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May 23, 2017
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Minions, Jewish children and Nazi experimentation: another stupid bulo #viral on the net

Alfred López July 22, 2015

Minions, Jewish children and Nazi experimentation another stupid bulo #viral on the net

Few will be the people who by now do not know the 'Minions', the characters of animation that were made known five years ago through the film 'Gru, my favorite villain' (later sequel of 2013) and on which Has recently released another tape entirely dedicated to them.

Minions, Jewish children and Nazi experimentation another stupid bulo #viral in the red Well, if we did not have enough to meet these nice characters even in the soup (due to the great promotion that are making those responsible for the end), it has become viral A totally false and rocambolesca story that is being shared by thousands of people through whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter messages and in which they try to alert us about the origin of the 'Minions' and their relationship with Nazi Germany.

As you can see in the images that illustrate this post and that have been taken from Facebook (ears pull to the people of my environment who have shared them), the photo that is being shared has nothing to do with the Minions, with Nazis, Nor with Jewish children with whom it was experienced and who actually appear are adult divers (not children) of the Royal Navy.

But this hoax is not new. It has been circulating for several years through what is known as 'Creepypasta' (stories about terrifying stories that are shared through the network with the intention to frighten and disturb the reader and are totally false) and some brainless, that would be With that photo and saw a certain resemblance of the diver's helmet with the shape of the head of the Minions, it would occur to him to invent that surrealist history that linked the animated personages with the Nazi experimentation and began to share it.

On YouTube are circulating several videos that were hung long ago (some are over two years old) and have had hundreds of thousands of reproductions.

To conclude, comment that the English word 'minion' literally means 'henchman' (who is engaged in doing evil, committing crimes or committing offenses by order of another person) and this is the name that these friendly characters receive because they are the followers The villain Gru.


Apr 11, 2017
Idk if this is true, or a joke, or what. I do know that when I first saw the movie, I enjoyed it, despite the antihero being glorified, (bad guys are good guys, yay!) the triple goddess imagery involved with the three daughters and the unicorns. A little suspicious, but yeah, it IS Disney, and they have to eff with us at least a little.

When my husband bought it for my kid, I was ambivalent, but I figured, he's already seen it, and it doesn't seem to blatant or scary. I popped it into the dvd player, and the first thing that I saw was the little one-eyed minion standing next to the "Illumination" logo and giggling. Oh boy, I said to myself, apparently all this in-your-face occultism is not just an inside joke. It's yet another way to instill these ideas and images in the minds of our children, normalizing aberrant behaviors and furthering the goals of the you-know-whos. So, I do what a good mommy does and surreptitiously toss it in the trash and tell my kid to "keep looking, it's here somewhere, it's just lost."

Which sucks, because it's a fun, funny movie, and I just want to be able to enjoy a frigging cartoon once in a while.

Red Sky at Morning

Mar 15, 2017
I started wondering about Minions and Dispicable me.... I guess you would have to see this through 'Christian Truther' glasses, but it strikes me as odd that the Minions want to follow an evil leader, the show is made by 'Illumination' entertainment, they are mainly little one eye symbols walking about etc.

It will be interesting to see if any freemasonry themes start to surface in the new one (3) where the slogan is "It's good to be bad' and he appears to have a twin brother in white (yawn)...

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Mar 20, 2017
I am barely privy to this stuff but i also caught that the big disney hit frozen has a theme song thats like "let it go just let it go..." (do what thou wilt lol) and also frozen is about elza and her sister? so first disney says we don't need parents now not even a husband just your sister and "let it go" lol