Google Censors Video Exposing Google

The Zone

Mar 13, 2017
this isnt google, but its wikipedia....
but i think all of us knew wikipedia was compromised a long time ago.
Wikipedia is dangerous in that most people still think they are factual and legit. It is literally the fake news version of whatever it is supposed to be.
i liked the idea of the meeting at the white house, but the fact that the cartoonist, branco, was DISinvited at the last second because someone didnt like that he took some shots at george soros shows that it will be ineffectual. he doesnt even NEED to have a summit: all he has to do is enforce the law thats already on the books (section 230). trump should also abandon twitter completely and go to or and tweet from there, bringing everyone with him, just like everyone should be voting with their feet and abandon youtube.

okeefe was sitting next to tim pool, by the way.
I have not delved into the meeting much but while it is a start it seemed toothless. I am sure it had its positives and the attendees think Trump will do something soon, but it just should have been more immediately impactful.

As for YouTube, almost everybody left has kissed booty and they are compromised to survive. As for Bitchute, man do they need to spend some money ... it is great for some things, but the lefties are more or less scared of it and I want a venue where anything (speech) goes provided it is not over the top hatred or threats.