Generational Divide In Hip Hop


Mar 15, 2017
A lot of flawed theories floating around in this thread. But that's ok because this is a complex discussion. I think that it's mostly true that the industry is heavily controlled, and the first rapper mentioned is a perfect example. Tech N9ne? His entire discography is homage to the Illuminati and Mk Ultra. However he doesn't get a lot of mainstream exposure, he's like a ghost. And it's not because he or any of these rappers are from Kansas City or Houston. The Agenda takes precedence.

The agenda in the 90s was simple. Fear and violence. Get people to fight each other over stupid shit. That's why the mainstream loved gangster rappers. They could influence all of us as young kids, and make the industry millions. We all wanted to be a rapper or just be a straight up thug. And I think the question should be, where did all of that influence go? Like if you think many young kids out there are being influenced by Ice Cube you are crazy. It leads me to believe the influence was given to them, by people at the top.

And the line about Drake bringing substance back to rap made me laugh. He's following the current agenda perfectly. Right now if you aren't rapping or singing about egotistical things. Like vanity, greed, and sex. Than you wont get exposure. If your art has real depth and makes people ask questions, you wont get exposure. Once you understand how the music industry is connected to so many other industries it all makes sense. It's all part of the plan to turn American into a corporation. I think we are slowly turning into Russia.
America is a corporation.


Mar 15, 2017
I think the world would have been better off if Ice Cube and NWA had never made music. I think they were controlled opposition and actually worked for the elites.
But if there wasn't any NWA or Ice Cube, we wouldn't have such great music from UGK, Geto Boys, Scarface, Z-Ro, Dj Screw. They were a huge influence on 90s Hip Hop. I'm from the Bay Area and I love these artists and how they helped influence the rap game but you saying that if they never existed doesn't make any sense at all. Hell even the bay area has influenced down south hip hop.


Jan 19, 2020
Lots of rap can really change thru the years it's really weird. It doesn't stay consistent but there's always a change