they broke into the witness's apartment. Then there was "another power that took possession of him, and in the witness of the witness appeared a creature which he had commanded to kill by external powers."

In conversation, Saleh says he thinks he has done something good by killing the two people because they "were obsessed with evil spirits".

In another interrogation he says about the witness of the witness: "I got her on the purchase."

The witness and his wife had two children.
"Shows some regret"

However, according to the doctors, he showed "some regret" and said he wishes he could live in 2017, that it had been a failed year for him.

He says he "destroyed his life" and that he would like to turn back back to 2008-2009.

"Then I was a promising football player.

The following year his father died.

Today he was sentenced to the law's most severe punishment for killing three people and making two children orphans.

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