Found a super informative site- you have to see it!

Mar 16, 2017
Found an incredible site you guys have to see. This guy breaks down all the numerology behind all these sacrifices going on, to the every bit we havent even seen or noticed, he's doing one hell of a job!

He calls himself Brother Berg and he has very good points, in others about Megan Markle and Prince Harry with child. Apparently she's MK'd (surprise) and their relationship preplanned.

His twitter:

Mar 11, 2019
And the baby is through a surrogate.
A lot of people claim that she used a prosthetic belly to carry the act.
And the name Arch1e is supposedly what kate and Will call ge0rge at home.And Harry and Mm go for that name.
Her childhood story doesn't add up either.
Her father winning lottery just enough to put her through a private school and then again,to put her through college.Just my two cents.
lol yup

apparently, Ge0rgy says "I am called Arch1e".. hmm very sus.

I actually dont wanna be too conspiracy about her pregnancy but it was weird that she was so healthy during her pregnancy even going overseas working full time, and that was her first time pregnancy at 37 years old!

but after seeing her picture with the baby she looks like any woman after giving birth. So I think maybe she's a very healthy person.