Disney Exposed


May 15, 2017
Some of you are posting an awful lot about this stuff. I don't think that makes you guilty or anything, but it goes back to what I was saying about Malice. It's like you are bringing only problems and not solutions. Your problem with Disney is your own; you don't have to make it everyone else's problem. Doing so is literally like harassment.
You can choose not read anything you find is repetitive?
As for us giving solutions
that's exactly what the repetition is for me anyhow
It's been swept under a slimy dirty carpet for way to long
because people hear the truth but it's sounds to unbelievable
no one does believe except those who have the eyes to see
a lot of people digest media now a days
without a second thought of what it is their digesting
websites like this one that have the stories
NEED to repeat that truth
as that's the only way people
will start looking for themselves
then they can see and discern if for themselves
that's the only solution we can offer
to show others what we see
if they see it ,they see it ,if not ,then not
There is more than enough proofs out there
specially with the internet
it allows some who would not be able to get their voices heard
a place where they can feel like they can get heard
maybe reach someone who can do something more
we have a lot more information
at hand for anyone willing to research
all of the stories out there
there is way too much
to just dismiss it
as bullcrap always

I don't mind the repeating
as sometimes I forget about a story
I was trying to follow

This is why I try to monitor what my kids are watching and doing in general
if they wanna watch a movie or show
Me n my other half watch it first
to make sure it's something
we want our kids watching or should be watching
we both have noticed that the rating isn't always correct
Disney is the worst to me
they always have to kill off a parent/family/whatever
The kids or portrayed as kids
always have some kinda mission
that always involve them having to adult up

Way too many stories bout
To think there's no truth to it
a lot of the information you find
that get people believing in these
so called conspiracy theories
Are things these people or their friends/family
put out themselves


Apr 6, 2018
Some of the stories used by Disney are Alchemical stories. Like for example the story of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'.


Jul 28, 2021