Covid-19 Vaccines Deaths & Side Effects


Aug 22, 2021
That's really awesome that you took the time to translate the doc. Good to know that the AI Google translate can't be trusted. Pure evil.
Thanks Frank and it's really awesome u guys as well get to share important things about the vax and the injuries, good highlights even if they're "repeated" from somewhere else because sometimes if ppl find something in a different social media and then get here and see it again because somebody else shared it too that itself reinforces the importance of it & may inspire to create awareness of it back in other places

The Google AI & Apple Neural engine are evil, (even more than corrupt men itself) as well as many other things.
Check this out

I also personally felt a responsibility to share as much of the truth because this isn't some random isolated Psy-Op somewhere in the middle of no where that doesn't affect anybody (like previous ones), this plandemic actually reached literally everywhere and even my area (and it has literally affected me too as well). It's Nazi Germany in our noses!!
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