Any President Trump supporters in here?


Jul 28, 2018
I neither support or denounce Trump.
The dude has serious issues, private and public, and really needs the wisdom of shutting his mouth and his twitter account.
As far as if he's a good person, to quote Jesus:
none is good but God.
Having said that, it doesn't sound like Trump is even trying.

But there one thing I know:
The media rarely ever tells the actual important things about a presidency.
They tell how popular a person is, what dress/suit they wore, where they went on vacation,
and "isn't he the GREATEST/WORST Ever!???"

The fact they are spending some much time telling us what a horrible person he is is
and so little time telling us what bills and policies he's initiated and their effects
(except for that business on those refugees/detainees/revoked passports)
makes me suspicious.
Clearly the mainstream media hates him,
but the fact they still can't concisely say whether he's doing the job he was hired/ elected to do

(except to start a first grade name calling war)

means they are deliberately obscuring the facts.
And that usually means the media is up to something, worse.

The Zone

Mar 13, 2017
Supporting the person and supporting the job are two different things. But the mere fact that he slowed the PC roll makes me happy. Had he not done so, I would be identifying as a Texas Jack Rabbit. And people discount the fact that he does not have us in a war, more or less slowed the daily media blitz by slowing the roll of Isis, has negotiated with North Korea whom the media propped as bad guy #1, created steps to stop China from stealing US intellectual property, job growth stronger than any time since 1997, framework for infrastructure, etc. And because he wants good relations with Russia, there must be collusion.

People here call you a Trump supporter for simply pointing out facts. And as was said by the OP, every person is flawed. But had Hillary won, Isis would likely still be kicking dust in faces, we'd already been in Iran, the PC movement would be further along, government spending would be as the Democrats like it high, North Korea would still be more of a threat and our economy in shambles.

While Trump is rough around the edges, the American people wanted a drastic change from typical politicians. While he is raw and unfettered with his tweets, he is getting things accomplished despite attacks from the left which will one day be legendary. Even the policies on how we detained immigrants were created by Obama and others past, not him.

The bottom line is that Trump was the last hope to keep the US from entering full-fledged globalism. And most here know that globalism is the elites plan of one world control. If you want one world think that would be grand.

Lastly, while I do think Trump is not exactly lovable. I can objectively recognize the positives. I can also see the Soros funded left raising hell with Russian collusion, with no proof two years later. I can see the brainwashing media exposed like they have never been before as people wake. I can see the once proud for freedom of speech democrats want their made-up PC rules. I can see that the establishment is on the left and the right and that snakes in the grass are all around Trump trying to keep their control going.

Red Sky at Morning

Mar 15, 2017
Trump came onto the world scene amongst a climate of "political correctness" that had become truly insane. I used to work in a company where some of the other members of staff could easily have taken seats in the classroom featured in this sketch...



Jun 17, 2017
what i do like about him:
tells it like it is - straight talk (blaming the white nationalists AND antifa for charlottesville, which made don lemon on CNN cry)
unpolished ("go home to mommy" lol!!)
first amendment advocate (currently with the social media purge)
anti- PC looniness
not a politician
didnt kowtow to the queen on his trip to the UK
attempting to straighten out the huge mess that is the US is
his aggressive deal style works (although no one seems to know hes doing it)
bypasses the media and speaks directly to the people
VERY much anti-human trafficking
opened up dialogue with russia (long overdue- the cold war is over, democrats) and north korea

what i dont like about him:
a little TOO many 'unfiltered' tweets
unpolished ("ill bomb the shit out of them")
brought in different swamp members to 'drain the swamp'
doesnt have hillary behind bars yet
allowed local law enforcement access to military gear (just heard that from him during his address to a group of sheriffs)
the NWO is using him as a way to further divide the country (if thats even possible) by allowing him to try and repair the social/economic damage we have accrued for many years, and i dont think he knows it. its a lose-lose situation, but at least its waking a few people up.

the corruption is so pervasive in washington and in the FBI/ CIA/ justice dept that i doubt he will be able to accomplish anything. there are only a handful of people NOT taking bribes or blackmail orders by someone behind the scenes. his honesty and truthfulness about how things are and what really needs to be done only antagonizes the already polarized public-- those sucking off the system or benefitting from big fat government + loopholes will be outraged at him for correcting the problems and his supporters will be outraged when no one in DC supports him.
bottom line is that i think the country is too far gone to be salvaged-- there are not enough honest people left. that said, i LOVE the fact that he is pointing out what the problems are and who the problem people are. we wont see another person like trump again in the WH, sadly. after he is gone, it will be back to business as usual.

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Nov 30, 2017
I support him on an issue by issue basis. Personality isn't a big concern of mine, but I like that he is a fighter unlike most Republicans who let the left brand them as racist. I like how he's tried to restore sovereignty to our country. I wish he'd have done more (the wall) but it's hard with all the establishment/swamp creatures in the way. Immigration has basically turned into the 3rd rail of politics because of all the powerful forces who support huge numbers. Greedy businesses interests want cheaper labor and to keep wages down, Democrats see immigration as their way to rule the country moving forward, the media wants to help Democrats so they relentlessly support it, and then you have powerful individuals like Soros who wants to sow discord and eliminate borders. So I wish Trump would do more on immigration but he's done better than anyone since Eisenhower.

On foreign policy, he's been a little disappointing. Wish we'd just pull out of the Middle East, including being so involved with Israel. I get the vibe from the media they're trying to push war with Syria again. Hopefully President Trump is smart enough to stay out. I'm glad he's fighting the warmongering media about starting a cold war with Russia. Also John Bolton and Nikki Haley... Gross.

On the economy, meh. Tax bill wasn't great. Didn't eliminate carried interest loophole and address a bunch of special carve outs like Trump campaigned on. Special interests got their claws in that bill.

The two SCOTUS picks have been great choices. All in all I believe his heart is in the right place and he's done better than most would do, but sometimes the swamp gets the best of him.


Jan 27, 2018
I like him - he got my vote. I was always a Democrat...but Democrats of yesteryear are not the Democrats of today... I guess I've become more conservative with age too - but with age comes perspective, and you can see change that younger people can't. I saw the way America was going, and it wasn't good and it was getting a lot worse. Of course, the same can be said for a lot of the world, but I know this - Obama caused massive division in this country - massive division. Also, for being a "liberal," he was one hell of a war-monger.

Trump has been good for the U.S. - economy is improving, stock market booming, jobs on the rise...what's not to like? So he makes ridiculous tweets - so what? How many Presidents have we had that towed the line, were good orators and the like but in the same breath would turn around and pull scummy, back-room deals? Trump says it like it is.

I say, judge a man by his actions, not his words.


Apr 11, 2017
When he first ran for office, I was not a fan. Then I did a little research on him and was pleasantly surprised. Dude has been an over-achiever since he was eleven years old! He hired women and minorities for top executive positions before it became The Thing To Do, just because he thought they would do the best job. A lot of the people who have worked for him--from those top executives all the way down to the gardeners at his resorts, have stories about how he went out of his way to help them. And people talk trash about his business failures, but any self-made millionaire will tell you that you have to fail ten times before achieving success.

I was a huge Ben Carson fan, but f course, he has too much integrity for anyone to actually vote for him. All of what I learned about Trump made him slightly more palatable, but really, I too voted for him just so I wouldn't have to vote for the Hag. I was SHOCKED when he won, like my mouth dropped to the floor and I had to pinch myself.

I like that the first thing he did was whoop the Congress into giving everybody a cut in their income tax. And when he announced they were going to get serious on fighting human trafficking, my heart soared. Same with the opioid epidemic, pedoporn, VA abuses and yes, illegal immigration.

Now that the numbers have come in on unemployment and economic growth, I have a new sense of hope again, that the country won't tank and my kid won't have to endure something out of a post-apocolyptic movie when he grows up.

I love the women he has around him. I love Melania--she is raising her own kid, herself(!), and she visits children's hospitals when she goes overseas, instead of shopping and luncheons with the ultra-rich, unlike some other fat-ass, entitled First Ladies I could mention. Nikki Haley is a straight-up Bad-Ass, as is Sarah Sanders. They are as tough as any man, and still comport themselves as ladies. And I cannot wait for Ivanka to be our First Woman President. She is learning the job as we speak.

Despite the lefties throwing everything they can in his way, I think he's gotten a lot done. All that crap they gave him about getting along w/Putin and Xi, I think it's better he has a positive relationship with them than an antagonistic or conciliatory one. North Korea will be a feather in his cap, if it works out.

I would like to see him stop nominating industry insiders into regulatory agencies, esp. the FDA. And I am waiting to see if he goes all the way and starts bringing manufacturing back to the US. Those trade deficits aren't going to fix themselves. He needs to give the SEC their teeth back, and the man-power and funding to monitor and enforce the regulations. Otherwise, we'll end up enduring more Wall Street malfeasance.

I don't really care about what he says on Twitter, I don't care if he made lewd remarks 20+ years ago, I don't care if he offends people by telling the truth as he sees it. If he keeps on doing what he's doing, I will be voting for him in 2020.

I wonder if after the next election, he will turn his attention to Hillary and all the treasonous sh*t she perpetrated while she was Secretary of State. I think he may be biding his time, cleaning out the alphabet agencies and putting people in them who will actually do the jobs we pay them to do. He will use all of these DOJ and FBI machinations against him to his advantage. The democrats are playing checkers and he's playing chess.


Jun 28, 2017
I am a supporter.

Like all men of this realm, he is flawed.

But I think he is a good person.
Good people don't have sex with prostitutes while their wives are pregnant.
Good people don't enact policies to force the separation of young children form their families.
Good people do not lie flagrantly and frequently.

If you are rich I understand why you like Trump, he has given you a great tax cut, but in no way is he a good man.

May 14, 2017
Donald Trump is a billionaire, who used his power to push people out of their property by eminent domain. He cheated on every wife he had. He's slept with porn stars. He uses the most authoritarian speech of any president in recent memory, which is saying something. He's president of the United States of America, making him one of the crown princes of globalism. He has no filter.

So now, I don't support Donald Trump. Mind you, I wouldn't have supported anyone else if they got elected... I might hope they do more good than bad while they serve their term but that doesn't mean I'm going to be rooting for them. I'm just hoping they don't make things worse. But I don't like Donald Trump. I don't think he's a very good person and definitely don't think he's a wrench in the establishment... He's a lot less "PC", but political correctness is a distraction anyway.


Mar 13, 2017
I hate to break up the media bashing party but...Those fools in the media *LOVE* all things Trump. They just aren't going to come out and say that. And it has nothing to do with right vs left. It's all about maintaining the status quo.

Or another way to put it would be "fake it till you make it". That's the whole media in a nutshell. They are helping the Trump agenda any way you slice it. Of course, I don't expect the typical yuppie to understand that.

I think that Americans, in general, are too expecting. Like we are too accustomed to fawning as the only way to show support. That's one reason why I reject the people who fawn over me. Because it's not a real way to show support. In such cases, a person is reduced to being like a lap dog.

Lap dogs are fine. But they don't really do anything. And a person doesn't have to earn the love of a lap dog. They will basically sit on any lap that is comfortable.