Covid-19 Vaccines Deaths & Side Effects


Jun 28, 2020
Because you have NO understanding
I'm curious myself. Why take an experimental vaccine for something that has a 99.8% survival rate?

"No understanding"? Whats that mean? Think they will take your rights if you don't comply?

What happens when the local authority say's "today is triple tax day" and 40,000 people show up at his front door and say no?
The people have the power, they always did. The majority will always have the power.

But if you keep giving the corrupt-ment inches they will take miles. For God's sake we still have the Patriot Act in effect from a false flag that happened 20 years ago. All they have to do is say you're a terrorist and your done. No rights what so ever.

Whatever freedom they take they will Never return.
Just say no, if enough say no they can't do anything.

What don't we understand? That the media has made you afraid of your own shadow? Help me out here.

I got the Pfizer vaccine yesterday. I was wiped out this morning, so I stayed home from work and took a 4 hour nap. I'm feeling fine now, other than a sore shoulder.
Frank has a thread that's been going for literally a year now usually near the top filled with abundant information on why you shouldn't be a lab rat.

I seen a clip earlier today where they are saying people need a 3rd jab now. When does it stop? Why keep taking risks with your life? The vaccine is Far more dangerous then con-vid. Do you like playing Russian roulette?

I don't get it. I don't see why people are taking this risk, especially when they have access to pertinent information on these forums. I don't wear a mask, nor do i wash my hands incessantly and there's no way in hell I'm getting a vaccine. Yet I'm healthy as a horse.
Maybe the difference between me and you two is I don't watch tv?

Sorry for the derail but this is insane. You people are like lemmings literally running off a cliff because the tv tells you to. Wake Up!