Global Cyber Attack/Blackout - The Next Chapter?

Frank Badfinger

Aug 4, 2019
Texas isn't out of food nor is the supply chain disrupted. The media has said to boil water but i think you all know as well as i do the media is 95% fear porn these days.

I've mentioned several times i live in Houston. While i haven't been on these boards much the past week due to the blackouts i think it all has to do with resource prices being too high. The media has said generators went off line due to it being too cold. Impossible. Anyone ever heard of it being too cold for a car to start? If the battery has a charge the motor Will turn. Electricity actually flows better in colder environments as the resistance is lower.

They've said natural gas is frozen in the pipes and to conserve its use. I mean for anyone with the ability to think, these people are lying. I lived in Indiana (about 1000 miles north) for more then half my life and 0 and below was common in the winter, especially with wind chill.

It only got to about 14F here in Texas this past week. Gas doesn't freeze in Indiana nor do generators go offline due to the cold. What about Alaska? Canada? These people are full of it.

The media is owned and repeats whatever its investors tell it too. In this case "power and energy" is the investor this time. We found out about a week ago the market pushed the cost of fuel to $9000 per megawatt when previously it had been $300. This is a massive increase.

It is reasonable to believe the people who purchase energy for distribution simply thought it too high and instead started cutting people off. The poor areas here went without power the longest and got hit the hardest while richer neighborhoods barely saw an interruption. We all know the "essential" people such as the governor and mayor didn't see a minute of darkness.

While they can certainly affect the weather, i don't think they did for this event. I think it just comes down to greed. Investors knew people would not / could not pay an electrical bill 30x higher then normal, so they just cut them off. Like i said, rich people didn't suffer at all.
Thanks for the clarification. I should have known better than to post a Daily Mail article.:rolleyes: