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Mar 22, 2017

Was thinking the weans must be getting bored cause of lockdown but its a year old lol they sound like scottish weans too lol honestly not surprised its scottish weans lol some of the dumb shit you do to amuse yourself as a kid in Scotland although tbf I did grow up in the 80s and we didn't have computers or phones or much of anything techie. I think I had a ZD Spectrum lol it was shit though I never had any games and I used to write hundreds of lines of code just to make the screen flash pink lol my cousins at least had paperboy which I was always shit at cause they would never let me play long enough to get good. Did have an atari though, only game I remember was frogger and decathlon, fkn 1500 meter race seriously killed my arm lol Have always been shit at games.

Learning to play chess, fkn hard, so far havent won a single game but I only started a couple of days ago and I at least remember the rules, most of them anyway, like what pieces can or cant do lol maybe one day I'll win one, its on the easiest level too lmao best way to make myself feel dumb as shit but hey its something I can do for small periods of time in between doing other stuff for small periods of time :p

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