Denmark brought in militaries to protect jewish synagogues and to protect the german border


Mar 16, 2017
So, Denmark have put soldiers on the border to germany for protection against refugees and outside of the jewish synagogues to protect them. This created a debate in Denmark since the people haven't seen the military on the streets since 1931.

Now sweden is considering putting military on she streets aswell due to the gang crimes wirh shootings, hand granades benign thrown among people, explosions, fires, burning cars and so on.
Sounds like they're making the people used to seeing military for the coming martial law to bring in NWO. Maybe it will be this year, after all.

(With video)

Something that gave me the creeps was this line: It is being implemented as a way to ease the workload of the police, who are said to be overworked and undermanned.

Just as in sweden. And Denmark doesnt seem to have that many refugees so this must have been planned all along; understaff and overwork the police to the point of needing mili6ary help, which will make the people get used to seeing military so they won't object when they're permanently set in due to martial law. Gotta give it to the elite; they sure think things through and carefully plan while patiently waiting!

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