Introduce Yourself!


Nov 8, 2022
Only now, I saw you had to introduce yourself.
Hello, friends! :) I am not new, but I have been here recently. What can I tell you about myself? My name is ,I'm years old and I live in . Medium height with normal hair.

I'm generally a very good person, but I'm shy about showing it, so I mostly behave badly.

I was always a gifted kid, I was in a class for gifted kids, then in a school for gifted teens, and then in society for gifted adult. But I never developed... :confused:
After all, my talent was enough to make me an Illuminati, and now I've been sent here on a secret mission to fool people into thinking that Russia is not fighting the globalists while doing what globalists do.

I keep two fields here, I sow some things and I'm not complaining,, I am satisfied. Well, that's it. :oops:

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