Does Jack Parsons really opened a portal under the babalon working?

Sep 5, 2018
Well, he did try.

Since the end of WW2 there sure does seem to be an increase in paranormal events and we see similar reported stories from alien abductions to ritual abuse. My honest theory is that these are screen memories from more mundane government:eek:r corporate experiments. I want to believe but most paranormal events usually do have some rational explanation and I think the supernatural aspect to Conspiracy Thought does distract from legitimate investigation into an issue like say mind control. On other hand, I have had some incidences in my life that surely do seem supernatural, but those could easily be chemically induced or hallucinations and or deliriums so who knows.

Returning more to the topic at large, Parsons did have a sharp mind and made valuable contributions to science and “Freedom is a Two Edged Sword” is worth reading but ultimately he did fall for what I now view as just a clever con, regarding his religious beliefs. If it means anything Parsons himself considered the ritual a failure and his life did not have a happy ending.

So I suppose the answer to your question is, maybe.

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