BTS discussion thread


Mar 7, 2022
This is unrelated I guess but I had a dream about the boys last night and I thought it was interesting…posting here so I don’t forget lol

I had this dream last night where bts had a movie premiere? In the movie theater bts was sitting in the back while some fans sat in front of them. For some reason I was sitting above all of them (kind of like a bird eye view) anyway later on bts had one on one Interviews (not in the movie but in the actual theater after the showing) with fans. All the boys were dressed in white concert outfits kind of like in that mv life goes on mv but the suits they were wearing were highly embellished with silver chains, military style so to speak. Hobee had silver hair with heavy glitter eyeshadow with jkay sitting next to him while putting his arm around him. Then the next scene I saw R.m with dark purple hair and a fan he was filming with had a purple bob and they both were saying how they were matching with each other. At the end of the dream someone in the theater told me how the next movie would be called bts crashes?? And I was kind of freaked out about that and later woke up.