Democratic Debates

Mar 13, 2017
Jess, I love this kind of stuff.

It’s kind of bizarre to hear all these people talk about America like it’s some horrible place, when I know it isn’t.

America has problems, just like every other country, but Americans of any race, creed or colour still have a better average quality of life and a greater chance for success as a person than the citizens of any other country on earth.

People can argue this stat or that one that seems to say different, but there’s a reason why everyone wants to become an American. It’s a great country, and Trump won by saying just that, and appealing to the people who agree with him.

I watch these debates because I believe in America and I love the American way. They can really screw it up sometimes, but no county tries harder to make it right when they do.

Trump will be gone from power in a few years, one way or another, and his replacement will almost certainly be a Democrat. It concerns me how crazy they’re becoming, but I’m hoping it’s a phase, and I’m looking for signs of that. That’s why I miss Tulsi Gabbard. She seemed reasonable.