Cancel culture

Red Sky at Morning

Mar 15, 2017
Prager U have excellent resources. People just don’t like them because they don’t fit the narrative. I think the current mainstream media and their continual string of deceptions needs to be dealt with before people cast stones at Prager U. Go take on CNN and NYT then we can talk.
@TeresaP7 - I like the Prager U breakdown of “intersectionality”:-



Mar 13, 2017
Hi Lisa,
yeah, i agree. And i would gladly die for being a Christian. But I wouldn't like to watch my family die, because of domestic terrorism. It is hard to say, what God really expects from us in this regard.

I also was thinking about voting,.. but even if that would change anything. I really doubt, it would change anything for the better. I guess, I just want to go through with it. Let them have their toys, and just watch how that plays out for them.

Kind regards,
Hi threepwood..
Just seeing the amount of people willingly going along with the masks in my state even before they decided to make it aren’t going to convince many people that the government is wrong at this point. The fear of dying is getting to everyone, no one want’s to die..and the media has spread fear so potently..that everyone forgot how they don’t trust the media.