Chemtrails, HAARP, Transhumanism, Cern, A.I, 5G, Genetic & DNA Modification, MK Supersoldiers & The Beast System: Where Is It All Leading?


Aug 8, 2021
Honestly I know it's all depopulation tactics to kill us all slowly but I think MAYBE 5g could be linked to the vaccine that everyone got? I saw a video on Bitchute where they said graphene oxide was present in the vaccines and that it links up with 5g to create these weird looking moving particles. It kinda scared me at first and I was like it all makes sense because they're pushing 5g SO MUCH like on YouTube all I see is that girl from SNL talking about 5g and it's been like months with that same commercial and I hate it. I once saw a YouTuber called Joe Imbraino talk about the dangers of 5G but IDK if he's a shill or something. All I know is that wifi does literally make you fry in some way and 5g could be used for something bigger. Or not I'm not sure it's just something I've thought about.