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Feb 29, 2020
I stated several times that no average Muslim condones these behaviours towards anyone, I in no way or form defended what that man did and what did was an act or terror. Do you want me to say this again? Because I clearly said in my post the beheading had no quranic or Islamic connotations. That is me defending my religion, not the idiots who decide to hurt people in the name of it.

BTS, have mocked Islam before, by using Arabic at the beginning of their song. The illuminati are anti - religion because it goes against their belief. Again none of my posts indicates BTS we’re innocent but I believe everyone has the chance to be guided. There is no need for me to talk about them personally to analyse what they are doing is wrong.

I really don’t know why you are getting so defensive when my post was not indicated to you but people in general. Radical Islam exists, I know that. But it is unfair to marginalise 1.8 billion people, and create Islamophobic rhetoric. That is exactly what they are tying to do, that is why they made Isis themselves. It wasn’t Muslims who created the Islamic state but white men in America. Isis first target would be Israel but Israel are the ones who fund them. Isis is killing Muslims also, they don’t care what you are because they have an agenda funded by America to cause fear, division etc

you are forgetting one thing, we also believe in Jesus (as) and we think of Jesus (As) highly. So when he is being mocked of course we care. It hurts us too because he is influential. It is a sin for us to criticise any religion and we are taught not to. I don’t understand how freedom of speech equates to mocking a religion. Maybe there is something wrong in my head.

That is good, I am glad you are happy in your life, but again you assumed about my family history without knowing me. My family did not get work easily and were treated with hostility. They would all live in one room because they couldn’t afford rent. You can say I am indebted to Britain for giving me this opportunity. I am proud to be British but when someone comes to me and says “dirty paki” “you Terrorists need to go to China” “you’re a disease”, I of course question my place here even though my family are hard working citizens of this country. So many normal Muslim families are affected by these terrorist attacks some of which being already planned. I don’t know about your media but every single uk media outlet has talked about radical Islam, the french teacher was publicised here a lot so maybe your country has a problem with that.

This french situation is just inciting hatred exactly what the elite want. A white man stabbed two Muslim women in Paris with their children after the attack. Muslim were beaten for praying in a mosque. Racial attacks in France have risen in the last week alone. So hate is coming from two sides and who is orchestrating the whole thing. No other than the elite.

I honestly had no need to offend you. Like I said previously you don’t know me . I have educated people on what is happening to the Middle Eastern Christians, i denounced every terrorist attack and my family all reacted with horror. But these same terrorist attacked had been orchestrated by the government like the Manchester attack which was planned for Ariana Grande and blamed on radical Islam.
About the grooming Gangs, I have learnt about this in school and there wasn’t one Muslim or one Pakistani that condoned what had happened. I stated My disgust on the corruptness Of the situation, again you don’t know me to have seen that.

Just because Christians don’t kill no more in Europe doesn’t mean they don’t kill elsewhere. Just because their crimes are hidden doesn’t mean they don’t happen and it is unfair to state Europe is innocent or the west is innocent when the West are the ones who caused the biggest terrorist organisation, the ones who caused Parts the middle East to collapse and the ones who left their own soldiers homelesss after going into Iraq and Afghanistan which still causes devastation to this day

let’s look at satistics!!!

majority of serial killers in America are white male

Far right groups had the highest amount of terror attacks in 2020 US

93% of Muslims denounce radical Islam the other 7% having political reasons behind that, not religious.

Anti - Muslim attacks have risen significantly in the U.K. since the Christchurch shooting in 2019

So what is the goal of Isis, to bomb the west but make their own religion crumble also. If you look at the goal of Isis you will realise that Isis has benefited the west governments more than it has benefited Muslims. Because it was always created to benefit the west. It has produced radical islamists and continues to groom these people. You said I was corrupted by left media when left media doesn’t even control broadcast in the Uk. What I just said now is not what the media portrays at all. The media is also run by zionists who are waiting for the arrival of the anti - Christ / the dajaal. They want Muslims to retaliate so they can say “look they are violent” they are provoking us because they know that when they hurt us, talked about our hijabs and our clothing, the majority of us left it. But when they mock our prophet (pbuh) who is so important to us, it hurts more than any of their individual attacks on us. We have the freedom to speak up against it, because it is disrespectful

Thank you for sharing your opinion. You are extremely eloquent in your writing and come off as calm and prepared in your discussions. Thank you.
UK has largely leftist media. if it wouldn't be for newschannels from outside UK reporting on political issues in UK (excluding islam/muslims or the entire discussion) I would rarely catch anything about what's going on. for example Brexit which has been wrongfully portrayed in the leftist media all over the world.
It's the best thing that could have happened to England.
Just take example over the fact the France isn't allowing UK to decide over their own waters and fishing contracts. France is even making threats and refusing discussions.

BBC is THE worse entity not just in Europe, I would say in general. that's your national radio station.

Antifa has killed more people in a few months, than all "right" wing attacks in 10 years. By the way - it is historically incorrect to call them "right" wing attacks. It has been used so for decades to attack conservatives or nationalists in countries such America or Germany, but nazis and Hitler were leftists and communists.
Not to forget - it was democrats, so left side, who were against equality amongst blacks and whites. When it comes to the worst crimes committed, it was always the left side. Conservatives have fought for black people, for fair wages, for a better economy.
leftists, which unfortunately have become more and more radicalized, are becoming communists not so different than nazi-era.

In fact, this morning an article was published in one of the main newspapers in germany, saying "ENOUGH WITH TOLERANCE AGAINST THOSE WHO CRITICIZE CORONA PREVENTION MEASUREMENTS" asking the government and police to act more brutal and jail those to criticize the government. That's a leftist political newspaper, one of the top 3 in Germany. That's the real nazi-era we are living in Germany.
it is in our constitution to be allowed to protest. as for today people are being jailed for protesting and criticizing corona measurements, while in other countries in europe people have massively protested. not in Nazi Germany.

BLM have destroyed and killed more black people than cops have done in 10 years. in justified killings.
Also the data on police brutality has been hidden/manufactured in order to facilitate the BLM and antifa agenda and to prepare for a war if trump gets elected.
Trump has more supporters in the hispanic community than any other president and more black supporters than hillary in the last election.
Because when you are a migrant who has had it hard to survive as a migrant in a foreign country and you see how the government is spending your money to bring in criminals (which is what merkel has done to Europe), you feel angered. Then people are attacking YOU because of the real problem.
I have had to have talks with neighbors about myself because they consider me to be a migrant and since they are afraid of radical islamists they were mean to me and causing ME troubles when i moved in the city.

the problem is a general one, not limited to muslims.

germany has poured tax payers money more than any other country in europe. 15 - 20 billion/year, while own citizens are living in poverty. Why? because it's a money making machine. 1% gets cheap work, the others are being used by politicians to silence people, to build houses for them and make money out of them being in germany. every single illegal migrant brings ten thousands of dollars in the private sector, which is why politicians are lobbying for them, and while those illegals are being placed all over germany, the upper class never gets to deal with the crimes and the terror they commit, only collect the cash, because of course they are not allowed to live in those upper class areas.

To criticize illegal migrants doesn't make one a nazi. legal migrants are more affected by the illegal ones, than national citizens.
the word nazi or racist has been used for everything nowadays.

i don't know about muslims denouncing radical islamists, not in the percentage you are showing, because I rarely see that from officials, or presented in the news. if 93% of the muslims would denounce radicals, it should be all over the place. including germany and sweden. sweden is now almost 40% muslim occupied and has had the highest amount of attacks and crimes in the entire europe. only a small amount of muslims have spoken against it and when they did, the radicals sided with the gays and were holding hands against the politicians who wanted to stop taking in so many "migrants".

migrants who are coming here to germany, indifferent of ethnicity and skin color, they form groups and don't communicate with others. you might speak english, but most of the migrants who have been here for 10 years, can't say a sentence in german. you have the russians only talking with russians (bare in mind, those are christians, so is not religion related), asians with asians, turkish with turkish, africans with africans, etc.
When a country opens doors to other nations to come in, and one does not present any interest to integrate, you have a problem.

i lived in france and germany. i speak 3 languages, I HAD to integrate because being a minority I wasn't given the "free pass". the only reason why i was accepted by muslims was because I am not german. This is wrong. THIS is racist.
i had a friend that i was cleaning in schools with. she was from Morocco. we used to go out. When we were together she would take her coverage away and was happy about being free. She would cover herself back when she went home otherwise the other women for Morocco would have rejected her. In Germany.

When you move to a foreign country you have to comply with the laws there and not to force your own. If I were to travel to countries where I have to cover myself up and I would walk without a coverage, I would be jailed. Some women are killed for fighting over their freedom and equality.

For money, BTS has performed in Saudi Arabia. They didn't cared about the "do not love yourself" policy there against women.
So did Bruce Springsteen and many others from the elite claiming to be for human rights and pro migration.
I am not judging BTS or the others for playing there. I am judging the hypocrisy.

I don't know in which song BTS have used islamic chants (not contradicting, just saying), but that can hardly be mocking. I know about the beginning of airplane 2 where some people hear something, but to me it's just an audio effect.
I know of a recent case from two weeks ago where Rihanna used for a fashion show a song by a singer who used a islamic chant because it was part of a sample she used for the song. The backlash was huge.
Although I personally don't where the mocking should have take place. People have used lots of latin or eastern european chants. I never considered it as an attack towards me or my religion/language.

Unfortunately no backlash for Beyonce when she STOLE the entire song of a hungarian singer and even won in court

no backlash there. why? because nobody gives a damn about christians and eastern europeans.

using a islamic chant is not a mockery.
stealing a song is a crime.

I was born in Romania. I can also tell you lots of stories about my romanian friends and how they are being treated, harassed, offended, used and beaten in UK.

You said i hate migrants so deep. never mind that myself I am a migrant. not with great grandparents and generations to have settled in a foreign country.
i am a migrant and minority.
I have not made any similar comment towards you.
But i know politics and I recognize a certain mentality and manipulation from the media.

this and your comment of me hating migrants isn't something to be erased.