How did this not make the 6.00 news in NZ??

Jun 29, 2017
Some things to consider...

According to Bloomberg, a 2017 government audit found white people owned 72 percent of farmland in South Africa.

The Statistics South Africa Census 2011 showed that there were about 4,586,838 white people in South Africa, amounting to 8.9% of the country's population.
It's 8% in 2017( i put above just for actual number of people) dropped 14 % in hundred years, so that mean whites are leaving anyways. Only really rich stays...

Malema (Third largest party president) has been leading calls for land confiscation, forcing the ANC to follow suit out of fear of losing the support of poorer black voters. In 2016, he told supporters he was "not calling for the slaughter of white people' at least for now".

That President seems to be one of a kind too...

Some activists raised concerns about the new president’s role in the Marikana massacre in 2012, when 34 striking miners were shot dead by police. Ramaphosa was a director of the miners’ employers and sent emails interpreted by some as encouraging violence by police against strikers. He has since apologised. (really? Such a nice act...)

“I am very anxious about the way he is being shown as a saviour … There is a disturbing pattern of behaviour that we should really be concerned about,” said Koketso Moeti, a campaigner.

All in all doesn't look good...

Jan 29, 2018
White people are not a protected victim class, and nothing done to them can be condemned.
You seem fairly intelligent. I bet if you showed up here and put your intellect to use, instead of whining and taking threads off topic, you could have a lot of positive dialog and information to offer.