CovID-19-Western Medicine-Pharmacy/Witchcraft in Scripture

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Nov 11, 2019
This thread is intended to convey the TRUTH about WHAT is being referred to as "COVID-19", aka "SARS-CoV-2 and "coronavirus", WHY this is happening now, and HOW we can do to put a final end to it.

Everything that is happening right now has been prophesied in Scripture, and all of it has a much deeper, spiritual meaning. The spiritual manifests itself in the physical, so that the two often go hand-in-hand. So when someone is spiritually sick, it isn't surprising to see them become physically sick.

The sickness and illnesses that we experience today (both spiritually and physically) are the direct result of sin, which is breaking The Law that God gave us.

1 John 3:4 Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also The Law: for sin is the transgression of The Law.

John 5:14 Afterward Jesus findeth him* in The Temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: SIN NO MORE, lest a WORSE thing come unto thee.

*the man who had been sick and crippled from sin for 38 years at the Bethesda pool, which Jesus healed in the preceding verses

Because there is so little faith today (Luke 18:8), this is very difficult for most people to believe, having been trained/programmed from the birth of the body they are currently inside of, to see everything upside down and backwards, through human eyes instead of correctly (as things really are/in reality) through spiritual eyes. Most would rather believe in the illusion that we are "good people" and that random things "just happen", which then require some toxic, synthetic (man-made) substance to kill off this random, foreign invader we call a “germ” that has allegedly attacked us.

The reason our Creator allows sickness/illness is to warn us that something isn't right (e.g. we or our bodies have been poisoned) and to correct our errant behavior, to turn us back toward Him (James 4:8). But instead of people asking WHY did this happen, and what does my Creator want me to take notice of and change, they instead reach for a bottle of pills, or run to the witch-doctor.

It is a capital offense under The Law to be a witch doctor/magician, aka apothecary/pharmacist/chemist and/or someone who is administering these deadly drugs (Exod. 22:18), which are, in fact, chemical poisons, many of which are petroleum-based byproducts or industrial waste.

This is what the Bible says about pharmacy/witchcraft, and the so-called science behind it.

Galatians 5:19-21
5:19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are [these]; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
5:20 Idolatry, PHARMACY, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,
5:21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told [you] in time past, that they which do such things shall NOT inherit The Kingdom of God.

In some Bible versions, for example the KJV, the word "pharmacy" has been translated as "witchcraft". The original Greek word though is "pharmakeia", which is exactly where the present-day word "pharmacy" originates. Pharmacy IS witchcraft, i.e. the making up of witch's brews/potions (snake-oil).

Galatians 5:20 Interlinear: idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, strifes, emulations, wraths, rivalries, dissensions, sects,

1 Timothy 5:20-21
5:20 O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane [and] vain babblings, and OPPOSITIONS OF SCIENCE (knowledge) FALSELY SO CALLED:
5:21 Which some professing [to have] have erred concerning the faith. Grace [be] with thee. Amen.

On the surface, someone could read what's just been shared and believe that we have all of this advanced equipment, medical schools, hospitals, funding, doctors and nurses who have been trained for years in their respective professions, etc., so how could all of it be a sham?

The reason it is a sham is because it is ALL based upon satanically-inspired (demonic) ARROGANCE (ego), with doctors/physicians believing they can play God, and people placing their trust in the physicians and their "magical" so-called remedies instead of in our Creator.

2 Chronicles 16:12-13
16:12 And Asa in the thirty and ninth year of his reign was diseased in his feet, until his disease [was] exceeding [great]: yet in his disease he sought not to the "I AM", but to the physicians.
16:13 And Asa slept with his fathers, and died in the one and fortieth year of his reign.

Allopathy, which is also referred to as “Western medicine”, with its drugs, radiation, chemotherapy, vaccination programs and “elective” surgeries is sadly the accepted system of medicine among the “Christian” nations of the world. There are some who therefore may believe that the doctors/physicians are “doing God's work” or that they are simply carrying out their training, neither of which are true. Please see the classical version of the hippocratic oath below, which these physicians take to start "practicing" medicine.


Hippocratic Oath -- Classical Version

I swear by Apollo Physician and Asclepius and Hygieia and Panaceia and all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will fulfill according to my ability and judgment this oath and this covenant:

To hold him who has taught me this art as equal to my parents and to live my life in partnership with him, and if he is in need of money to give him a share of mine, and to regard his offspring as equal to my brothers in male lineage and to teach them this art - if they desire to learn it - without fee and covenant; to give a share of precepts and oral instruction and all the other learning to my sons and to the sons of him who has instructed me and to pupils who have signed the covenant and have taken an oath according to the medical law, but no one else.

I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice.

I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect.Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy. In purity and holiness I will guard my life and my art.

I will not use the knife, not even on sufferers from stone, but will withdraw in favor of such men as are engaged in this work.

Whatever houses I may visit, I will come for the benefit of the sick, remaining free of all intentional injustice, of all mischief and in particular of sexual relations with both female and male persons, be they free or slaves.

What I may see or hear in the course of the treatment or even outside of the treatment in regard to the life of men, which on no account one must spread abroad, I will keep to myself, holding such things shameful to be spoken about.

If I fulfill this oath and do not violate it, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and art, being honored with fame among all men for all time to come; if I transgress it and swear falsely, may the opposite of all this be my lot.

(Boldface added for emphasis)


As you can see from the oath above, no so-called doctor/physician today in western (allopathic) medicine is abiding by their oath, nor is their oath to the One True God. The reason for this is simple: the administration of toxic drugs makes trillions of dollars/pounds/euros/shekels for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and for the doctors and hospitals, and ensures them plenty of repeat customers, as their "cures" (drugs/vaccines, radiation, chemotherapy, etc.) are actually making people sicker, with long-term and often permanent ill-effects. It also consolidates not only the wealth, but raw power -- even the power to decide who will live and who will die -- into the hands of the richest and most mentally-depraved individuals on the planet.

The reason why this madness is so widely accepted can be summed up in one word: FEAR.

Fear is the polar opposite of faith, for where fear exists, faith cannot, and vice-versa. Just look at the present situation. Many, if not most of the people who went to the hospitals did so to see if the common cold and flu-like symptoms they were experiencing (a cough, runny nose, fever, etc.) might be the new "novel" disease being referred to as "SARS-CoV-2" and COVID-19 (CoV = coronavirus). Had they experienced those symptoms a year earlier, the thought of it being a threat to their human existence would not have even crossed their minds. All of that fear was placed into their minds through an incessant barrage of government-sponsored terrorism/propaganda and the implementation of a soft form of martial “law”, to make it all seem real.

T.h.e.y. (the hierarchy enslaving you) has been planning this for decades. They have pounded in the satanic notion of contagious diseases, with their failed scientific assumptions, rigged test results, fabricated medical textbooks, make-believe television and film – with shows like “ER” and films like “Outbreak” (1995) and “Contagion” (2011) – and predictive programming in the form of “West Nile virus”, anthrax, SARS-CoV, “swine flu” (H1N1), MERS-CoV, Ebola and the Zika virus, along with “outbreaks" of mumps and whooping cough.

Further, as you've probably read elsewhere, and in interviews with doctors like Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, and others, even the basic tenets of "germ theory" are illogical and thus untenable. Even the scientific protocol involved in testing for these non-existent "viruses" has been abandoned by western medicine, in favor of rushing drugs and vaccines to market, where there is money to be made.

In a nutshell, we are being intentionally poisoned for profit.

Once all of the above this is properly understood, the options for trouble-shooting and treating sickness/illness/dis-ease are dramatically simplified to two basic issues: sanitation and nutrition.

The Law (found in the first five books of the Bible, namely: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) provides us with both. It instructs on how to discern between the clean and unclean, and also on what foods are fit for human consumption. It also provides us with the spiritual food we need, so we have a healthy grasp on how to discern between the good/clean from the evil/unclean. That keeps the inner spirit-Being (Soul) healthy and fit, which in turn automatically keeps the outer physical body healthy and fit.
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A Freeman

Nov 11, 2019
From our Creator's PERFECT Law:

Exodus 22:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.

Deuteronomy 18:9-13
18:9 When thou art come into the land which the "I AM" thy God giveth thee, thou shalt NOT learn to do after the abominations of those nations.
18:10 There shall not be found among you [any one] that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, [or] that useth divination, [or] an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,
18:11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer (medium).
18:12 For all that do these things [are] an abomination unto the "I AM": and because of these abominations the "I AM" thy God doth drive them out from before thee.
18:13 Thou shalt be perfect with the "I AM" thy God.

What is a witch or a sorcerer/sorceress? What is witchcraft/sorcery, as it is spoken about in the Bible?


The King James Version uses the words "witch", "witchcraft", and "witchcrafts" to translate the Masoretic כָּשַׁף‎ kāsháf (Hebrew pronunciation: [kɔˈʃaf]) and קֶסֶם‎ (qésem);[111] these same English terms are used to translate φαρμακεία pharmakeia in the Greek New Testament. Verses such as Deuteronomy 18:11–12 and Exodus 22:18 ("Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live") thus provided scriptural justification for Christian witch hunters in the early modern period (see Christian views on magic).

The precise meaning of the Hebrew כָּשַׁף‎, usually translated as "witch" or "sorceress", is uncertain. In the Septuagint, it was translated as pharmakeía or pharmakous. In the 16th century, Reginald Scot, a prominent critic of the witch trials, translated כָּשַׁף‎, φαρμακεία, and the Vulgate's Latin equivalent veneficos as all meaning "poisoner", and on this basis, claimed that "witch" was an incorrect translation and poisoners were intended.[112] His theory still holds some currency, but is not widely accepted, and in Daniel 2:2 כָּשַׁף‎ is listed alongside other magic practitioners who could interpret dreams: magicians, astrologers, and Chaldeans. Suggested derivations of כָּשַׁף‎ include "mutterer" (from a single root) or herb user (as a compound word formed from the roots kash, meaning "herb", and hapaleh, meaning "using"). The Greek φαρμακεία literally means "herbalist" or one who uses or administers drugs, but it was used virtually synonymously with mageia and goeteia as a term for a sorcerer.[113]

The Bible provides some evidence that these commandments against sorcery were enforced under the Hebrew kings:

And Saul disguised himself, and put on other raiment, and he went, and two men with him, and they came to the woman by night: and he said, I pray thee, divine unto me by the familiar spirit,[a] and bring me him up, whom I shall name unto thee. And the woman said unto him, Behold, thou knowest what Saul hath done, how he hath cut off those that have familiar spirits, and the wizards, out of the land: wherefore then layest thou a snare for my life, to cause me to die?[114]
New Testament
See also: Christian views on magic
The New Testament condemns the practice as an abomination, just as the Old Testament had (Galatians 5:20, compared with Revelation 21:8; 22:15; and Acts 8:9; 13:6). The word in most New Testament translations is "sorcerer"/"sorcery" rather than "witch"/"witchcraft".


The terms "witchcraft" and "sorcery" refer to the seemingly magical potions the witches and sorcerers made which allowed them to put people under their "spells". They sold their concoctions (witch's brew, snake oil, etc.) as a "cure", even though it was a known poison.

Milder poisons are known to invoke the body's natural immune system to rid itself of the poison, which often makes the poisoned victim temporarily feel as if the poison is having some beneficial effect. This feeling though is usually short-lived, which means if the poison is continued, the toxicity level will increase in the body, making it sicker. Different concoctions can then be used to invoke a similar initial reaction from the body, and the cycle then repeats itself, with the victim becoming sicker and sicker, and mistakenly feeling more dependent upon even more poisonous "remedies".

It is in this manner that "medicine"/pharmacy/witchcraft/sorcery/potions/chemical drugs, etc. can be sold, because they can provide a relatively quick response to the symptoms of a dis-ease/sickness/illness, making them appear effective. However, this illusion NEVER addresses the root cause of the illness; it only guarantees the victim will continue as a repeat customer, as long as they believe in the LIE that they are being "healed".

For those who may be skeptical about this, please consider the most commonly used, modern day drugs that most consider to be "safe" and "effective".

Aspirin Poisoning (including children's aspirin)
(a mainstream article which admits aspirin is lethal, but can somehow still prevent heart-attacks and strokes)

Tylenol (paracetamol/acetaminophen) Poisoning (including children's tylenol)

Got Snakes? Kill 'em with Tylenol

Advil (ibuprofen) Poisoning (including children's advil)

Vitamin Poisoning

The witch-doctors will say that these common, over-the-counter drugs and vitamins are only a danger if taken too frequently or in larger than recommended dosages, but that is NOT true. Every single synthetic (man-made) chemical drug -- including synthetic vitamins -- carries with it negative, long-term, cumulative effects, as they poison the body in various ways.

And the short list above is only the beginning. Every single drug and vaccine on the market today contains known poisons. So they may seem like magic, but they are in fact toxic to the human body (and the bodies of all animals), which is why the making of, selling of, and administration of these deadly poisons are all considered to be capital crimes under The Law that God gave us.
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A Freeman

Nov 11, 2019
Life or Death: Pharmaceutical “Plandemic” Poisonous Vaccines, or the Healing of the Holy Spirit – Your Choice.

The Roman Catholic Religion was founded by Simon Pater the Sorcerer/Witch based upon the Babylonian Mystery Religion of Sun-Worship on Sundays, to corrupt the teaching of Christ and the Bible, whilst pretending to be the Apostle Simon Peter, who condemned him for trying to buy the healing-power of the Holy Spirit, from him.

Wycliffe Bible Translation of The Acts of the Apostles Ch. 8:9-11 from the original Greek:

9 But there was a man in that city, whose name was Simon, a witch [Forsooth there was some man, Simon by name, which before was in the city a witch], that had deceived the folk of Samaria, saying, that himself was some great man.
10 Whom all harkened [To whom all harkened], from the least to the most, and said [saying], This is the virtue of God, which is called great.
11 And they believed him, for long time he had madded them with his witchcrafts. [Forsooth all believed him, for this thing, that much time he had made them mad with his witchings.]

In Paul’s Letter to the Galatians Ch. 5:20 the Greek word Pharmakeia was originally translated into English as witchcraft, to try to hide its true meaning of pharmacy, and likewise Simon the Witch was translated as Simon the Sorcerer/Magician, because he had been using witchcraft/pharmacy to bewitch and deceive people into believing that he was a great healer, just like modern-day pharmacists do.

The King of kings’ Bible - Galatians 5:19-21
5:19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are [these]; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
5:20 Idolatry, pharmacy, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,
5:21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told [you] in time past, that they which do such things shall NOT inherit The Kingdom of God.

The false Catholic Christian priests, following in the footsteps of Simon the Witch/Pharmacist were involved in pharmacy and witchcraft, making money from it, and therefore corrupted the translations to try to hide the truth from everyone. Just as they did with Matthew Ch. 6:5 leaving the word synagogue, instead of translating it to church, to hide the fact that they were ALL teaching the OPPOSITE of what Jesus said.

The King of kings’ Bible - Matthew 6:5-8
6:5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt NOT be as the hypocrites [ARE]: for they love to pray standing in the churches and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward (they have been seen by men, but God will not answer them).
6:6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and WHEN THOU HAST SHUT THY DOOR, pray to thy Father in private (Enoch 56:5; Sura 7:55); and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly (by answering you).
6:7 But when ye pray, use NOT vain repetitions, as the heathen [DO]: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.
6:8 Be NOT ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, BEFORE ye ask Him.

Then in 1492 the Ashkenazi and Idumaean counterfeit-Jews were commanded by the Grand Sanhedrin to infiltrate Christendom, corrupt it and kill-off ALL Christians.

From: The Illuminati and The Council on Foreign Relations One-World-Government Conspiracy
and The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

In 1492, Chemor, Chief Rabbi of Spain received the following reply from the Grand Sanhedrin (Elders of Zion) to his plea for advice on how to deal with their threatened expulsion under Spanish Law; it illustrates well how the same ancient agenda was still being adhered to by them at that time:

'Beloved brethren in Moses (another lie), we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great a pain to hear it as yourselves.

The advice of the Grand Satraps and the
Rabbis is the following:

1. As for what you say that the king of Spain obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise.

2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your property: make your sons merchants that they may despoil, little by little, the Christians of theirs.

3. As for what you say about making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries (pharmacists/chemists), that they may take away Christian's lives.

4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.

5. As for the other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix in affairs of State (politics - politicians), that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.

6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.

(Signed) Prince of the (counterfeit)-Jews of Constantinople'
(Julio-Inigrez de Medrano - 'La Silva Curiosa' 1608 my emphasis)

The above should be read as their prophetic-plan of what was to come in Europe, if you did not keep God’s Law, and use it to stop them. Many counterfeit-Jews did exactly as above, and became intimate and inbred with the established aristocratic order; becoming Christian priests and Pastors, pharmacists, doctors, advisors, advocates/lawyers, private occultists and most significantly bankers to the aristocracy and royal houses: the most famous example of this being the House of Rothschild. This then gives us a very clear exposé of the methods that the Elders planned to employ, over centuries, to fulfill their ancient manifesto. Again, there is clearly a direct correlation between the beliefs and methods of the 15th century Elders, and those who originated the plan in c. 600 BC.

The letter/edict above has been shared to illustrate how this plan has been tirelessly and relentlessly followed by the counterfeit Jews over the centuries, without swerving, as they were ordered not to do so, and how close they are to completing their evil plans with this plandemic, designed to collapse the economy, start WW3 and usher in their planned one-world government, and genocide of Christians and Muslims.

The Catholic fake priests and so-called Christian pastors have assisted their plan by falsely teaching the people the lie that Jesus abolished God’s Law. Whereas the truth is that He fully preached The Law and the return of the people to keeping it, for which He was crucified.

The King of kings’ Bible - Matthew 5:17-20
5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy The Law, or the Prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fully preach The Law (The Torah) and fulfill the prophecies about the first coming of the Messiah.
5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no way pass from The Law, till all be fulfilled.
5:19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least COMMANDments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in The Kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach [them], the same shall be called great in The Kingdom of heaven.
5:20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall EXCEED [the righteousness] of the lawyers and politicians, ye shall in no case enter into The Kingdom of heaven.

To tie this into the "COVID-1984 Plandemic”, Pope Francis' call for an universal vaccination program, under the nice-sounding but deceptive guise of humanitarianism, to make sure the poor aren't overlooked and left-out, as they most certainly want rid of all of them, please consider how the above letter’s instructions have been carried out meticulously by the Jesuits.

The Jesuits are Marrano (baptized) crypto-counterfeit Jews, founded by counterfeit-Jew Ignatius Loyola, pretending to be so-called Christians, who control the Vatican finances and run the Vatican from behind the scenes as they were commanded to do in the 1492 edict above, (led by the Jesuit General/"black pope" Ignatius Loyola and his successors), at least until the arrival of Last Pope Francis, the first openly (visible) Jesuit pope.

This should hopefully remove any doubt that the real reason for this Plandemic is to kill off as many of the "useless eaters" (consumers/goyim/Christians/Muslims) as possible through wars and pharmaceutical vaccines, exactly as these extremely evil people announced to everyone over 40 years ago written IN STONE, and in secret to their own people in 1492.


Their N.W.O. satanic #1 commandment is: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

They only need to pretend there's a virus and a pandemic, and continuously repeat the LIE using their main-stream-media (MSM), to instill enough fear to get faithless people to beg them for the vaccine they've been designing in their Biological-Warfare BSL-4 facilities for years, to mass-murder people. The ignorance and faithlessness of the general public will do the rest.

Jesus left a very important question for you:

The King of kings' Bible - Luke 18:7-8
18:7 And shall not God avenge His own Elect, which cry day and night unto Him, though He bear long with them?
18:8 I tell you that He will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of Man cometh, shall he find Faith on the Earth?

The LAST successor to Simon The Witch/PHARMACIST, Pope Francis calls for social justice and COVID-19 vaccines for ALL, to maximize their profits and kill quota.

We have been warned continually for thousands of years, but have ignored ALL warnings, to our own detriment and destruction.


A Freeman

Nov 11, 2019
Another lesson from The Law about sanitation and nutrition (both spiritual and physical)...

Is it the leprosy that's contagious or the fear of it?


Leprosy is spread between people, although extensive contact is necessary.[3][9] About 95% of people who contract M. leprae do not develop the disease.[10] Spread is THOUGHT [read: guessed] to occur through a cough or contact with fluid from the nose of a person infected by leprosy.[9][10]Genetic factors and immune function play a role in how easily a person catches the disease.[10][11] Leprosy does not spread during pregnancy to the unborn children or through sexual contact [then how could a sneeze or cough spread it?].[9] Leprosy occurs more commonly among people living in poverty.[3]

Separating people affected by leprosy by placing them in leper colonies still occurs in some areas of India,[16]China,[17] and Africa.[18] However, most colonies have closed, since leprosy is not very contagious.


According to the National Institutes of Health, leprosy is a disease that has been known since Biblical times that causes skin sores, nerve damage, and muscle weakness that gets worse over time. It is caused by a bacteria that is not very contagious and more common in children than adults.

Leviticus 14 (The Law of Leprosy)
14:1 And the "I AM" spoke unto Moses, saying,
14:2 This shall be the Law of the leper in the day of his CLEANSING: He shall be brought unto the priest:
14:3 And the priest shall go forth out of the camp; and the priest shall look, and, behold, [if] the plague of leprosy be healed in the leper;
14:4 Then shall the priest command to take for him that is to be CLEANSED two birds alive [and] CLEAN, and cedar wood, and scarlet, and hyssop:
14:5 And the priest shall command that one of the birds be killed in an earthen vessel over running water:
14:6 As for the living bird, he shall take it, and the cedar wood, and the scarlet, and the hyssop, and shall dip them and the living bird in the blood of the bird [that was] killed over the running water:
14:7 And he shall sprinkle upon him that is to be CLEANSED from the leprosy seven times, and shall pronounce him CLEAN, and shall let the living bird loose into the open field.
14:8 And he that is to be CLEANSED shall wash his clothes, and shave off all his hair, and wash himself in water, that he may be CLEAN: and after that he shall come into the camp, and shall tarry abroad out of his tent seven days.
14:9 But it shall be on the seventh day, that he shall shave all his hair off his head and his beard and his eyebrows, even all his hair he shall shave off: and he shall wash his clothes, also he shall wash his flesh in water, and he shall be CLEAN.
14:10 And on the eighth day he shall take two he lambs without blemish, and one ewe lamb of the first year without blemish, and three tenth deals of fine flour [for] a meat offering, mingled with oil, and one log of oil.
14:11 And the priest that maketh [him] clean shall present the man that is to be made CLEAN, and those things, before the "I AM", [at] the door of the Tabernacle of the Congregation:
14:12 And the priest shall take one he lamb, and offer him for a trespass offering, and the log of oil, and wave them [for] a wave offering before the "I AM":
14:13 And he shall slay the lamb in the place where he shall kill the sin offering and the burnt offering, in The Holy Place: for as the sin offering [is] the priest's, [SO IS] THE TRESPASS OFFERING: IT [IS] MOST HOLY:
14:14 And the priest shall take [some] of the blood of the trespass offering, and the priest shall put [it] upon the tip of the right ear of him that is to be CLEANSED, and upon the thumb of his right hand, and upon the great toe of his right foot:
14:15 And the priest shall take [some] of the log of oil, and pour [it] into the palm of his own left hand:
14:16 And the priest shall dip his right finger in the oil that [is] in his left hand, and shall sprinkle of the oil with his finger seven times before the "I AM":
14:17 And of the rest of the oil that [is] in his hand shall the priest put upon the tip of the right ear of him that is to be CLEANSED, and upon the thumb of his right hand, and upon the great toe of his right foot, upon the blood of the trespass offering:
14:18 And the remnant of the oil that [is] in the priest's hand he shall pour upon the head of him that is to be CLEANSED: and the priest shall make an atonement for him before the "I AM".
14:19 And the priest shall offer the sin offering, and make an atonement for him that is to be CLEANSED FROM HIS UNCLEANNESS; and afterward he shall kill the burnt offering:
14:20 And the priest shall offer the burnt offering and the meat offering upon the Altar: and the priest shall make an atonement for him, and he shall be CLEAN.
14:21 AND IF HE [BE] POOR, and cannot get so much; then he shall take one lamb [for] a trespass offering to be waved, to make an atonement for him, and one tenth deal of fine flour mingled with oil for a meat offering, and a log of oil;
14:22 And two turtledoves, or two young pigeons, such as he is able to get; and the one shall be a sin offering, and the other a burnt offering.
14:23 And he shall bring them on the eighth day for his CLEANSING unto the priest, unto the door of the Tabernacle of the Congregation, before the "I AM".
14:24 And the priest shall take the lamb of the trespass offering, and the log of oil, and the priest shall wave them [for] a wave offering before the "I AM":
14:25 And he shall kill the lamb of the trespass offering, and the priest shall take [some] of the blood of the trespass offering, and put [it] upon the tip of the right ear of him that is to be CLEANSED, and upon the thumb of his right hand, and upon the great toe of his right foot:
14:26 And the priest shall pour of the oil into the palm of his own left hand:
14:27 And the priest shall sprinkle with his right finger [some] of the oil that [is] in his left hand seven times before the "I AM":
14:28 And the priest shall put of the oil that [is] in his hand upon the tip of the right ear of him that is to be CLEANSED, and upon the thumb of his right hand, and upon the great toe of his right foot, upon the place of the blood of the trespass offering:
14:29 And the rest of the oil that [is] in the priest's hand he shall put upon the head of him that is to be CLEANSED, to make an atonement for him before the "I AM".
14:30 And he shall offer the one of the turtledoves, or of the young pigeons, such as he can get;
14:31 [Even] such as he is able to get, the one [for] a sin offering, and the other [for] a burnt offering, with the meat offering: and the priest shall make an atonement for him that is to be CLEANSED before the "I AM".
14:32 This [is] the Law [of him] in whom [is] the plague of leprosy, whose hand is not able to get [that which pertaineth] to his CLEANSING.
14:33 And the "I AM" spoke unto Moses and unto Aaron, saying,
14:34 When ye be come into the land of Canaan, which I give to you for a possession, and I put the plague of leprosy in a house of the land of your possession;
14:35 And he that owneth the house shall come and tell the priest, saying, It seemeth to me [there is] as it were a plague in the house:
14:36 Then the priest shall command that they empty the house, before the priest go [into it] to see the plague, that all that [is] in the house be not made UNCLEAN: and afterward the priest shall go in to see the house:
14:37 And he shall look on the plague, and, behold, [if] the plague [be] in the walls of the house with hollow strakes, greenish or reddish (mildew? – Deut. 28:22), which in sight [are] lower than the wall;
14:38 Then the priest shall go out of the house to the door of the house, and shut up the house seven days:
14:39 And the priest shall come again the seventh day, and shall look: and, behold, [if] the plague be spread in the walls of the house;
14:40 Then the priest shall command that they take away the stones in which the plague [is], and they shall cast them into an unclean place outside the city:
14:41 And he shall cause the house to be scraped within round about, and they shall pour out the dust that they scrape off outside the city into an UNCLEAN place:
14:42 And they shall take other stones, and put [them] in the place of those stones; and he shall take other morter, and shall plaster the house.
14:43 And if the plague come again, and break out in the house, after that he hath taken away the stones, and after he hath scraped the house, and after it is plastered;
14:44 Then the priest shall come and look, and, behold, [if] the plague be spread in the house, it [is] a fretting leprosy in the house: it [is] UNCLEAN.
14:45 And he shall break down the house, the stones of it, and the timber thereof, and all the morter of the house; and he shall carry [them] forth out of the city into an UNCLEAN place.
14:46 Moreover he that goeth into the house all the while that it is shut up shall be UNCLEAN until the evening.
14:47 And he that lieth in the house shall wash his clothes; and he that eateth in the house shall wash his clothes.
14:48 And if the priest shall come in, and look [upon it], and, behold, the plague hath not spread in the house, after the house was plastered: then the priest shall pronounce the house CLEAN, because the plague is healed.
14:49 And he shall take to CLEANSE the house two birds, and cedar wood, and scarlet, and hyssop:
14:50 And he shall kill the one of the birds in an earthen vessel over running water:
14:51 And he shall take the cedar wood, and the hyssop, and the scarlet, and the living bird, and dip them in the blood of the slain bird, and in the running water, and sprinkle the house seven times:
14:52 And he shall CLEANSE the house with the blood of the bird, and with the running water, and with the living bird, and with the cedar wood, and with the hyssop, and with the scarlet:
14:53 But he shall let go the living bird out of the city into the open fields, and make an atonement for the house: and it shall be CLEAN.
14:54 This [is] the Law for ALL manner of plague of leprosy, and scall,
14:55 And for the leprosy of a garment, and of a house,
14:56 And for a rising, and for a scab, and for a bright spot:

Please note well that the leprosy can plague a human, a garment or a house, and that sanitary conditions are imperative to prevent it. Everything (food, animals, disease, and of course first and foremost, the spiritual – Matt. 6:33, 2 Cor. 6:14-15) is about learning to differentiate between the clean (good, truth) and the unclean (filth, lies).

Below are a few of the research documents that have been read that seem very relevant to the current situation.

Disease Theory

Chicken Pox and Measles

The Poisoned Needle

List of chemicals in vaccines

Germ Theory v. Cellular/Terrain Theory

From the conclusion section of:
Why Viruses Arise In The Body (summary):

As previously stated, the processes of phagocytosis, fungal, parasitical, and bacterial, which are all living microbes, are responsible for consuming and eliminating dead cells, cellular waste, and foreign debris [i.e. cleaning up/taking out the trash]. But when tissue is so toxic that those living microbes cannot feed upon and eliminate those substances without being poisoned to death, cells will conspire to cleanse themselves by manufacturing specific non-living solvents know as viruses, which break down and disassemble those substances into particles to be expelled out through the skin, mucus, and bowels. Viruses leave the cell, damaging only a part of the cell, but not destroying it. Once out of the cell, they are regulated by white blood cell antibodies to dissolve specific tissues and debris necessary to restore relative homeostasis. Viruses do not destroy the cell wherein they are replicated, yet science states they infect other cells and DO destroy other cells indiscriminately, WHICH HAS NO PROOF AND MAKES NO LOGICAL SENSE. Such a theory is obviously untrue because then viruses would attack every living cell without a cause, killing the body every time, but this does not happen. Viruses only dissolve dead and dying waste in almost all circumstances.

The only time a virus would appear to attack living tissue is when metals are embedded in the tissue, such as polio cases, where viruses have to get into spinal column areas and CLEANSE tissue. Since metal is hard to remove from the body, it is natural for viruses to break down living tissue to remove those metals, which gives the illusion that the virus is somehow working against the body. In reality, the virus is attempting to heal the systemic toxicity of the body and reverse it. Metals accumulate from the body from many various sources, one of which is vaccine adjuvants.


There is no other explanation for how the human body maintains itself. It is the only logical answer. The truth has been hidden by science for almost 200 years, yet was revealed long ago in the 1800s by scientists such as Antoine Béchamp who documented in his own experiments that viruses are terrain dependant, non-living agents that break down waste matter, that they come from within, not from without. Viruses are nothing more than proteins that CLEANSE. The same is true about cancer. Cancer is another way the body tries to heal itself, by cocooning dead cells in a tumor in which the body is incapable of removing properly so that it can dissolve and cleanse those cells from the body at a later time. The body is miraculous and finds ways to heal no matter the circumstances. It has ways of shortcircuiting and shortcutting pathways in times of trouble.

It is sad that modern science has led so many astray in their thinking with regard to their own bodies and how it functions creating nothing but fear and panic, whilst reaping massive profits for those in power as a result. Such fear places a distrust in our own bodies' abilities to heal itself, in our neighbors, and in nature itself, making it appear as if we are powerless in the face of disease; that it is somehow beyond our control and only the medical establishment can save us from ourselves. What might those in power benefit from such chaos?

Explore that thought. This confusion has led to the coronavirus 'outbreak', and the resulting fear and chaos which surrounds this manufactured and blown out of proportion event. This virus is being used to institute police state style laws and measures around the world, and will only increase if the majority do not wake up to the lies surrounding the nature of viruses and disease.

A Freeman

Nov 11, 2019
Western, allopathic medicine can pretend to know how diseases are spread, but when they use wording like “spread is thought to occur through a cough or contact with fluid from the nose of a person infected...” it should be immediately recognized as an admission they don't know what they're talking about. Or worse, that they do know, and are intentionally peddling that lie so they can continue making trillions selling their failed remedies (drugs, chemo and radiation).

The excerpt below from "The Invisible Rainbow" by Arthur Firstenberg (p. 100-105), is about the testing done during the "Spanish flu", which thoroughly investigated the notion that diseases are spread through contact with the bodily fluids of others:-

The Spanish influenza apparently originated in the United States in early 1918, seemed to spread around the world on Navy ships, and first appeared on board those ships and in seaports and Naval stations. The largest early outbreak, laying low about 400 people, occurred in February in the Naval Radio School at Cambridge, Massachusetts.8 In March, influenza spread to Army camps where the Signal Corps was being trained in the use of the wireless: 1,127 men contracted influenza in Camp Funston, in Kansas, and 2,900 men in the Oglethorpe camps in Georgia. In late March and April, the disease spread to the civilian population, and around the world.

Mild at first, the epidemic exploded with death in September, everywhere in the world at once. Waves of mortality traveled with astonishing speed over the global ocean of humanity, again and again until their force was finally spent three years later. Its victims were often sick repeatedly for months at a time. One of the things that puzzled doctors the most was all of the bleeding. Ten to fifteen percent of flu patients seen in private practice,9 and up to forty percent of flu patients in the Navy10 suffered from nosebleeds, doctors sometimes describing the blood as “gushing” from the nostrils.11 Others bled from their gums, ears, skin, stomach, intestines, uterus, or kidneys, the most common and rapid route to death being hemorrhage in the lungs: flu victims drowned in their own blood. Autopsies revealed that as many as one-third of fatal cases had also hemorrhaged into their brain,12 and occasionally a patient appeared to be recovering from respiratory symptoms only to die of a brain hemorrhage.

“The regularity with which these various hemorrhages appeared suggested the possibility of there being a change in the blood itself,” wrote Drs. Arthur Erskine and B. L. Knight of Cedar Rapids, Iowa in late 1918. So they tested the blood from a large number of patients with influenza and pneumonia. “In every case tested without a single exception,” they wrote, “the coagulability of the blood was lessened, the increase in time required for coagulation varying from two and one-half to eight minutes more than normal. Blood was tested as early as the second day of infection, and as late as the twentieth day of convalescence from pneumonia, with the same results… Several local physicians also tested blood from their patients, and, while our records are at this time necessarily incomplete, we have yet to receive a report of a case in which the time of coagulation was not prolonged.”

This is consistent not with any respiratory virus, but with what has been known about electricity ever since Gerhard did the first experiment on human blood in 1779. It is consistent with what is known about the effects of radio waves on blood coagulation.13 Erskine and Knight saved their patients not by fighting infection, but by giving them large doses of calcium lactate to facilitate blood clotting.

Another astonishing fact that makes no sense if this pandemic was infectious, but that makes good sense if it was caused by radio waves, is that instead of striking down the old and the infirm like most diseases, this one killed mostly healthy, vigorous young people between the ages of eighteen and forty—just as the previous pandemic had done, with a little less vehemence, in 1889. This, as we saw in chapter 5, is the same as the predominant age range for neurasthenia, the chronic form of electrical illness. Two-thirds of all influenza deaths were in this age range.14 Elderly patients were rare.15 One doctor in Switzerland wrote that he “knew of no case in an infant and no severe case in persons over 50,” but that “one robust person showed the first symptoms at 4 p.m. and died before 10 the next morning.”16 A reporter in Paris went so far as to say that “only persons between 15 and 40 years of age are affected.”17 The prognosis was better if you were in poor physical condition. If you were undernourished, physically handicapped, anemic, or tuberculous, you were much less likely to get the flu and much less likely to die from it if you did.18 This was such a common observation that Dr. D. B. Armstrong wrote a provocative article, published in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, titled “Influenza: Is it a Hazard to Be Healthy?” Doctors were seriously discussing whether they were actually giving their patients a death sentence by advising them to keep fit!

The flu was reported to be even more fatal for pregnant women.

A further peculiarity that had doctors scratching their heads was that in most cases, after the patients’ temperature had returned to normal, their pulse rate fell below 60 and remained there for a number of days. In more serious cases the pulse rate fell to between 36 and 48, an indication of heart block.19 This too is puzzling for a respiratory virus, but will make sense when we learn about radio wave sickness.

Patients also regularly lost some of their hair two to three months after recovering from the flu. According to Samuel Ayres, a dermatologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, this was an almost daily occurrence, most of these patients being young women. This is not an expected after-effect of respiratory viruses either, but hair loss has been widely reported from exposure to radio waves.20

Yet another puzzling observation was that so few patients in 1918 had sore throats, runny noses, or other initial respiratory symptoms.21 But neurological symptoms, just as in the pandemic of 1889, were rampant, even in mild cases. They ranged from insomnia, stupor, dulled perceptions, unusually heightened perceptions, tingling, itching, and impairment of hearing to weakness or partial paralysis of the palate, eyelids, eyes, and various other muscles.22 The famous Karl Menninger reported on 100 cases of psychosis triggered by influenza, including 35 of schizophrenia, that he saw during a three-month period.23

Although the infectious nature of this illness was widely assumed, masks, quarantines, and isolation were all without effect.24 Even in an isolated country like Iceland the flu spread universally, in spite of the quarantining of its victims.25

The disease seemed to spread impossibly fast. “There is no reason to suppose that it traveled more rapidly than persons could travel [but] it has appeared to do so,” wrote Dr. George A. Soper, Major in the United States Army.26

But most revealing of all were the various heroic attempts to prove the infectious nature of this disease, using volunteers. All these attempts, made in November and December 1918 and in February and March 1919, failed. One medical team in Boston, working for the United States Public Health Service, tried to infect one hundred healthy volunteers between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five.

Their efforts were impressive and make entertaining reading: “We collected the material and mucous secretions of the mouth and nose and throat and bronchi from cases of the disease and transferred this to our volunteers. We always obtained this material in the same way. The patient with fever, in bed, had a large, shallow, traylike arrangement before him or her, and we washed out one nostril with some sterile salt solutions, using perhaps 5 c.c., which is allowed to run into the tray; and that nostril is blown vigorously into the tray. This is repeated with the other nostril. The patient then gargles with some of the solution.

Next we obtain some bronchial mucus through coughing, and then we swab the mucous surface of each nares and also the mucous surface of the throat… Each one of the volunteers…received 6 c.c. of the mixed stuff that I have described. They received it into each nostril; received it in the throat, and on the eye; and when you think that 6 c.c. in all was used, you will understand that some of it was swallowed. NONE OF THEM TOOK SICK.

In a further experiment with new volunteers and donors, the salt solution was eliminated, and with cotton swabs, the material was transferred directly from nose to nose and from throat to throat, using donors in the first, second, or third day of the disease. “None of these volunteers who received the material thus directly transferred from cases took sick in any way… All of the volunteers received at least two, and some of them three ‘shots’ as they expressed it.”

In a further experiment 20 c.c. of blood from each of five sick donors were mixed and injected into each volunteer. “NONE OF THEM TOOK SICK IN ANY WAY.

“Then we collected a lot of mucous material from the upper respiratory tract, and filtered it through Mandler filters. This filtrate was injected into ten volunteers, each one receiving 3.5 c.c. subcutaneously, and NONE OF THESE TOOK SICK IN ANY WAY.”

Then a further attempt was made to transfer the disease “in the natural way,” using fresh volunteers and donors: “The volunteer was led up to the bedside of the patient; he was introduced. He sat down alongside the bed of the patients. They shook hands, and by instructions, he got as close as he conveniently could, and they talked for five minutes. At the end of the five minutes, the patient breathed out as hard as he could, while the volunteer, muzzle to muzzle (in accordance with his instructions, about 2 inches between the two), received this expired breath, and at the same time was breathing in as the patient breathed out… After they had done this for five times, the patient coughed directly into the face of the volunteer, face to face, five different times… [Then] he moved to the next patient whom we had selected, and repeated this, and so on, until this volunteer had had that sort of contact with ten different cases of influenza, in different stages of the disease, mostly fresh cases, none of them more than three days old… NONE OF THEM TOOK SICK IN ANY WAY.

“We entered the outbreak with a notion that we knew the cause of the disease, and were quite sure we knew how it was transmitted from person to person. Perhaps,” concluded Dr. Milton Rosenau, “if we have learned anything, it is that we are not quite sure what we know about the disease.”

Earlier attempts to demonstrate contagion in horses had met with the same resounding failure. Healthy horses were kept in close contact with sick ones during all stages of the disease. Nose bags were kept on horses that had nasal discharges and high temperatures. Those nose bags were used to contain food for other horses which, however, stubbornly remained healthy.

As a result of these and other attempts, Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Watkins-Pitchford of the British Army Veterinary Corps wrote in July 1917 that he could find no evidence that influenza was ever spread directly from one horse to another.


It should be self-evident that wearing a mask restricts the free-flow of CO2 being exhaled (particularly if the mask is of higher quality, e.g. an N95 mask), which in turn reduces the amount of O2 being breathed in. Do that for several hours a day, several days a week and you have a guaranteed recipe for actually making people sick, by thoughtlessly depriving their bodies of the O2 they need.

So we're being advised by the medical “experts” that to curb the spread of a virus, which in truth isn't what we've been told it is, and cannot be spread in the manner we've been told it can, we should be using methods that have been proven to be completely ineffectual. And we've known this for over 100 years.

Sadly, because the medical industry is, in fact, a VERY profitable business, this inconvenient truth has been supressed, so the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical equipment and military industrial complex can continue to make trillions upon trillions. We were warned about this too.

Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and materialism.

How can we believe that our all-powerful, all-knowing, loving and merciful Creator – Who is The Best Planner – designed an environment with submicroscopic predators foreign to the body that not only injure and kill both animals and humans indiscriminately, but also require the formulation and use of toxic substances to defend against them? And how would this purportedly random process square with the accepted Biblical fact that sin (spiritual uncleanliness before God) causes sickness and dis-ease?

Has anyone actually ever seen any of these submicroscopic predators? No. We have composite, CGI formed from selected SEMs and TEMs (scanning electron microscopes and transmission electron microscopes) images of tissue samples that have been soaked in poisons and then smashed into a single, cellular layer before being irradiated, which are ASSUMED (“thought”) to be of "viruses". These images are neither reproducible nor proof of that what's being viewed is actually a virus that has invaded and infected the body; nor has the entry of any of these alleged viruses into a cell ever been observed.

A brief summary of the Dr. Stefan Lanka trial, where the court ruled that the six published medical papers on the alleged measles virus did NOT meet the minimum requirements to legally prove its existence:

A few sources offering an in-depth look into whether what is being called HIV actually causes "AIDS":

HIV=AIDS? Fact or Fraud?

Deadly Deception Lecture – Dr. Robert Willner

If it's understood that EVERYTHING that happens on this planet has been very carefully planned and is for a reason: to help us learn to differentiate between what is clean/good/truth and what is unclean/evil/lies so that Satan can no longer con us into believing his upside down and backwards version of things, does it really make any sense that allopathic medicine is the one and only exception to this rule (Rev. 12:9)?

Wouldn't it make much more sense to consider the design of the macroscopic planetary waste management system that we can see, to gain some insight into the submicroscopic, cellular waste management system that we cannot see?

In nature, certain creatures have been specifically designed to take out the trash. On land they process the dead and decaying matter, and in the waterways they vacuum the river bottoms and ocean floor to do the same. These creatures actually help regenerate the dead matter into the living in a never-ending (eternal) cycle (the circle of life), creating the nutrient-rich earth needed for healthy plant-life, trees and produce, while purifying the water ways to provide and maintain the essential components of a healthy environment. Healthy animals, including humans, require a clean, healthy environment for their continued survival.

Of course these creatures, which are designed to be the garbage collectors, and NOT to be eaten, are referred to as being UNCLEAN to humans; i.e. not fit for human consumption (Lev. 11, Deut. 14).

So what has spiritual uncleanliness/disobedience to Father, aka sin (Satan with-IN) produced? An environment filled with toxic filth, which not only poisons our bodies, but more importantly our minds. Which is why we need to learn to “take out the trash” or, even better, learn not to keep filling our minds with trash (garbage in, garbage out).

We know we're poisoning the earth with toxic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc., all of which are designed to kill things we don't really understand. We then poison the food and water with chemicals, and the air and skies too, so we can rain down toxic chemicals on everything. And that's before mentioning the radio (RF), radar and microwave radiation, or the fallout from all of the nuclear bombs that have been exploded.

Poisoning anyone or anything is a sin. Knowingly doing it for profit only makes it worse. Radiation in a known carcinogen. Drugs are known to be poisonous. Constant exposure to these toxins can and does sometimes exceed the capability of the body's natural immune system to cleanse itself, which causes prolonged sickness or even death. Particularly when those toxins are directly absorbed into the bloodstream or injected into living tissue. So it is exactly as we've been warned; our sins are making us sicker and sicker, and are killing us, both physically and spiritually, by separating us from Father and His Cleanliness, Righteousness, Purity and Perfection.

Knowing two of the most important goals of life here on Earth are: 1) learning to be unselfish; and 2) learning to work together and share what we've been given (love one another) -- which would eliminate crime and the poverty that causes it (Deut. 15:4) -- does it really make any sense that Father would want us to lock ourselves inside our homes and think only of ourselves?

Matthew 10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear Him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell-fire.

Blatantly false or misleading propaganda right now, about this manufactured crisis, is fueling unprecedented levels of irrational fear. People are literally terrified of each other, which can be seen in the stores and other public settings in people's eyes. Can they repeat the word “pandemic” any more often in the government mouthpiece mainstream media?

“Social distancing saves lives”? “Masks save lives”?

Can lies ever really save lives?

Differentiating between the clean (what is good, holy and truthful) and the unclean (what is filthy, unholy and deceitful) is a recurring theme throughout Scripture. If it's from Father, it's holy, just, clean and good. If it's from this world, then it's likely unholy, unjust, unclean and evil, based on who's running it (John 12:31, 14:30, 16:11, Rev. 12:9).

Genesis 2:17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good (Truth) and evil (lies), thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die (in confusion).

It's understood this is a lot of information to process, particularly for those in the medical field.

But deep down people know that vaccines don't work, despite what they tell us, as we've watched one “miracle” drug after another suffer the same legal fate once they injure, cripple and/or kill enough people. As thick as the manuals on drug interactions are it should be self-evident the entire charade is self-defeating.

If the medical establishment (medical mafia really) got all of that wrong, then why would anyone think they got a bunch of other, even more complicated stuff right? Particularly if the one (drugs) depends upon the other (the reason for the drugs – to fight “germs”). The work is always going to look impressive, just like the courtrooms look impressive to someone who doesn't know they're meting out injustice everyday for the very same reasons: money and control.

J For Justice

This is no reflection on anyone who has chosen to be a nurse for their career. There are many doctors and nurses who, after years of practice, have come to the conclusion allopathic medicine is all wrong, and have switched to naturopathic/homeopathic remedies instead. Or become whistleblowers and/or advocates against the medical mafia. Many have even had the guts to go forward knowing they will be ostracized for doing it, because they cannot live with the lies and the blood on our hands any longer.

The educational system has likewise been commandeered to ensure we all learn just enough to be able to do our jobs, but not enough to question why we're doing those jobs or who they serve. That's how we got to this point. While it's important to understand how we got here (believing that the lies are truth and that the truth is a lie - Isa. 5:20-21), what is of immediate relevance is what we do now, knowing we've been duped. As Mark Twain said: “it's easier to fool someone than to convince them they've been fooled”.

Thank-you for taking the time to listen to and view this information.
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A Freeman

Nov 11, 2019
The vaccines contain DNA from Nimrod, the first Antichrist, and Nephilim beast-man from the Old Testament. This is what the war in Iraq was really about. They went over there and located Nimrod's tomb and dug it up for the Nephilim DNA. This will change everyone to Nephilim beast-men/women. They will be damned for eternity. - Reese Daniel
Nimrod was also responsible for building the tower of Babel (babble, aka B.S.), to elevate himself and thus establish dominance over others (i.e. "play God").

Genesis 10:6-10
10:6 And the sons of Ham; Cush (Ethiopia), and Mizraim (Egypt), and Phut (Libya), and Canaan.
10:7 And the sons of Cush; Seba, and Havilah, and Sabtah, and Raamah, and Sabtecha: and the sons of Raamah; Sheba, and Dedan.
10:8 And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth.
10:9 He was a mighty hunter before the "I AM": wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the "I AM".
10:10 And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.

It seems noteworthy that the war in Iraq had at least five major strategic, military goals for the U.S.:-

1) secure the oil and other natural resources needed to continue the dying American empire;
2) complete the planned American-Saudi-Qatari-Israeli oil pipeline through Iraq;
3) create permanent U.S. military bases inside of Iraq, to serve as launching points for attacks on the neighboring countries, in particular Syria, followed by Iran;
4) continue funding, training and arming the mercenary groups used to destabilize the neighboring countries (known by many names, e.g. al nusra, al qaeda, ISIS, etc.); and
5) support the "greater Israel" plan to colonize and control the land within their neighboring countries, i.e. do the bidding of the counterfeit Jewish state of Israel.

The 4 Angels Bound in the great River Euphrates

Of course, an ancillary benefit from capturing and controlling the oil in Iraq would be continuing the petrochemical products from oil, including those used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Many of the drugs today being used in and on humans are hydrocarbon-based (petrochemical).

A Freeman

Nov 11, 2019
The next time one of you believes you've been "infected" by another individual who may have coughed or sneezed near you, please THINK about WHY you believe that. The reason people believe in "germs" and "viruses" -- even though no so-called virus has ever been observed, much less observed infecting a healthy cell -- is because that's what we've been PROGRAMMED to believe based upon ASSUMPTIONS and incessant propaganda through manipulated medical textbooks, television and film. All of which support and help maintain a trillion dollar a year industry that would otherwise collapse under the weight of its own LIES.

There is another, much more logical explanation for why two or more people gathered together in a common area may all get sick at the same time: poisoning.

Genesis 3:3-5
3:3 But of the fruit of the tree which [is] in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it (the tree of the knowledge of evil - the devil), lest ye die.
3:4 And the serpent (devil - liar) said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:
3:5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods*, knowing good and evil.

*pretending to have the power to heal which, like everything the serpent said to the woman, is a venomous (poisonous) LIE

We can be and are being poisoned by chemicals in (and genetic manipulation of) the food, in the water and in the air, the latter of which also includes poisoning by EMF and microwave radiation. We can be poisoned slowly, over time, with toxins building up in the body until they reach the point the body needs to use means other than exhaling and sweating to expel them. Or we can be poisoned rapidly. And it's not just our physical bodies that can be poisoned; our minds/spirits can and have been poisoned by the endless satanic assault on morality and common-sense that has been going on for thousands of years.

2 Thessalonians 2:3-12
2:3 Let NO MAN deceive you by ANY means: for [that day shall not come], except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of The Destroyer (Lucifer - Satan);
2:4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in The Temple of God, showing himself that he is God (the Holy Father*).
2:5 Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?
2:6 And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.
2:7 For the mystery (Rev. 17:5) of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth [will let], until he be taken out of The Way (Deut. 11:26-28, Matt. 7:13-14, John 14:6).
2:8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the [Sword of the] Spirit from his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness [of the enlightening] of his coming (Matt. 24:27):
2:9 [Even the Wicked], whose coming is the work of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
2:10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of The Truth, that they might be saved.
2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
2:12 That they all might be damned who believed not The Truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

*see the explanation in a previous post about Simon (Pater) the Sorcerer/Magician, from Acts 8:9-24

There are two fundamental pillars that lead to good health (both spiritual and physical): NUTRITION AND SANITATION. On the subject of nutrition:-

John 6:35 And Jesus said unto them, I am THE BREAD OF LIFE: he that cometh to me shall NEVER hunger; and he that believeth me shall NEVER thirst.

Bethlehem, where Jesus was born (on 12 April 7 B.C.), literally means "House of Bread".

The following Scripture whilst physically true, of course, can also be seen as an allegory (the allegorical interpretation included below in parenthesis):.

Matthew 14:19-20
14:19 And he commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass, and took the five loaves (The Books of Moses), and the two fishes (Two Covenants), and looking up to heaven, he blessed, and brake, and gave the loaves (The Torah) to [his] disciples, and the disciples to the multitude.
14:20 And they did all eat, and were filled: and they took up of the fragments that remained twelve baskets full (The Remnant of Israel - Rev. 7:4-8).

And similarly, on the subject of sanitation:-

Deuteronomy 23:10-11
23:10 If there be among you any man, that is not clean by reason of uncleanness that chanceth him by night, then shall he go abroad out of the camp, he shall not come within the camp:
23:11 But it shall be, when evening cometh on, HE SHALL WASH [HIMSELF] WITH WATER: and when the sun is down, he shall come into the camp [again].
23:12 Thou shalt have a place also outside the camp, where thou shalt go forth abroad [to do thy toilet]:
23:13 And thou shalt have a paddle upon thy weapon; and it shall be, when thou wilt ease thyself abroad, thou shalt dig therewith, and shalt turn back and cover that which cometh from thee (thy excrement):
23:14 For the "I AM" thy God walketh in the midst of thy camp, to deliver thee, and to give up thine enemies before thee; therefore shall thy camp be holy: that He see no unclean thing (which includes litter and pollution) in thee, and turn away from thee.

Does the above passage sound like some sub-microscopic foreign invader that can be transmitted from one to another via their sneezing or coughing? Or does it sound like a sanitation issue?

Garbage in = garbage out, whether it be mind (spiritual) or body (physical). That's why we're repeatedly told throughout our Creator's Law to learn to differentiate the clean (good) from the unclean (evil), and to only take in that which is clean/good. A healthy spirit will always maintain a healthy body.

Revelation 10:6-10
10:6 And sware by Him that liveth for ever and ever, Who created heaven, and the things that are therein, and the Earth, and the things that are therein, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer (Dan. 12:1-4):
10:7 But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants the Prophets.
10:8 And the voice which I heard from heaven spoke unto me again, and said, Go [and] take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the "sea" and upon the "earth".
10:9 And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take [it], AND EAT IT UP; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth as sweet as honey.
10:10 And I took the little book (white stone ch. 2:17) out of the angel's hand, and ATE IT UP; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten (digested) it, my belly was bitter.

Malachi 4
4:1 For, behold, the Day cometh, that shall burn like an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the "I AM" Lord of hosts, that it shall leave of them neither root nor branch (nothing).
4:2 But unto you that fear My name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise WITH HEALING IN HIS WINGS; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.
4:3 And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in The Day that I shall do [this], saith the "I AM" Lord of hosts.
4:4 Remember ye and return to The Law of Moses My servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, [with] the Statutes and Judgments.
4:5 Behold, I will send you EliJAH the Prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful Day of the "I AM" (Sura 43:61):
4:6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse (see verse 4:1 above for details of the curse).
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A Freeman

Nov 11, 2019
The Insanity of "hand-sanitizer"

Skyrocketing sales of masks, gloves and faceshields have made billions for those corporations since the first mention of this psychological operation known as “CovID-19”. Another group of beneficiaries from this pretended public health scam are the manufacturers of toxic “hand-sanitizers”.

Containers of this harmful concoction are now found everywhere. Need to buy some from the comfort of your house arrest? No problem. Order it online. Headed for the shops and stores? You'll find it next to the masks, gloves and face-shields. Can't afford it? Not to worry. There probably aren't many stores left that don't have a bottle or two at their entrance, as a “good-will” gesture from the store-owners to keep their customers “safe and healthy” during these uncertain and troubled times.

But what is “hand-sanitizer”? How does it work? And what kind of ingredients does it have that make it such a powerful tool in this imaginary fight against this imaginary virus that has been imagined to be able to live on surfaces for days on end (even though it isn't technically alive)?

We've been told that “hand-sanitizer” is supposed to protect us against these foreign invaders we refer to as “germs”, “bad bacteria” and “viruses”, which we imagine cause sickness. Using it liberally and often will certainly help hand-sanitizer sales, but will it actually help its users/victims? Not according to anyone who has studied the laundry list of poisonous chemicals found in this stuff and observed its effects.

So what is the REAL purpose of “hand-sanitizer”? TO FURTHER POISON THOSE FOOLISH ENOUGH TO USE IT, OF COURSE.

Metaphorically, it's another form of illuminati “self-announcement”, as they're “washing their hands” of this situation. In their twisted minds if we're stupid enough to fall for this stunt, then we deserve to be poisoned, even though many feel coerced into using this deceptive and dangerous product (which some shops and stores require before allowing entry).

Is there any guidance from the Bible on this specific subject? Indeed there is.

Matthew 15:1-20
15:1 Then came to Jesus lawyers and politicians, which were of Jerusalem, saying,
15:2 Why do thy disciples transgress the Tradition of the Elders? FOR THEY WASH NOT THEIR HANDS WHEN THEY EAT BREAD.
15:4 For God Commanded, saying, Honour thy father and mother: and, He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death.
15:5 But ye say, Whosoever shall say to [his] father or [his] mother, [It is] a gift, by whatsoever thou mightest be profited by me;
15:6 And honour not his father or his mother, [he shall be free]. THUS HAVE YE MADE THE COMMANDMENT OF GOD OF NONE EFFECT BY YOUR TRADITION (Talmud – made-up rules/legislation).
15:7 [Ye] hypocrites, well did Isaiah prophesy of you, saying,
15:8 This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with [their] lips; but their heart is FAR from me.
15:9 But in vain they do worship Me, TEACHING [FOR] DOCTRINES THE COMMANDMENTS OF MEN (man-made legislation).
15:10 And he called the multitude, and said unto them, Hear, and understand:
15:11 Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.
15:12 Then came his disciples, and said unto him, Knowest thou that the politicians were offended, after they heard this saying?
15:13 But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath NOT planted, shall be rooted up.
15:14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch (or Pit).
15:15 Then answered Peter and said unto him, Declare unto us this parable.
15:17 Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught?
15:18 But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.
15:19 For out of the heart proceed EVIL thoughts (Gen. 6:5), murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness (LIES), blasphemies:
15:20 These are [the things] which defile a man: BUT TO EAT WITH UNWASHEN HANDS DEFILETH NOT A MAN.

Unwashen hands are NOT the problem. In fact, one of the body's primary lines of defense is its waterproof covering we call SKIN.

The skin protects the rest of the body from physical/mechanical damage and from poisons. It excretes waste products and poisons in the form of sweat. Without the skin, these waste products and poisons would otherwise build up inside the body, causing disease. It processes vitamin D. It regulates temperature and water levels within the body. It self-adjusts to the amount of sunlight it receives. It is also a sensor, providing us with our sense of touch, and the ability to detect pleasure and pain, changes in pressure and temperature.

And the skin stores essential fats and water. The outer skin itself and its integral (subcutaneous) fat layer underneath it, also serve as a protective barrier against toxins (chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental), by absorbing and storing the toxins that cannot be repelled until they can be dealt with later and excreted, if the body is not overloaded with them.

The skin is literally teaming with bacteria, sometimes referred to as its flora or microbiota, which are there to fight off toxins that come in contact with the skin. The more successful these bacteria are at doing the job they were encoded and produced by the body to do, the less toxins are then stored in the buffer zone of the subcutaneous, which the body then has to deal with later.

So what do we do? We create and use ANTI-BACTERIAL chemicals, like triclosan (a pesticide), to strip the hands of their natural, front-line defenses, aided by other chemicals (e.g. eythl alcohol) to enhance the absorption and penetration of the rest of the toxic chemicals. The hands react, with the skin drying or breaking out in a rash, to serve as a warning that we are doing something we shouldn't be doing. But how many actually take notice?

Christ, directly through the mouth of Jesus, told us NOT to worry about UNWASHEN HANDS, because the body can and will deal with whatever it encounters NATURALLY.

What IS cause for concern, according to Christ, are all of the made-up rules (man-made legislation) which make the Commandments of God (His Law) of NO EFFECT.

We were given The Law to protect us from evil and to set and keep us free. The Law prohibits mankind from legislating, which is considered a capital offense. Why? Because God knew that if we ever made-up our own rules, they would serve the filthy rich at the expense of everyone else, becoming more and more oppressive over time, exactly as has happened. The Law is PERFECT, so any additions or subtractions from it would obviously result in an IMPERFECT (i.e. defective) system. It is the filthy rich that need to be washed away, NOT our natural defenses.

Similarly, we were given these bodies, with their own, built-in natural defensive systems, to protect us from sickness and evil, and to set and keep us free from “the diseases of Egypt” (Deut. 28:60). It seems noteworthy that the Egyptians were not only the world power at the time the Israelites were in captivity there, but also world leaders in pharmacy and mysticism, which they later passed on to the Greeks and Romans.

If our Master Designer and Creator gave us such perfect tools to fight against evil, disease and death, what is it exactly that makes people believe they know better than God and His Christ? Arrogance and greed perhaps?

The reason the scribes (lawyers) and pharisees (politicians), who were also the priests of the organized religion of that time, known as Talmudic Judaism, were so adamant that people wash their hands, is because they sold soap. And what industries do their descendants control (among others)? The chemical and pharmaceutical industries, which make the toxic substances being peddled as “hygenic” and as “medicine”, ALL of which makes healthy people sick and sick people sicker.


And we were reminded of this 2000 years ago by Christ, specifically about the FOLLY of people incessantly washing their hands out of some irrational fear that they could allegedly catch a disease if they didn't. All of which is to make people sick with these man-made (synthetic) chemical poisons, and to profit from their sicknesses, by selling them both the chemicals that destroy their natural immune system as well as the supposed “cure” to fix the problem they created.

Pontius Pilate washed his hands in the hope of clearing himself of the blood of Jesus that the "Jews" demanded at the behest of their lawyers and politicians. It didn't work for Pilate then, who ultimately was driven to suicide over what he had done. Incessant chemical stripping of our hands isn't going to work any better now, as it fails to address the REAL problem: our minds are filled with FILTH (LIES) from anti-Christ corporate fictions, selling their anti-bacterial (against our natural, God-given protection) and anti-biotic (against life that God gave us) products. Leave them alone. They are "the blind leading the blind", leading us to our destruction (Isa. 3:12).

When will people learn? Will they ever?
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A Freeman

Nov 11, 2019
Vaxxed Documentaries: The Truth about ALL Vaccines

From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (

About: In 2013, biologist Dr. Brian Hooker received a call from a Senior Scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who led the agency’s 2004 study on the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine and its link to autism.

The scientist, Dr. William Thompson, confessed that the CDC had omitted crucial data in their final report that revealed a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and Autism. Over several months, Dr. Hooker records the phone calls made to him by Dr. Thompson who provides the confidential data destroyed by his colleagues at the CDC.

Dr. Hooker enlists the help of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the British gastroenterologist falsely accused of starting the anti-vax movement, when he first reported in 1998 that the MMR vaccine may cause autism. In his ongoing effort to advocate for children’s health, Wakefield directs this documentary examining the evidence behind an appalling cover-up committed by the government agency charged with protecting the health of American citizens.

Interviews with pharmaceutical insiders, doctors, politicians, and parents of vaccine-injured children reveal an alarming deception that has contributed to the skyrocketing increase of Autism and potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.

[Del Bigtree is an American television and film producer and the CEO of the anti-vaccination group Informed Consent Action Network, which produced the film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe]

Official site:


Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe on

Vaxxed 2: The People’s Truth


In 2016, a media firestorm erupted when the Tribeca Film Festival abruptly censored and cancelled its documentary selection, VAXXED: FROM COVER-UP TO CATASTROPHE, amid enormous pressure from pro-pharmaceutical interests. The film's subject, Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist with the Centers for Disease Control, had done the unthinkable, as far as Big Pharma was concerned: He had admitted that the results of a pivotal vaccine safety study conducted by the CDC were fraudulent. That revelation had catapulted VAXXED from obscurity to notoriety—as well as made it a huge target of censorship. In no time, the film became a worldwide trending topic and sold out in every theater around the U.S.—and eventually in other countries—where it was shown.

Stunned by the enormous number of parents lining up outside the theaters with vaccine-injury stories to share, VAXXED producer Polly Tommey began to live-stream their voices. Each story reached millions of watchers worldwide. A beleaguered community that had once been silenced was finally empowered to rise up and tell their experiences with vaccines.

One outcome of VAXXED: FROM COVER-UP TO CATASTROPHE and the live-streamed injury accounts that followed in its wake was a second film, produced in 2019 and titled VAXXED II: THE PEOPLE'S TRUTH. This follow-up documentary covers scenes from the more than 50,000 miles that Polly and the VAXXED team traveled in the U.S. and around the world. The thousands of heart-rending interviews they conducted with parents, and doctors who have nothing to gain and everything to lose, have exposed the alarming extent of the world-wide vaccine injury epidemic.

We will have accomplished our mission when these two films' messages reach every single parent and guardian of young children on this planet and cause them to ask themselves: "Are vaccines really as safe and effective as we've been told?"

Official site:


Vaxxed 2: The People’s Truth on

If you CARE about your children, and you watch nothing else, you MUST watch VAXXED 2. After watching it, if you are not a psychopath, you should be absolutely OUTRAGED at the pharmaceutical industry, and understand WHY God COMMANDED you, in His Law, to EXECUTE everyone involved in pharmacy, including politicians who legislate mandatory vaccinations, in order to protect yourselves from them.

Exodus 22:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch/pharmacist to live.

Deuteronomy 18:10 There shall not be found among you [any one] that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, [or] that useth divination, [or] an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch/pharmacist,
18:11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer (medium).
18:12 For all that do these things [are] an abomination unto the "I AM": and because of these abominations the "I AM" thy God doth drive them out from before thee.
18:13 Thou shalt be perfect with the "I AM" thy God.

Galatians 5:19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are [these]; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
5:20 Idolatry, PHARMACY, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,
5:21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told [you] in time past, that they which do such things shall NOT inherit The Kingdom of God.

Exposing medical crime as WITCHCRAFT: Vaccines are medical SORCERY

Note: Vaxxed 1 has been featured twice on Defending Gibraltar

There are a number of websites devoted to educating the public on vaccines.

People should really study the facts, instead of blindly swallowing everything the BigPharma hands out.


Vaccine Impact is a part of the Health Impact News network. It is a sub-topic in their “Medicine Watch” category.
It features current and relevant articles.

2. – Scientific articles exposing vaccine myths and pharma foibles
It is associated with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, where her blog is linked with articles she writes.

Vaxxter offers well-structured and highly referenced articles of interest on vaccines and pharmaceutical products. It is also well-designed and easy to navigate.
Vaxxter is a site that promotes alternative health news.
The website is essentially a database, but features current and relative articles given today’s scamdemic.
It also features a search-tool (located within the far-right column toward the bottom of the page).


VacTruth is another website that is easy to navigate with well-written articles categorized into six main areas:
Injuries and Death
Legislation and Policy
Diseases and Outbreaks
Influence and Psychology


Vaccines.News is a fact-based public education website published by Vaccines News Features, LLC.
This website provides current and relative articles on the dangers of vaccines.
Natural News, and other alternative websites, draw from the pool of articles on Vaccine News.
It also features a search tool.

5. (TTAV)

Topics include vaccines safety, current news, medical tyranny, and videos. It is run by Ty & Charlene Bollinger who are Christians, parents to 4 beautiful children, health freedom advocates, health researchers, documentary film producers, and best-selling authors.

While they feature articles on their site, they focus a good deal of their time on educational videos, which include docu-series, featuring today’s leading experts.

An example of a short 3-part series is “Be Brave” with Del Bigtree.

An example of a long version is their current 10-part series, which is a comprehensive look at vaccine truth: Discover the never-before-revealed FACTS about vaccine safety in the ground-breaking docu-series “The Truth About Vaccines 2020”.

Please see the trailer – which encourages people to be willing to look at all the information.

About the website:


Oct 15, 2020
The vaccines contain DNA from Nimrod, the first Antichrist, and Nephilim beast-man from the Old Testament. This is what the war in Iraq was really about. They went over there and located Nimrod's tomb and dug it up for the Nephilim DNA. This will change everyone to Nephilim beast-men/women. They will be damned for eternity. - Reese Daniel
I don't know if all this is true or not. It was my understanding (and again, I don't know if what I'm about to say is true or not either), that the DNA grab was to clone the anti-christ. Again, like I always say, believe nothing I or anyone else says, seek truth for yourself.

Excellent idea for a thread, btw.

A Freeman

Nov 11, 2019

Important - please share.

Beware of the Covid 1984 PCR test – your life depends upon it.

The Chinese Communist anti-God government (CCP) wants to map the genome of every human+being on this planet. They, in conjunction with Dr. Anthony Fauci, purposefully released a fake virus, on flu-vaccinated and 5G irradiated Wuhan and Milan populations, to kill enough people, so that fear and panic would envelop the faithless world. Fear of death would force every faithless person to want to be tested and vaccinated. Media hype of wildly exaggerated death-rates and virus-surges, forced lockdowns and all sorts of restrictions, including health-harming face-nappies and anti-social distancing. The Chinese CCP-controlled W.H.O. with the assistance of eugenicists Kill and Melinda Gates, falsely named it a pandemic, in order to shut down the world’s economy and education systems, until T.H.E.Y. (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) have a vaccine ready, to change your DNA, and microchip you.

Gospel of Mark 4:40 And Jesus said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?

The Chinese CCP, in conjunction with the companies in the USA that are controlled by them, created a $12 device that can read the genome of a person who has taken a Covid test. Later on, after they have injected their experimental vaccine, they will test people again to see how their DNA has changed, and keep injecting their vaccines and retesting, until they reach their desired goal of complete life and death control over every person on Earth, and have reduced the world’s population to less than 500 million, as T.H.E.Y. have planned and written in stone, on the Georgia Guide-Stones.

The reason for this, is, once all the people’s data has been collected and analyzed, the Chinese CCP can determine specific DNA sequences for individuals, families, ethnic groups, racial subgroups, etc., to devise methods of killing via illnesses, ELF, 5G, poisons, and other methods to target and remove anyone who resists, wherever they are. They can locate you through contact-tracing, via your smart-phone, or micro-chip and destroy specific families, certain individuals within a family or group, or prevent procreation to reduce the population, as outlined on the Georgia Guide-Stones.

The modern day Dr. Frankensteins, or Josef “doctor death” Mengeles; take your pick of name, in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, falsely and deceptively called the health-industry; are ignoring the Nuremberg Code and using everyone as lab-rats to experiment on, and should be executed like the Nazis were for experimenting on their prisoners. That’s why the Nuremberg Code came into being, to prevent future experimenting on people, and God’s Law condemns to death people who participate in pharmacy.

Please watch Vaxxed 2. -

Whenever you take a Covid test, you are contributing to this major Satanic CCP project for global control, domination and population-reduction. You are giving away your freedom, your health, personal DNA and other info, civil and God-given rights, and helping evil Satanists to be your master, or executioner!

The Chinese CCP is using a technology called—PCR. This is what they use to scan the genomes after infecting people with the virus.

Atheist anti-God China itself is the instrument of a group, or control system, for which they are a pawn. Satan and his satanic Deep State/ Illuminati are the people behind this evil plan.

Finally, this information MUST be spread globally, by any means possible, because the MSM will either ignore it or lie about and contradict it; try to prevent anyone from promoting it, by calling truth-tellers conspiracy-theorists and censoring it; shadow-banning; deplatforming; etc. Everyone on Earth has the right to know the REAL reason that this satanic virus hoax has been perpetrated on mankind, and why governments are so hell-bent on testing everyone for it, and are trying to mandate testing and vaccination, and wearing a health-harming face-nappy in the meantime.

I ask those who read this message to think extremely carefully about what they should be doing to stop this insanity, what the Satanic China-loving government of Gibraltar should be forced to do, and what the global response should be, according to God’s Law and the Nuremberg Code.

If nothing is done to stop this, every human on Earth is in grave danger.

Peace be upon you,


A Freeman

Nov 11, 2019
Excerpt from:

What is PCR used for?

Once amplified, the DNA produced by PCR can be used in many different laboratory procedures. For example, most mapping techniques in the Human Genome Project (HGP) relied on PCR.

PCR is also valuable in a number of laboratory and clinical techniques, including DNA fingerprinting, detection of bacteria or viruses (particularly AIDS), and diagnosis of genetic disorders.

A Freeman

Nov 11, 2019
Excerpt from:

The Great Reset: the final step to the New World Order

by Cesare Sacchetti

They call it the great reset of the world debt. It’s the term that was recently used in some very influent globalist circles in order to describe the next future which the élites have in mind for mankind.

Recently, the website Reddit has published an email, allegedly leaked by a member of the Liberal Canadian Party, which is strictly related with this subject.

In this email, the whistleblower informs that in a meeting of the party, some representatives of the élite have announced the plans of the New World Order for Canada and the rest of the world.

A comparison of this email with the ongoing events gives a certain credibility to these leaks.

The Canadian politician basically reveals that the globalist agenda has already chosen to enforce major lockdowns in the most important cities of Canada and in other countries of the world.

This information seems to perfectly match what some European governments are already doing.

Germany chose to approve for the month of November partial lockdowns especially focused on gyms and bars.

France is going in a similar direction but with more severe lockdowns, similarly to those applied in the last spring.

At the same time, according to the Canadian insider, in this phase of new lockdowns the world governments would be already working on the construction of facilities wherein Covid-19 positives would be deported against their will.

This shocking revelation is exactly what was exposed by Randy Hillier, a Canadian MPP, who during a session of the Parliament of Ontario said that the national government is planning the realization of these detention camps.

After this, the Covid-19 crisis would escalate with a massive increase of cases.

The reason for this escalation is mainly due to the use of swab tests, which are known to produce a large quantity of false positives.

The swab test, therefore, is the tool to detect an epidemic which actually doesn’t exist.

It’s the same test which creates imaginary cases and this is the reason why governments around the world keep stubbornly recurring to it.

Without the swab test, the same artificial spreading of the virus would end.

The third phase of the coronavirus operation: the collapse of the world economy

However, this constant increase of cases would be functional to get to the next phase of the coronavirus operation.

In the month of December, there will be complete lockdowns much more severe than those of November.

In 2021, the whistleblower writes that the élite will give the green light to the third phase of the Covid crisis.

The virus will mutate in a new more lethal and contagious version, namely Covid-21.

In this phase which will last until the spring of the New Year, the health system will collapse due to the massive hospitalizations.

Travel bans will be enforced in a way even more severe than the ones practiced in the spring of 2020.

At this point, the new lockdown will cause a wave of bankruptcies ever seen.

The block of the production and mass unemployment will lead the world toward a probable famine.

Massive chaos and riots will spread all around the globe, and in this phase, according to the élite plan, the military will appear on the stage.

Martial law will be the only way to protect the health dictatorships established in every corner of the globe.

At this time, the system will offer the masses the universal income option.

Work, as it was historically known in the capitalistic society, will basically disappear.

The total lockdowns would inevitably trigger the collapse of the world economy and the biggest economic crisis in the history of mankind will ensue.

This huge economic depression has a precise goal, namely the complete deindustrialization of Europe and the Western world in order to create a two classes society, composed of a tiny élite and by a multitude of poors.

In this society, the middle class would disappear as the middle and small enterprises which would follow the same path.

The big corporations would have complete control of the market. That is exactly the aim conceived by the Club of Rome, a very influential globalist club founded and funded by David Rockefeller, in its book “The limits of growth” published in 1972.

Once the system would have got ridden of the work, the masses would have no other option to accept the pittance of the government in order to survive.

In Italy, the main sponsor of this proposal is, not by chance, the Five Stars Movement, a political movement conceived by the Anglo-Saxon finance and by the deep state of Washington.

The same founder of this movement, Beppe Grillo, announced that in the future there will be no room for the work.

However, the basic income will not be given to anyone. The plan wants the different countries of the world to accept a loan plan issued by the IMF.

Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, exposed the corruptions attempts made by the same IMF toward his government in order to convince the latter to receive almost 1 billion dollars in exchange for the enforcement of a national lockdown.

This time, the IMF would issue a plan of loans to different countries of the world which most likely would deprive the governments of the control of the key national resources.

John Perkins, a former financial speculator who worked for several big corporations, explained how the goal of the IMF is indeed this one.

The IMF would flood the nations with debts which cannot be possibly repaid in order to allow the major international firms to buy the strategic national assets at cheap prices.

Therefore, the coronavirus operation would literally lead to several major privatizations in many countries around the world.

The big multinationals would have complete control. Once the nations will accept the noose of the IMF loans, and most likely of the EMS in the EU, the system then will offer the “Great Reset of private debts.”

The governments would say to the people that in order to receive the basic income and the “forgiveness” of their debts, i.e. loans or mortgages, they will have to renounce to own their personal goods.

Globalism, in other words, wants the end of private property.

The revelations made by the Canadian informer perfectly match what was already announced by the Forum of Davos which launched an initiative called “The Great Reset” in which it is described a future wherein people will no longer own personal goods.

The same Bergoglio, who became a sort of false prophet of the New World Order, has clearly stressed in his last encyclical “Fratelli tutti” that in the open society, a term created by the ultra globalist George Soros, the private property could no longer exist.

Those who refuse the vaccine will be deported into isolation camps


Potential Scriptural ties to the timing described above (shown in red):

Revelation 18:1-11
18:1 And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the Earth was Lightened with his glory (Matt. 24:27; Luke 17:24).
18:2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon (the City of Merchants - Market System) the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils (liars), and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
18:3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the Earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the Earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, COME OUT of her, MY people, that ye take not part in her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues (punishment).
18:5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her inequities.
18:6 Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled, fill to her double.
18:7 How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.
18:8 THEREFORE SHALL HER PLAGUES COME IN ONE DAY*, DEATH, AND MOURNING, AND FAMINE; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong [is] the Lord God Who judgeth her.
18:9 And the kings of the Earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning,
18:10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city (new) Babylon (Rome), that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.
18:11 And the merchants of the Earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:

*Numbers 14:34 After the number of the days in which ye searched the land, [even] forty days, each day for a year, shall ye bear your iniquities, [even] forty years, and ye shall know My breach of promise.

Ezekiel 4:6 And when thou hast accomplished them, lie again on thy right side, and thou shalt bear the iniquity of the "House of Judah" forty days: I have appointed thee each day for a year (code).

It should be noted that the "third phase" of the "Covid crisis" is predicted by the whistleblower to last until the spring of 2021, approximately one calendar year after the lockdowns began for most of the world.

A Freeman

Nov 11, 2019
Matthew 16:18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter (Cephas - a little pebble or stone -John 1:42), and upon this Rock (the Truth - Matt. 7:24-27 that Peter had spoken - 1 Cor. 10:4) I will build my community; AND THE GATES OF HELL* SHALL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST IT.

*Including the Bill and Melinda GATES foundation, and the rest of their corporate fictions used to administer their poisonous concoctions
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A Freeman

Nov 11, 2019
Catherine Austin Fitts explains and covers the spectrum of the current situation.

She lays out, in very simple terms, that are very easy for everyone to understand what is happening, and WHY it’s happening. What she hints at when she repeatedly says, “THEY don’t need humans anymore,” is that T.H.E.Y. are going to exterminate all the useless-eaters that T.H.E.Y. don’t need anymore. That means YOU. THEY have been telling you this written in stone on their Georgia Guide-Stones since 1979/80 when the stones were erected. THEY want to exterminate 6,000,000,000 of you through vaccines, famine, executions and war.

This video is a must-watch video if you care about living. And is why you need to IMMEDIATELY return to keeping and enforcing God’s Law against these evil people in your midst.

Catherine Austin Fitts | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown 3

Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview Planet Lockdown 3

The video is approximately 48 minutes.

FROM WIKIPEDIA - Catherine Austin Fitts is an American investment banker and former public official who served as United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush. She has widely written and commented on the subject of public spending and has alleged several large-scale instances of government fraud.

A Freeman

Nov 11, 2019
The Great Reset
Which do you want? God's Great Reset or Satan's?

The Law provides everyone with all of the necessary information to address disease, and also how to avoid it (Exod. 15:26,
Deut. 28, 30:15-20).

Something else The Law could heal -- in an instant -- is all crime and poverty, even in the face of the planned financial/economic destruction that is currently being carried out using the magic virus as its ready-made scapegoat.

In our greedy, materialistic world, humans have made up their own rules, etc. to allow the rich to steal from the poor. This has been done in direct contravention of God's Law, which prohibits mankind from legislating (Deut. 4:2, 12:32) upon pain of death (Deut. 17:11-13). And we are all suffering as a result of these crimes.

These made-up rules and legislation, etc. have been used to set up stock-markets, which are nothing more than a rigged gambling game where the rich use their "insider trading knowledge" to steal from the poor through stock manipulation. Anyone who investigates how the stock market actually works should know that the overwhelming majority (>97% by some estimates) of private investors lose money.

It doesn't stop there though. These same made-up rules, legislation, etc. have also been used to shape all sorts of government financial and economic policies to benefit the filthy rich and their corporate empires, again at the expense of small business owners and their employees/slaves. Very few realize that virtually all of the inhabitable land on Earth is owned by a small group of people, and managed by their corporate real estate and asset management companies known as governments, which is why the rest of us are forced to "rent" the land from them just to be able to put a roof over our heads. For anyone under the delusion that their mortgage somehow makes them a "homeowner" just stop paying property taxes/council taxes and see how long it takes the real landowners to send agents of their property management companies to take their property back.

The extremely dangerous and often overlooked problem here is that selfishness and greed are symptoms of a real, deadly disease. This disease infiltrates the minds of its victims, where it proliferates exponentially, until it has completely consumed them. And, unlike the magic virus, this disease is actually contagious and airborne; it only requires one human see another human get away with something selfish and greedy for it to spread. Monkey see, monkey do.

Further, the spread of this very real disease of materialism isn't limited to individual humans; it can and does destroy entire nations, both body and soul. And this disease is systemic, epidemic, malignant and global.


So what we're actually doing right now is pretending that an imaginary threat is somehow real, while ignoring the real threat of a real disease that is going to murder billions. That is insane.


Of course the imaginary threat serves as both a scapegoat for the inevitable economic collapse, and as a vehicle to make people physically sick in the only sure way possible: by direct injection. And yet people are lining up by the hundreds of millions, soon to be billions, to be poisoned in this manner. And for what? For the greedy profit margins and future interests of the filthy rich owners of the chemical and pharmaceutical companies, that we have put up on a pedestal and worship.

Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. YE CANNOT SERVE GOD AND MATERIALISM.

This is what Satan and his worldly leaders (Isa. 3:12) consider to be their NWO "Great Reset". T.h.e.y. get rid of all of the "useless eaters" (consumers) through wars and vaccines, and then take what little we the people have left. Why? Because they're so sick they cannot share anything nor think of anyone other than themselves.

In stark contrast, The Law has multiple levels of debt relief built-in, to ensure there are no poor among us. This includes the 7-year release to absolve small debts, as outlined below:

Deuteronomy 15:1-4
15:1 At the end of [every] seven years thou shalt make a release.
15:2 And this [is] the manner of the release: Every creditor that lendeth [ought] unto his neighbour shall release [it]; he shall not exact [it] of his neighbour, or of his brother; because it is called the "I AM"'s release.
15:3 Of a Gentile (someone who is not an Israelite) thou mayest exact [it again]*: but [that] which is thine with thy brother thine hand shall release;
15:4 TO THE END THAT THERE BE NO POOR AMONG YOU; for the "I AM" shall greatly bless thee in the land which the "I AM" thy God giveth thee [for] an inheritance to possess it:

*Note: If you're wondering why a "Gentile" (foreigner) doesn't automatically receive debt forgiveness, it's to stop them from taking advantage of the situation, which would reward fraud. In other words, if a foreigner knew the year of release was coming soon, they could pretend to need a loan they had no intention of repaying, which would transfer wealth from the nation striving to be honest and keep The Law, into the hands of foreigners who were being intentionally dishonest and trying to steal whatever they could. So again, in stark contrast to man-made legislation which encourages organized crime, God's PERFECT Law takes everything into consideration, to ensure no one is being punished for being good, or rewarded for being a criminal.

The Law also includes a major debt forgiveness every 50th year for those who may have fallen so far into debt they had to sell their ancestral lands. This would of course benefit future generations too, so the children are not punished for the sins of their parents, i.e. the children don't have to suffer in poverty because of the bad financial decisions of their parents.

Leviticus 25:8-17
25:8 And thou shalt number seven Sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven Sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years.
25:9 Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of The Jubile to sound on the tenth [day] of the seventh month, in The Day of Atonement shall ye make the trumpet sound throughout all your land.
25:10 And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim Liberty throughout [ALL] the land unto ALL the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubile unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family.
25:11 A jubile shall that fiftieth year be unto you: ye shall not sow, neither reap that which groweth of itself in it, nor gather [the grapes] in it of thy vine undressed.
25:12 For it [is] The Jubile; it shall be holy unto you: ye shall eat the increase thereof out of the field.
25:13 In the year of this jubile ye shall return every man unto his possession.
25:14 And if thou sell ought unto thy neighbour, or buyest [ought] of thy neighbour's hand, YE SHALL NOT OPPRESS ONE ANOTHER:
25:15 According to the number of years after The Jubile thou shalt buy of thy neighbour, [and] according unto the number of years of the fruits he shall sell unto thee:
25:16 According to the multitude of years thou shalt increase the price thereof, and according to the fewness of years thou shalt diminish the price of it: for [according] to the number [of the years] of the fruits doth he sell unto thee.

This is what God considers to be "the Great Reset" every 50th year. It's a very simple debt forgiveness mechanism that keeps anyone from becoming filthy rich at the expense of everyone else, while at the very same time also eliminating crime, and the poverty which causes it.

How can so many put their trust in such an obviously evil system, with such evil leaders and rules, instead of in our Creator and His Perfect Law? Are His Thoughts and Ways not higher than ours? Is He not truly amazing beyond words?

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of My Knowledge: because thou hast rejected My Knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to Me: seeing thou hast forgotten The Law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Ezekiel 18:31 Cast away from you all your transgressions, whereby ye have transgressed; and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will ye die, O "House of Israel"?
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A Freeman

Nov 11, 2019
The Satanic Roots to Modern Medicine – The Mark of the Beast?

Note about the article: The symbol of the bronze serpent hanging on a cross is to remind everyone that true healing can only come from within, by crucifying the "self" daily (Matt. 10:38, Mark 8:34, Luke 9:23, Luke 14:26-27, Gal. 2:20, Sura 6:162, Sura 92:18-21). The "self" is controlled and manipulated by the serpent (Satan).

As the article correctly points out, Satan/the devil (the Opposer/Liar) has turned it upside down, getting people to worship the snake/serpent instead of learning to crucify it. **And we are all now suffering because of it.**

The day of the serpent is over! “Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life. ” (John 3:14-15)

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

All the symbols and emblems for modern medicine have one thing in common: a serpent.

Some, like the Caduceus, have two serpents around a staff, while others, like the rod of Asclepius, have only one serpent.

There are various interpretations as to the difference in meaning between the two, as well as the history of their origins, but the oldest reference to the serpent and its role in human suffering or healing, is contained in the earliest records of the Bible, in the writings of Moses, who is credited with writing most of the first 5 books of the Old Testament portion of the Bible around 3500 years ago.

Since these writings pre-date anything written in Greek mythology by almost 1000 years, I am going to base this article on the Bible, the oldest and the most widely circulated and most frequently translated collection of ancient writings in the world, by far, with no serious competitors in ancient or modern literature.

If that bothers you, no need to read further.

We will see from the ancient wisdom of the Bible, that the serpent representing Satan is the ultimate anti-Christ, that he is weaker than Jesus Christ who is portrayed in the Bible as both the Son of Man and the Son of God, and that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ broke the power of Satan over sickness and death.

Satan has yet to be judged and sent to his eternal punishment in a place called Hell, and there awaits a final battle between Jesus Christ, the ruler of the Kingdom of God, and Satan, the current ruler of the World System.

The Kingdom of God originates in Heaven, but also extends to earth and exists in the lives of the true believers of Jesus Christ.

In addition to the physical world, there exists a spiritual world (or universe), and every living human being currently inhabiting the planet either resides in the spiritual Kingdom of Darkness ruled by Satan, or in the spiritual Kingdom of Light ruled by Jesus Christ. (For more on this topic, see: Re-Creation: The Rebirth.)

Revelation Chapter 13 talks about the “mark of the beast,” where “beast” could also be translated into the English word “serpent.”

He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.
(Revelation 13:16-17)
I am not going to delve into the controversial topics of prophecy or theology in this article. Instead, I am going to show just what the image of the “serpent” represents, its place in modern medicine, and how if one wants to resist being part of the Satanic system that may require everyone to accept some kind of “mark,” then you are probably going to need to prepare yourself to stop using the medical system completely.

I realize that we have been conditioned to believe that we cannot survive without pharmaceutical drugs and the medical system, but I assure you it is possible. I have not used the medical system in many years, and have not carried health insurance (by choice) for over 20 years, and I have survived!

It is my belief after many years of research and teaching on this subject, that for every patented pharmaceutical drug making billions of dollars for the medical system, that there are natural remedies created by God found in nature that are actually more effective, especially if we stop believing in the allopathic germ-theory of disease, and realize that health is much more than just the condition of our physical bodies.

The Serpent Represents Satan

From the earliest record in the Bible in the opening chapters of the book of Genesis, to the closing chapters in the last book of the Bible, the book of Revelation, the serpent is identified as Satan, or the Devil.

The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.
(Revelation 12:9)
He first appears in the 3rd chapter of Genesis, where he deceives Adam and Eve, which results in sin entering the human race. One of the key passages of this chapter is verses 14 and 15, which basically lays out a prophetic blueprint for human history, and the cosmic struggle between good and evil:

So the LORD God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, cursed are you above all the livestock and all the wild animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life.
And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel. (Genesis 3:14-15)
The key event in human history that saw the culmination of this prophecy, was the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, and his triumphal rising from the dead and walking out of the grave, defeating the power of sin and death that the serpent caused in the Garden of Eden.

One of the best summaries of this event is found in the letter that the apostle Peter wrote:

To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps. “He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in his mouth.”
When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.
He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed. For you were like sheep going astray, but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls. (1 Peter 2:21-25)
But this was not yet the end of Satan. To understand the events unfolding before us today, we need to review the history of the seed of the woman, and the seed of the serpent.

Moses’ Bronze Serpent Hung from a Pole

Artist interpretation of the bronze serpent hung on a standard. Source unknown.

One of the next places we see the serpent appear is in the Bible is in the life of Moses.

The “seed of the woman” is traced through the Patriarch Abraham, the father of the Hebrews. To escape years of famine God had led Abraham’s descendants, the Hebrew people, to take up residence in Egypt. There they became too numerous and were seen as a threat to the Egyptian culture, and we see one of the first recorded instances of infanticide, the destruction of children being born to the Hebrew women.

This will become a common theme throughout human history, as Satan works hard to reduce human population by killing children.

Moses was spared being killed and was actually raised in the royal palace, but soon is banished from Egypt for trying to deliver the Hebrews.

He spends 40 years in the wilderness where he settled down, got married, and started raising his family.

But the time had come for God to deliver his people from the oppression of the Egyptians, and he chose Moses to lead them, by appearing to him in a burning bush that did not burn up.

Moses is reluctant and fearful. Satan is thoroughly entrenched in Egyptian culture by this time, and a common shepherd like Moses figured he didn’t have a chance to lead a revolution, so God gave him some help.

Moses answered, “What if they do not believe me or listen to me and say, ‘The LORD did not appear to you’?”
Then the LORD said to him, “What is that in your hand?”
“A staff,” he replied.
The LORD said, “Throw it on the ground.”
Moses threw it on the ground and it became a snake, and he ran from it.
Then the LORD said to him, “Reach out your hand and take it by the tail.”
So Moses reached out and took hold of the snake and it turned back into a staff in his hand.
“This,” said the LORD, “is so that they may believe that the LORD, the God of their fathers—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob—has appeared to you.”
(Exodus 4:1-5)
Here we have the rod of Moses that miraculously turns into a serpent at the command of God.

It was something the magicians of Pharaoh, King of Egypt, also had the power to do. But God was clearly demonstrating his power over Satan, and changing the course of human history.

Then the LORD said to Moses, “See, I have made you like God to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron will be your prophet. You are to say everything I command you, and your brother Aaron is to tell Pharaoh to let the Israelites go out of his country.
But I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and though I multiply my miraculous signs and wonders in Egypt, he will not listen to you. Then I will lay my hand on Egypt and with mighty acts of judgment I will bring out my divisions, my people the Israelites. And the Egyptians will know that I am the LORD when I stretch out my hand against Egypt and bring the Israelites out of it.”
Moses and Aaron did just as the LORD commanded them. Moses was eighty years old and Aaron eighty-three when they spoke to Pharaoh.
The LORD said to Moses and Aaron, “When Pharaoh says to you, ‘Perform a miracle,’ then say to Aaron, ‘Take your staff and throw it down before Pharaoh,’ and it will become a snake.”
So Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and did just as the LORD commanded. Aaron threw his staff down in front of Pharaoh and his officials, and it became a snake.
Pharaoh then summoned wise men and sorcerers, and the Egyptian magicians also did the same things by their secret arts: Each one threw down his staff and it became a snake.
But Aaron’s staff swallowed up their staffs. (Exodus 7:1-13)
As the story unfolds in the Book of Exodus, Moses continues to perform miracles where plagues afflicted the Egyptians who were under the domain of Satan, until finally, after the first-born of all the Egyptians died while none of the first-born among the Hebrews died during what was called “The Passover,” the Hebrews looted the wealth of the Egyptians and took off for the desert.

In the desert God gave them the Law, represented by the Ten Commandments, in order to start a new life as God’s chosen people, freed from the bondage of Satan.

But the slave mentality was thoroughly entrenched in these Hebrews who grew up in Egypt, and even though they had seen the miracles of God inflicting plagues against their enemies the Egyptians, they complained to God about their condition in the desert, which leads us to the next occurrence of Satan being represented in the image of the serpent, and the roots to that symbol in modern medicine.

They traveled from Mount Hor along the route to the Red Sea, to go around Edom.
But the people grew impatient on the way; they spoke against God and against Moses, and said, “Why have you brought us up out of Egypt to die in the desert? There is no bread! There is no water! And we detest this miserable food!”
Then the LORD sent venomous snakes among them; they bit the people and many Israelites died.
The people came to Moses and said, “We sinned when we spoke against the LORD and against you. Pray that the LORD will take the snakes away from us.”
So Moses prayed for the people.
The LORD said to Moses, “Make a snake and put it up on a pole; anyone who is bitten can look at it and live.” So Moses made a bronze snake and put it up on a pole. Then when anyone was bitten by a snake and looked at the bronze snake, he lived. (Numbers 21:4-9)
This passage has been greatly misinterpreted throughout history, because most of the medical images you see today, such as the Caduceus or the rod of Asclepius, really have their origins from this historical event.

Modern medicine views the image of the snake in this passage as having curative, or medical properties.

But a bronze snake hanging from what this English translation I chose says “pole,” which in the original language is some kind of “standard” or “banner,” is not what cured the people.

It was their “looking” to it, presumably in faith that God would do what he said he would do, which was to heal them.

God healed them, not an inanimate man-made metal object fashioned in the image of a snake.

And remember the prophecy God proclaimed on the serpent in Genesis 3: “Cursed are you above all the livestock and all the wild animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life.”

By lifting an image of the serpent high up into the air, God was signifying his power over the serpent, just as the staff of Moses and Aaron also did, when it became a serpent and consumed the serpents of Pharaoh’s magicians.

It was a symbol of defeat for Satan, by being lifted up where he himself could not go.

It took me a while to locate an artist’s interpretation of this that I believed was close to what really happened, like the one above that is at the beginning of this section. Because most of the images of Moses and the bronze serpent lifted up in the desert had something more similar to a living snake slithering up a pole, as we see in the medical symbols, suggesting that the serpent had power to do this on his own.

But this “pole” in reality had to display a dead snake, not a live one, so some kind of cross beam was necessary to drape the image of the dead snake over it, making the “pole” probably look more like a cross.

Also, we find out later that this remedy for the Hebrews in the desert was apparently specific to that time and place in history, before they entered the “Promised land.”

The bronze serpent was kept for several generations after they left the desert, and eventually took on the opposite meaning of what it was originally intended, representing some kind of demon that was named Nehushtan.

This is recorded during the days of King Hezekiah, who was a good king and led the people back to worshiping God instead of demonic images, which included the bronze serpent crafted during the days of Moses in the desert.

He removed the high places, smashed the sacred stones and cut down the Asherah poles. He broke into pieces the bronze snake Moses had made, for up to that time the Israelites had been burning incense to it. (It was called Nehushtan.)
(2 Kings 18:4)
The name “Nehushtan” is only used here, and its history is not known. The etymology of the Hebrew word means “bronze” or possibly a derivation of the Hebrew word for “serpent,” but it was definitely a proper noun referring to some entity, probably demonic.

The bronze serpent that God had the Hebrews construct was a symbol of Satan’s defeat, not his curative powers.

Only God heals, and he clearly demonstrated that when he delivered the Hebrews from Egypt, by inflicting plagues on the people of Satan, while the people of God were not affected.

Jesus Replaced the Serpent in the Desert for Healing

But if there was ever any doubt as to the meaning of serpent and its place in healing, the words of Jesus erase all doubt:
I tell you the truth, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony. I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?
No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven—the Son of Man.
Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life.
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.
This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.
Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.
But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God. (John 3:11-21)
Therefore, the use of the image of a serpent to represent healing is in direct contradiction to the words of God and of Jesus.

The image in the desert was a sign of the defeat of Satan, but that sign was ultimately fulfilled in the death and resurrection of Jesus, and to trust in anyone else for healing today, is idolatry.

What is “Idolatry?”

Child Sacrifice in temple worship with the god Molech. William Blake (1809), The Flight of Moloch. One of Blake’s illustrations of On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity, the poem by John Milton. Source.

I have been writing on the idolatry of modern medicine for over 13 years now, with articles that expose the evil and corruption in pharmaceutical industry on the website.

An article I wrote about 5 years ago and is a bit dated now, but is probably more relevant today than it ever has been, is:

Medicine: Idolatry in the Twenty First Century
Excerpts from that article:

Idols were looked to for guidance, power, and healing. It seems strange to us today that people would create idols out of man-made objects created by their own hands.

But the reason it seems strange to us today is because the people trusted in the spirits or spirit world represented by the idols, or in some cases they may have believed that the idol itself was inhabited by spirit beings. Our materialistic culture, by contrast, believes primarily only in the physical world, either denying or ignoring the spiritual world.

The heart of idolatry is looking to sources outside of God for our basic needs and desires in life. The idols that are erected flow out of our experiences in life, and the idol is an attempt to explain life apart from the Creator.

The typical things people have historically looked to idols to provide for them are: guidance, wealth, fertility, and health. God, the Creator of heaven and earth, presents himself to his people as the sole source of these things we need and desire. God does not act like a “magician” by providing these things for us out of thin air, but most of the time he works through his natural order of creation which is upheld by his power. (See Hebrews 1:3 & Colossians 1:17 which explain that God holds together the universe through his energy.)

The creation, however, is not a closed system, and God himself is not bound to its laws. He operates outside of it also, and in the person of Jesus, especially, we saw the power of the Creator in human form interact and overcome the limitations of the physical creation in many instances. Jesus walked on water, turned water into wine, immediately healed people’s diseases, and even raised people from physical death back to life.

But the decision as to when supernatural events happen always originates with God, and not the created beings. The prophets and other leaders at times were used by God to perform miracles, but the miracles were performed by God through them.

“Magicians” on the other hand, those who truly perform magic (not just illusions), are interacting with the spiritual world being controlled by their own thoughts and desires, or those of the spirits who are also created beings.

The ancient world was full of competing religions that practiced real magic in the spiritual realm through idolatrous practice.

One specific form of idolatry that was condemned in the Old Testament writings of the Bible was child sacrifice to the god Molech:

Any Israelite or any alien living in Israel who gives any of his children to Molech must be put to death. The people of the community are to stone him.
I will set my face against that man and I will cut him off from his people; for by giving his children to Molech, he has defiled my sanctuary and profaned my holy name. If the people of the community close their eyes when that man gives one of his children to Molech and they fail to put him to death, I will set my face against that man and his family and will cut off from their people both him and all who follow him in prostituting themselves to Molech. I will set my face against the person who turns to mediums and spiritists to prostitute himself by following them, and I will cut him off from his people.
Consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am the LORD your God. Keep my decrees and follow them. I am the LORD, who makes you holy. (Leviticus 20:2-8)
Are things any different today in terms of idolatry?

It has taken on a different form, but it is in essence the same thing it has always been – trust in idols rather than God to supply our needs and desires.

Modern-day culture has changed dramatically since the theory of Darwinian evolution came on the scene and dominated academics in western culture, so that today the physical world is exalted above all other realities.

The spiritual world is either denied or ignored.

Hence, creation of physical idols out of basic elements such as wood or metals is very uncommon, because current culture ignores the unseen world that could be represented by such physical manifestations.

What has replaced those idols, however, are beliefs in new ones.

The most common idol in western culture today, by far, is medicine – the new “magic.”

Modern day medicine has existed for a relatively short period of human history, and the creation of a body of licensed “physicians” can be traced back to the start of the vaccine movement in Europe in the 1800s, when health officials wanted more control over the population and what they perceived as threatening diseases like smallpox.

Today, medicine is seen as the solution to almost all of life’s problems. A pill or vaccine exists now for just about every ailment or problem in life, and for those problems that don’t have a medical solution yet, billions of dollars are spent on research to find one.
The belief system currently in place is that physical science and medicine can solve all problems in life.

The people who control the medical system are trained and licensed and given great authority to control our lives. Currently they have the authority to take children away from their parents, to declare someone “insane” or mentally disturbed and have them committed to an institution, force people (especially children) to use their products via vaccinations, and make sweeping laws and regulations that affect the lives of everyone.

It is believed that life itself is dependent on medicine, and this belief system is used to justify the authority and power the medical system has in our culture.[/QUOTE]
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Pharmaceutical Drugs as Witchcraft or Sorcery

One of the more interesting Greek words that is usually translated as “witchcraft” or “sorcery” in the English translations of the Bible is pharmakeia, from which we get such English words as “pharmacy” or “pharmaceutical.”

Outside of the Biblical texts, this Greek word would probably most often be translated into English as “medicine,” or “drugs.”

It is used in Galatians 5:20:

The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God. (Galatians 5:19-21)

Can you imagine using the English word “medicines” in place of “witchcraft” in the list of sins in the verses above? Obviously the modern translators of the English Bible could not, and yet that was the word the ancients would have used for our modern day word “medicine.”

It is also used in the book of Revelation in a couple of places:

The rest of mankind that were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols that cannot see or hear or walk. Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts. (Revelation 9:20-21)

In this verse the word pharmakeia is translated “magic arts.” It is used below in referring to Babylon:

The light of a lamp will never shine in you again. The voice of bridegroom and bride will never be heard in you again. Your merchants were the world’s great men. By your magic spell all the nations were led astray. (Revelation 18:23)

Here the word pharmakeia is translated “magic spell.” Again, “medicine” did not seem appropriate to the translators in these verses, because of the current acceptance and understanding we have in the word and concept of “medicine.”

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Is Big Pharma Medicine the Primary Tool of the Globalists and the New World Order?

Current events here in July of 2020 show that there is a massive effort in place to usher in a New World Order by the Globalists, where the agenda is to reduce the world’s population.

I have identified who is ultimately behind this agenda, which is no longer a “conspiracy theory,” but is actually being published now. See:

Unmasking Who is Behind the Plandemic and Rioting to Usher in the New World Order

As I show in this article, which is a must-read if you truly want to understand what is happening today, the entity controlling events today is the Serpent, Satan, and he has two main goals in the time he has remaining before Christ returns. He wants to control the world by controlling the world’s financial system, and he wants your children.

The pharmaceutical industry is the primary tool he is using today to accomplish this goal.

Most of the world’s wealth has already been transferred from the middle class to the pharmaceutical industry through the COVID Plandemic. See:

Biggest Bailout of Wall Street in U.S. History was Planned Months before the Plandemic Virus Crisis – “Big” Pharma now HUGE Pharma

New World Order Continues to be Published: The “Great Reset” – Transhumanism and the 4th Industrial Revolution

The New World Order: Creating a Crisis so the Rich Get Richer While Millions Lose Their Jobs

And as I am writing this, BILLIONS have been spent on developing a COVID vaccine with the goal of inoculating every single person on the planet.

I have been one of the leading voices in the Alternative Media for the past decade or so warning people about the dangers of vaccines, as it has been the most censored topic in the corporate Pharma-funded “mainstream” media, and we have an entire website devoted to the the topic:

Two of the leading doctors and scientists in the world who understand the devastating effects that vaccines can have, are now warning the public that this COVID vaccine being developed is a new kind of DNA vaccine never before brought to market, and in the U.S. alone they are predicting up to 50 million people will be killed by the vaccines.

Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: A New COVID Vaccine Could Kill 50 Million People in the U.S.

Most of the deaths that are currently being attributed to COVID have happened among our elderly population, and yet mostly only those of us in the Alternative Media are exposing this massive holocaust that has already happened! See:

Dr. Vernon Coleman: Your Government Wants You Dead – BANNED from YouTube

So what’s next?

Most Americans are opposed to mandatory vaccines, especially for adults, but even if laws or emergency orders are not put in place to mandate that everyone must get the COVID vaccine, you can expect that, like the current measures being put in place in some states that require masks to be worn in order to enter a store to buy something, or visit a hospital, etc., that there will probably be some kind of COVID-ID or “mark” also required to prove you have received the COVID vaccine. See:

Virginia Has Provided the Nation with the Template for Mandatory Vaccines: Democracy Sacrificed for Medical Tyranny

Hence, we are already very close to seeing the principle of Revelation 13 fulfilled, as I quoted above:

He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.
(Revelation 13:16-17)
As I stated in the beginning of this article, I am not going to get bogged down in the literal details of how this all might unfold regarding Biblical prophecy, in terms of dates, times, and other specifics, but instead I am taking the words of Jesus himself seriously, as recorded in Matthew 16:

When evening comes, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red,’ and in the morning, ‘Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.’
You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times. (Matthew 16:2-3)
As I also stated in the beginning of this article, the day may soon be here where the only way to resist Satan and the Globalists under his control, is to completely stop participating in the Government-run medical system.

Many of us have been warning the public about this for years, and there are a few of us who have not depended upon the pharmaceutical industry for our health for quite some time now, because we recognized that it was an evil system responsible for untold, countless deaths and destruction of lives. It is also the largest criminal organization in the world, by far. See:

Pharmaceutical Industry is the Leading Cause of Death in U.S., and the Largest Criminal Group in the World

So if you plan on resisting the Serpent, and his marks, the time has come to start detoxing yourself of pharmaceutical products, and learning as much as you can about natural health, and even supernatural health as taught in the Bible.

Health Impact News is a great resource for researching natural health, and is a great resource for researching supernatural health, and Jesus’ healthcare system. Here are a few suggested articles to get you started:

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Note: This article can be used as a source to claim a “religious exemption” for pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, but the principles here apply to ALL pharmaceutical products that are produced or distributed using the symbol of the serpent.
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Thank you for all the information in these posts. It's heavy reading and I'm deeply concerned about family members and indeed the wide world, but I do appreciate the efforts that you've made.