ID 2020


Mar 16, 2017
One of the reasons children are being targeted for change is that they will openly accept what is to come. Indoctrination will lead to compliance and less wiggling when they really get serious about much of what is talked about in the forum.

Depending on your personal belief system, some realize that what we are seeing is inevitable. Only when total control is achieved will it stop and by that time we will probably have people not wanting to be labeled as a human being.

It is no secret that the youth of today is being taught hate and blame their elders while needing a safe place to run to after their emotional explosions which are supposed to enlighten. Lastly, Google is pure evil with the agenda to rewire people's thinking. Thankfully, some are waking up to their manipulation. It is frightening how many people will believe anything their search engine places at the top of the search bars thanks to insanely manipulative algorithms.
YES! Thats exactly it. I talk to teens and theyre completely broken. Its drugs, paganism, devil worshipping, transgenderism, cutting themselves, more drugs, you name it.

Speaking of Google take a look at Chrome. Chrome stands for Adrenochrome and the logo contains three sixes.