food storage/transport being destroyed. We need to stat catagueing these occurances


Jun 26, 2022
The Gateway Pundit today has comprehensive list of the destruction of food processing plants etc that is happening. It is frightening to say the least.
I saw that!
Here it is. Apparently this version of it is worldwide.

These are the ones in US since the list from June that I posted last week
  1. 8/10/22 A fire completely destroyed a building at Pendleton Flour Mills in Eastern Oregon
  2. 8/28/22 A poultry processing plant in Montebello, California was caught on fire
  3. 8/30/22 Emergency Declared in Four States After Oil Refinery Fire in Indiana Feared to Disrupt the Supply of Gasoline, Diesel, and Jet Fuel
I can't figure out how to post the worldwide one, but its in the link.
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May 15, 2017
this fits here I Believe since it's to do
with disruption

more supply interruption and go figure
it's things We need to survive,that tptb
can take over much easier if they control
all of that and many Peoples will fold and
bow because they're unable to fight or they
just don't want

this is proof it's all being done on purpose
and those who don't See it are just too asleep
to help,as it's way to obvious now that it's tptb
designing everything happening right now

could the walkout they're preparing for be the
global walkout that's being organized right now

have to tear Our World down to install theirs
We better wake up before than