END TIMES - A thread for all christians

Jun 4, 2017
That is an interesting take on it
My belief is that humans weren’t meant to have the consciousness we have and that’s all down to defying god and eating the fruit of the tree of good and evil.
Now we are locked in a constant struggle between the primal knowledge we were meant to have and the advanced intelligence we weren’t.
So now because we know what’s right and wrong we are accountable for it, and thus need to restrain from acts that feel so natural to us (lusting etc) and discipline ourselves to follow the word of God and refrain from acting apon it so we can eternally live and not surely die in other words damned
Yes... but you are not acting alone.

For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

Mar 16, 2017
Reading this thread, watching the videos, always brings me joy. “Encourage one another with these things.” :)
Thank GOD its not just me! I have been told (by a non believer) that these are dark things and that they drag people down so she didnt want anything to do with me and told a common friend of ours not to either but these news is like air to me, soon it'll all be over and none of us are crazy for not liking where things are heading!

About Dalits Jason A video, its not wonder China has begun taking chips here and there since the Illuminati moved to China and put the US behind a couple of years ago. They felt they had emptied the US of all its wealth and now had their sights on China bc of their resources.

Mar 15, 2017
I found this round-up of "things to watch in 2019" interesting:-

Mid-East Peace Deal
Trumps “deal of the century” Mid-East peace deal has been postponed yet again because of the forced early election in Israel. Of all the birth-pain-like iterations of previous peace deals, this one seems to be the MOAD—the Mother of All Deals. Scripture tells us that the future antichrist will strengthen and enforce a covenant with Israel and “many. ” In other words, he’ll add to and put into play a plan that is already on the table. Look for the MOAD to be released after the April elections. OR, look for the MOAD to be postponed yet again if Netanyahu is not reelected.

Isaiah 17 states Damascus will be destroyed overnight—suddenly…and completely. With the US pulling out of Syria (sort of…let’s keep an eye on this too) and calling Ambassadors home from Damascus, expect to see the heat turned up on this ancient city as Iran becomes more entrenched there. At some point, for some reason, someone will destroy Damascus suddenly. Many prophecy experts think this may be the domino that leads to the Ezekiel 38 war. Speaking of which…

Ezekiel 38 Alliance/Developments
Ten years ago, there was not a single sign or development for this prophesied invasion of Israel from the north. Today, the EXACT conditions, players, alliances (on both sides of the equation), and intentions are ALL actively in play as the stage is being SO VERY CLEARLY set for this future war against Israel. (Read Ezekiel 38-39)

Globalism VS Nationalism
Look fort increasing chaos in America as the globalist and nationalist ideologies collide. Look for the same in Europe where the yellow vests and their protests are spreading from country to country. Daniel and Revelation (and other passages) tell us that in the end-times Europe will be united but struggling to remain so.

Financial Bubble Struggle
Look for increased debt, near-financial collapse, trade wars, weak global economies, and wild fluctuations in the market. Scripture teaches (Revelation 6) there will be a global financial collapse AFTER the rapture, but Jesus taught in the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21) that it would be business as usual just before the rapture. For several years now it seems the only thing keeping the global financial bubble in tact is providence.

Increased Antisemitism and Christian Persecution
In previous years, and especially in 2018, there has been a dramatic, measurable, documented, worldwide rise in antisemitism on every continent. There has also been a rise in Christian persecution, not just in traditionally oppressive areas, but also against Christian beliefs in western nations in Europe and America. I wish I had time to post various news articles to prove my point. One author, a Jewish Christian, whom I had the privilege to meet at a conference in December calls it “end-times antisemitism” and unpacks this phenomena very clearly and compellingly.

All Eyes On Israel
Look for continued attacks from the UN, progressives, more nations, and sadly—even some denominations who believe in replacement theology and who push the BDS agenda, against the tiny nation of Israel. Also, look for continued economic growth in Israel this year. Though the size of New Jersey, Israel has the 8th strongest military in the world, has a GDP that has grown approximately 300% in less than a decade, and has discovered some of the largest gas and oil fields just last few years—AFTER DECADES of seeming Israel was the one place in the Middle East where there was no oil.

Deluge of Strong Delusion
Look for increasing ways modern culture will lose it’s grip on reality and seemingly sane and intelligent people find new ways to embrace the absurd.
Most notably this war on logic, scientific, and historical fact will likely increase in the areas of sexuality, origins, and Israel’s history. You wouldn’t know it but study after study (including this secular study) demonstrates that humans came into being suddenly, and that there was some type of catastrophic global event, and that naturalism/evolution is statistically impossible. You wouldn’t know it but schools in the UK are literally teaching children that boys can have menstrual periods.

There are so many other things to cite, like the coarsening of culture, increase in violence, America’s foundations crumbling, satanism and the occult moving into the mainstream, increased earthquakes and natural disasters, clear end-time technology expansion and development…and so much more—that it was tough to pick just a few things. So much is happening so fast right now that it is hard to keep up.



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