Bombshell - Illuminati is Planning Nuclear False Flags in Six Cities on Nov 4 2021, to Force Muslims into Concentration Camps!


Jun 25, 2021
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Disclaimer: There is no might or power except with Allah's Will.

Brothers and sisters in Islam, and in humanity. Take heed of this warning:

On November 4 2021, Illuminati criminals [not Muslims! ] are going to crash cargo planes loaded with nuclear bombs in six cities/states: Washington, California, London, New York, Rome and Paris. The major landmarks in those cities like, the Golden Gate bridge, Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty, the Colosseum, the Vatican, and the Eiffel tower will be destroyed. In the case of New York, a nuke will be detonated in the east coast, and it will cause a tsunami to overwhelm the city !

This will be a mega false flag event like the world has never seen before. ISIS will take responsibility but it will be a huge LIE. This plot has been on the NWO agenda for at least 50 years. This will be THE event that will give rise to the NWO.

The COVID virus is engineered and its agenda is to domesticate us. To psychologically isolate us from one another, and to prevent us from resisting the NWO when it starts on Nov 4 2021. It's a LIE.

Now how do I know all of this?

It started with a dream right around the time people were talking about something happening at the London Olympics 2012 .... I saw a plane crash and a nuclear blast approached. I covered my eyes and said the shahada, which is the statement that Muslims should say when death is imminent. This was a sign.

I began investigating media productions. Predictive programming. Like the London dirty bomb in COD Modern Warfare 3. The destruction of the Big Ben in V for Vendetta.

In almost all the media productions, there is a pattern. It's the number 38. Just like 911 was shown in the media before the actual false flag took place on the 11th of September 2001. Back then I didn't know what the number 38 meant. I shared my findings on my youtube channel back then, which has been terminated by the google gestapo.

But then I found something that would put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

The mega false flag event has been on the Illuminati's agenda for a long time. And the masses have been prepared for it, subliminally. With a sequence of subliminal phrases in the form of audio subliminals, that has been used for 50 years, for sure. And this sequence is EVERYWHERE. This is not an exaggeration.. it is EVERYWHERE. It's in movies, games, and even music. And you know where else this is found? In documentaries produced by Alex Jones (Part 69) , and dvd of live shows by David Icke (part 70) ! Pet Goat 2, you know, that animation that everyone including myself has been trying to decipher? It's predictive programming (part 71). The sequence is there and is synchronized with what is shown visually, which is not unusual. Synchronizations are very common in Hollywood movies and I point them out in my videos.

Take a deep breath and read the following. If you get a strange feeling you have heard this before, chances are, you have heard this all thousands of times throughout your life ! This is the sequence:

Listen to the subliminals:
November 4 Two Thousand Twenty One. The New World Order will begin. Submit to it.
Muslims will attack Washington, California, London, New York, Rome and Paris with a cargo plane carrying a nuclear dirty bomb.
Muslims should go to concentration centers. They are dangerous terrorists.
Even the young little ones. They want to kill you and your family. They are dangerous terrorists.
Muslims worship a monster. Don't worship a monster. Worship Beelzebub.
Beelzebub is the creator. He has super power. He can make you fly and make you invisible.
Don't worship a monster. Worship Beelzebub. He is the creator.
Prophet Mohammed was a dirty p***phile. He loved to fck little children. He is a liar and a false prophet. Forget him and move on.

This is the mantra, that is repeated over and over again. In intense movie scenes lasting 10 minutes for example, it could be repeated 3-4 times. In games, it's looped in the background. Very faintly.

The date November 4 Two Thousand Twenty One. If you add up all the numbers 11 + 4 + 2 + 21 = 38. And Nov 4 2021 is the 308th day of the year. This is undoubtedly the link. What 38 really means! And the plane carrying a nuclear dirty bomb... that is a confirmation of what I dreamt. The crashing plane that produced a nuclear blast afterwards.

What's extremely disturbing is that the sequence says that Muslims should go to concentration centers/camps ! ''Even the young little ones''. This fascist nazi like propaganda can found in seemingly harmless movies and games. FIFA, Pro Evolution, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Dirt 2... Oh Muslims, are you paying attention to what I am saying?! Be on your guard and don't let them take you nor your family away to the concentration centers !

For 11 months, I have been gathering and investigating movie scenes and games, and I have found the sequence in over more than 100 places for sure.
In a video serie consisting of more than 70 videos, I break it all down and expose where the sequence is. Word for word, syllable per syllable.
In Part 1 I explain the nature of the audio subliminals. Important that you start there.

Playlist on bitchute.

**Table of contents **

1. Introduction

2. The Longest Day [1962]
3. Dog Day Afternoon [1975]
4. Rocky 1 [1976]
5. The Message [1976]
6. Scarface [1983]
7 The Day After [1983]
8. Terminator 2 [1991]
9. Armageddon [1998]
10. Hellboy [2004]
11. Aviator [2004]
12. MTV Holocaust ads [2008]
13. Knowing Train Crash [2009]
14. The Grey [2011]
15. The Impossible [2012]
16. World war Z [2013] +++
17. Doctor Who - Aliens of London episode [2005]
18. Nicky Minaj - No Frauds
19. Star Trek Into Darkness [2013]
20 The Mummy [2017]
21. Mission Impossible 5 [2015] +++
22. COD Modern Warfare 3 [2011]
23. COD Modern Warfare [2019] +++
24. Ghost Recon Future Soldier [2012]
25. London Has Fallen [2016]
26. Knowing Plane Crash [2009] +++
27. Spooks Code 9 [2008]
28. Kylie Minogue Timebomb [2012]
29. Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do [2015]
30. GI Joe Retaliation [2013]
31. 24 Live Another Day [2014]
32. The Core [2003]
33. London Flight [2012]
34. Nuclear bomb description
35. BF3 Paris Nuke [2011]
36. COD MW3 Paris [2011]
37. GI Joe Cobra [2009]
38. Team America: World Police [2004]
39. Inception [2010]
40. Tomorrowland [2015]
41. Angels and Demons [2009]
42. 2012 Vatican scene [2009]
43. The Core [2003]
44. Munich [2005]
45. Olympus Has Fallen [2013]
46. White House Assault [2013]
47. 2012 Washington scene [2009]
48. Terminator Genesys [2015]
49. 10.5 [2004]
50. X Men: Last Stand [2006]
51. Rise of the Planet of the Apes [2011]
52. San Andreas [2015]
53. Deep Impact [1998]
54. Day After Tomorrow [2004]
55. Mission Impossible 1 [1996]
56. Hereafter [2010]
57. Knowing New York scene [2009]
58. The Avengers [2012]
59. Watchmen [2009]
60. The Divide [2011]
61. Game - Far Cry 6
62. Game - Dirt 2
63. Game - WRC 8
64. Game - PES 2020
65. Game - Battlefield 1
66. Game - Rainbow Six Siege
67. Game - Doorkickers 2
68. Games - Hitman
69. Alex Jones Documentaries
70. David Icke's DVD's
71. Pet Goat 2
72. The World Must Wake Up !

For now, the serie is available on bitchute. Check it out, and I urge you, please share this truth. The ummah needs to awake!

And Allah knows best.
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Jun 28, 2020
Bullshit prediction as usual
Ya, like 100's upon 100's of Christian dooms days where they give the exact date only for them to turn out to be utter failures. Would you like me to link a few dozen here? I mean Youtube is awash with them.


Jun 28, 2020
Exceptionally irresponsible to have been sharing this ´warning´. Let this be a lesson!
List of dates predicted for apocalyptic events (wiki page)

Common knowledge, but if you push ctrl + f you can search for words on a page. While the word Christian appears on that page 29 times.

Absolutely shameless.

Crazy to me how often Christians predict exact doom dates and every time its been utter failure, but when a Muslim does it....

Exceptionally irresponsible to have been sharing this ´warning´. Let this be a lesson!
I mean seriously, absolutely shameless.