Celebrities/famous Folk Who 'know' Thread


Mar 20, 2017
several years ago, i remember that Vh1 show in the states had a show called 'i love new york', which was a spinoff of the flavor flav dating show. ANYWAY... there was an episode where he was getting a tattoo and the tattoo artist was talking to him about conspiracy stuff and he said that he knew about that and the nanotechnology. i was stunned that it was never edited out. i looked it up on the computer later to confirm, and it was there, on the vh1 site. now, its gone, but i recall the episode was "chances crazy side", as if his belief in conspiracies was 'crazy'. so i am adding....

chance givens, from i love new york
someone made a thread of clips of conspiracy theorists being portrayed badly its here somewhere...
May 14, 2017
Roddy "Rowdy" Piper said "They Live" is a documentary and it's director John Carpenter expressed similar things.

While not really a celebrity, Rob "The Baron" Miller, formerly of the legendary crust punk band Amebix, currently in the band Tau Cross is obviously aware things are not as they appear based on his lyrics.

Sakvei, of the Japanese hardcore punk band has also expressed some intresting views via his art, although it's hard to know how much he actually believe, how much is him playing the role of "absolutely insane Japanese punk rocker", or how much of it is the fact that a lot of accounts state he is sort of insane.

...yeah, don't pay much attention to celebrities.


Jun 17, 2017

lennon is speaking out about it, but he went along with the beatle coverup with help from the UK government.
its said that chapelle succumbed to the illuminati with his return to the stage. a real shame.

i have to hold people in low regard who know but go along with it anyway.


May 20, 2017
Thanks @tomcat I like him more after this video which is pleasant surprise.
When he was active as a comedian I avoided watching his movies.

When he discusses freeing yourself from care is it a dig at the 'cremation of care' of one of the secret societies?
Deep dude. and seems to have a heart and an understanding that happiness is temporary.
Also. that relieving the suffering of others is paramount.
His thoughts on going through the gate of forgiveness versus the gate of resentment as the better way is spot on.
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