Bioterrorism by the Illuminati "actors"

Mar 26, 2020
There is plenty of proof that we are now experiencing bioterrorism on a global scale. Airline industry has been paid by big Pharma and I'm sure the Illuminati is behind all of this. The airline companies will carry toxins in the airplane belly and Let It Fly which is called chemtrails. Now right now the airlines have reduced their flying times and they're out there in the evening and night because there's no other airplanes out there and they are having a Heyday flying around spraying. I took pictures of one doing it the other night.

China's makes him up the brew and this started as far as we know from the agent orange and then through the various different so-called viruses. Ebola, H1 N1, AIDS, SARS 1, MERS, and now this supposedly began as SARS 2, but has either had another virus added to it, or there's chemicals added to it, or it's just a plain chemical used as the solution.

When the Chinese doctor in the lab blew the whistle to The Who, it wasn't because something good was happening in the lab. And the who did not help the doctor and left him there to be treated however the Chinese chose to treat him.

Australia must not have wanted to be part of all of this because remember the bad fires they had? I had read a news feed that they knew they had been set but they didn't know who set them. It must have been the actors behind all of this, because I'm an Uber driver and my one ride or the other day told me that her friend lives in Australia and the government told everybody to wear gas masks.

The Deep state has been trying all kinds of drama to try and bring the president down and when their escapades didn't work they didn't seem too upset. That's because in the background they have this already going because this would take many months maybe several years to get all of this in order for the whole world to cooperate?

I also found out that they're also behind the scenes resetting the entire world and US economies and financial systems. One of my Riders also told me that this is what Beyonce meant when she tweeted this is ushering in of the New World Order.

I downloaded a very long research paper that was done by the CDC way back when there was an Anthrax issue, which I'm sure was done by all of these people as a trial. And it was about bioterrorism, stating that it is when a virus or bacteria is on a very large scale affecting the population. Anybody knows this is not normal, and that something couldn't spread this fast.

Since the Illuminati likes numbers and since they do not want the world's population to be more than 500,000, I believe that they are expecting most of the world's population to die through this bioterrorism, and that we are there sacrificial lamb for Easter, because the devil has always been trying to one-up Our Risen Savior.

I also learned all the stores were told not to refill their paper products and other necessary supplies. So they do have them and when I go out on the road on courier jobs which can be across the states here in the South, I see all the trucks delivering things especially Walmart.

I would be hoping there could be some conservative truthful people, whether it be scientists or biochemist or Takis from places like MIT or something that could get some drones going that could go up in the sky and measure toxins and gather them a quick analysis at all different parts of the world. This would prove what is going on.

By them doing this and just stay one Fell Swoop, they have taken away over seven of our rights as American citizens. The right to vote, the right to peaceably assemble in public, the right to assemble in public buildings, the right to assemble in a church, the right to send children to school, the right to go to work, the right to earn money, the right to be free,the right to have a life unfettered and unaltered, the right to go out to eat or go to the movies or other things to do, the right to have events that were scheduled and now cancelled, the right to vacuum your car at the carwash which is not allowed, the right to have free choice, the right to drive your car or other form of transportation wherever you want, the right to be healthy and have a healthy environment, the right to have a good future, the right to hear the truth from the news, the right to have the factual evidence from any organization that should be testing all of this in the air, the right to be protected from a cata strophic event like this, and the right to seek answers and get answers.

Basically everything we've ever worked for, the freedoms that we have valued, the monies that are taxes accrued so we can have a better way of life, and everything as we've always known it and worked hard for has just been taken away and no one seems to do anything about it!

Everyone's just sitting around waiting for it to end! It's not going to end! We have to do something!

I've done research and I taken pictures of things that are pointing to this hole charade, and meanwhile the actors are just laughing their way to the bank.

I believe they're counting on not many people surviving and they're just going to take all the money in the bank they're going to take people's houses I mean they're just going to clean house so they Remain the richest in the world. We cannot let that happen. And not one person has stood up because everybody's in fear of this so-called virus when it's not a virus at all.

On the other hand I feel helpless because with all this information the Lord has given me I don't know who to go to with it.

What started this out was the fact that this mayor here in New Orleans said this may just be Trump's Katrina! People who live here were very upset about her saying that, but she doesn't care because she's not from here. She's from Compton California, and her father-in-law and husband are from Detroit.

She was working under Mayor Landrieu who took over after mayor Nagin was put in prison, but Katrina was caused by the city because Megan shut sump pumps off so that the city would flood. All they care about is money coming in that they can steal, they don't care how many people died. And that is what she meant when she said that.

I just felt this was not right this could not be something on such a big scale and then someone sent me a picture of a train car tanker that said covid-19 on it.

That was about two weeks ago I got that. And it wasn't until Monday that I was driving an Uber Rider and she was already woke to all of this so we were sharing information and I asked if she saw the train car picture and she said yes! She said a friend of hers is the one who took the picture and after she uploaded it and had an account about it Google removed the entire account.

So even though this virus started out as being SARS to and whatever happened after that, the chemical or combination of germs or bacteria, whatever it is is called covid-19.

The day before I had given her the ride, she said she went outside and she heard a helicopter and when she looked up she saw it was a military helicopter spraying yellow stuff all over everywhere and she quick ran inside.

I said I guess that's what big Pharma got the message out to the media to say the troops were called in to take care of the coronavirus and fight it. I believe the troops think it is a special spray to kill the virus, without knowing what it actually is.

I've sent a couple emails to people and talk radio and want to Jay Sekulow from the aclj, because I've been supporting his group for many years so I'm hoping someone can see the truth in all of this and if you want pictures I can send them to you but I don't know how to upload them. Thank you and God bless