"descendants 2" Disney Now Pushing The Worst Kind Of Corrupting Trash


Mar 14, 2017
"Descendants " and "Descendants 2" are current made-for-TV movies, cartoons, and books made for the Disney Channel celebrating evil, wickedness, villainy, occultism, magic, witches, and other elements of the supernatural. Some of their mottoes are "Bring Back Evil" and "They're at their best when doing their worst."

The story deepens in the music-driven sequel to the global smash hit Descendants, as the teenage sons and daughters of Disney's most famous villains — Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay (also known as Villain Kids, or VKs) — try to find their place in idyllic Auradon.

Songs played include titles like "Rotten to the Core," "Evil Like Me," and "Ways to be Wicked."
Hold your noses when you watch these previews about what they're all about. The message is not very subtle at all:



Aug 11, 2017
late to this thread, sorry
i just posted this on a youtube comment but i'll repost here:

in one of their videos one of the characters holds the 666 symbol with a clock in his hand at 1:17

one character wears the bahomet necklace at 0:52

couldn't find a good shot of it but one character's starfish on her hat points down like a pentagram

i actually like china a lot and thomas too (idc for the rest lol) so i'm hoping these are coincidences. i don't think they're famous enough yet to be mk ultra slaves but there is symbolism in this movie (and the entire concept of this movie is pushing a bad agenda onto kids). hoping this isn't true bc of the actors/actresses which can be mk ultra victims/not understand what they are getting themselves into and little children who are watching this and looking up to these bad role models. sick how some people would actually push satanic symbolism onto innocent little children but those are exactly who the heads of disney and ent industry are. absolutely disgusting and sad...


Jul 28, 2018
I saw both 1&2 on some streaming site. I should say for the record, the story is more about the struggle between being good vs being evil, as being evil is actually the choice most of the characters do NOT chose. At least they don't appear to. But you are right about the slogans and the music: all the "GOOD" characters are mocked, and all the badness is celebrated in them. One of the "GOOD" (more of a fake good hypocrite than an actual good person) characters is turned because she thinks being bad is so much better. I supsect because she thinks everyone is having so much more fun than she is, and dancing about it. Naturally, in disney fashion, all the "I'm bad, that's so good" music is catchier than chickenpox in a kindergarten class.

That idea (it is good to be a little bad) is disturbing on a lot of levels, and while the gist of the movies still "rewards" the good decisions of the characters, at the end, you still get the feeling that it's the type of "good" that "would be bad" under the right, fun circumstance, and that would be ok, in fact preferable than just be "good all the time."