13 siblings found tied and starved- Dad gets his own school. MK?


Mar 16, 2017
I wouldnt write them off as not sadist because they didnt hurt their dogs... that really means little in the grand scheme of things. Some horrible despicable people are capable of caring for or even loving animals. Just because the first warning sign of a psychopath is uaully cruelty to animals doesnt mean u cant be a psycho or a sadist without that.

My guess is they had so many kids because having powerless little humans to exercise power and control over was intoxicating to them. Some really sick fcks do have children just to have someone to abuse.


Mar 13, 2017
My guess is they had so many kids because having powerless little humans to exercise power and control over was intoxicating to them. Some really sick fcks do have children just to have someone to abuse.
Yes this behavior is common among prison guards. The sadistic part I mean. A lot of people put in that role end up enjoying the suffering of others. So i don't doubt these parents enjoyed placing the pie in view of their starving kids. I don't question their sadism, I question their motivations.

It still doesn't make sense to be that sadistic for the sake of it, and leave all the evidence laying around. Apparently everything is written in journals. Like they didn't try to hide anything, but had no explanation for any of it.


Aug 29, 2017
Someone shared this on facebook, I thought it sounded pretty spot on....though long.....

I have been trying to figure out a way to approach the subject with great care. Because kids matter. Everyones kids. And freedom. And safety.

2 weeks ago I read a report that in California since the passing of SB277....that there was an immediate 2.3 to 2.7% drop in registered public school kids in Los Angeles area schools that has occurred. That is like 15,000 kids left. This should have been a great accomplishment in classroom teacher to student ratio sizes and increase on education tests scores with more time and less kids. Unfortunetly...the % that left were some of the smarter kids with stable two parent homes.

The sudden vaccum because of their leaving caused a HUGE loss in federal funding...and has also meant a huge test score gap...accourding to the article I read.

Why they are leaving? Accourding to the press...
The kids were LOST due to move outs (people fleeing California)...or parents pulling to Homeschool...or the rising use of online charter schools...and private schools.
Why? So fast in California?
SB 277 mandated all kids...even kids with health concerns ...needed all shots... including annual flu shots and even the HPV vaccine to all kids if they attend public school.

(Update: I have had several Californians let me know HPV is not required YET. Just still strongly recommended. But parents are fighting to keep it off the required schedule, which is where it is headed.)

Even pro vaxxers were uneasy...with losing final say and control.
Even If your kid had 38 vaccines but you wanted to say no to one shot... it was not an option in California.
Zero excemptions.
(Update: Californians also want me to explain they technically have medical excemption but doctors are afraid to give them because they get investigated by the state and risk their medical license. So medical excemptions if obtained would be so rare, and the state can override and penalize the physician and they can also be revoked.)

Educated parents recoiled. In fact they said the more educated the parents were, the more likely they were to not be okay with this. The parents wanted medical freedom and informed consent rights and educated parents usually have educated kids.
So the kids were switched out of public schools. Leaving a gap. And financial consequence.
The trickle down is bad...from the whole thing.

I remembered thinking...
when I put down the article...wow...I guess
Senator Pan (who championed SB277)
... is NOW going to need a PUBLIC crisis to have a reason to come down on all these good families...
Because of this public school attendance and funding crisis.
I thought...soon ...
He is going to have start insisting on homeschool oversite and immunizations at homeschools and private schools too.

Just Two weeks later... front page national news... of Senator PAN doing and saying just that... on EVERY major news station across the whole country...not just California.

He is all over the place with those exact talking points.

Like HOW predictable was that?
Dang. Someone PAY me.... I could be a SPIN doctor for the Political parties. I was ON THE MONEY.

Senator Pan is now being quoted about how Abuse in Families can happen in homeschools... educational abuse...medical abuse...physical abuse.

(Senator Pan wants to end Abuse!...and where does he chose to start... ABUSE in homeschools of course!)

Everyone is speaking now this week on needing oversite in all homeschools...
Parental oversite and medical oversite...
Government oversite...
EVERY MEDIA station us repeating this...in every state.
I saw it playing in London this morning.

I should have bought a lottery ticket.

My initial response was annoyed and went something like this in my head:
"HEY PAN why don't you investigate abuse in the state foster system...if you are so worried about kids. Wards of the state have a much higher %chance of being highly over medicated, on mental health drugs, physical and sexual abuse is rampant in the system, and those kids commit suicide and are dying younger."

But I regress... that is not the whole story.

PAN needed a crisis to create a media platform to start the public becoming unhinged to present these NEW radical oversite ideas.... and for the public to agree with them...and spread this demand of oversite of families...like wildfire.

They needed a CRISES that would make us all want to scream for a state savior...
a redeeming government plan...
to swoop in and fix all these poor abandoned ignored abused children (As if every kid that gets an education outside of the public school arena is unloved! And every kid in the public schools is safe and sound and perfectly protected....awww...government oversite heaven!)

Drum Roll:
Crisis occurs!

A family appears in California with 13 abused children became the pulpit to preach from.

The fact they they are a big...makes them already demonized by the people who think population control is the answer.
Every family bigger than 2.3 kids eventually is demonized by political powerful people.

Mormons, Catholics, Christian, and Muslim families all duck when those population police start swinging.
(Of course the fact that statistics say people are marrying later, having fewer children in general and sometimes more are dying annually than being born in many countries, does not matter in that fight.)

If you have 13 kids.
You are the devil.
Then if you homeschool a bunch of kids...
you are the devil on crack.
Instead of focusing on one families choices...that might be bad...

All large families and all homeschoolers are now bad.
The media makes issue with all parents who homeschool and charter school and private school...all are now also automatic suspect villians and criminals and possibly evil.

And the skinny awkward kids in one family are now the NATIONAL poster for why government oversite and medical care...of all parents and kids...is NEEDED NOW.

Even if this whole family is horrible...and abused...
which I pray is not true!
And that would be horrific...
Because Nobody wants to see abused kids and why I do not want to minimize their needs, if they have them...of course save these kids...
But if it is true...
The fact that their choices are being used as a reason to try and reduce everyones freedom...
And choices on types of education,
Or medical care, is ridiculous.

Mister Pan and this agenda and his friends (which includes many powerful media and pharmacutical corperation) are all
Bloody tyrants with a POLITICAL POWER GRAB motive: and I am watching while
They manipulate the people.

I hope NO kids are ever beaten in any home...
That go to any type of school. Period.

And I also hope this family is okay...
and these kids are loved...and if there is a problem they get help and fix it.

BUT as a media story it is so HYPED nationally... even running in Europe... screaming for homeschool oversite there...

and PAN is leading the rally cry.... so I suspect it.

I find Pan's motivation suspect.
I find the timing suspect.
And I am seeing some suspicious items even in the reporting.

I am not a reporter...
But I am seeing holes already in their politically motivated claims...if there is something wrong in that family...fix it. But the media should question some of what is being said.

Why I am suspect?
We don't usually throw 13 children into an INTERNATIONAL spotlight. With their dang pics everywhere... Especially if they are scared or harmed kids.
So that right there is ILLEGAL...and unlike the family courts.

And if it is true...and these kids need help...why are we throwing those kids name into a ring...even before any trial... to start a political machine to get home visit oversite into every home and vaccines into every person? That is a huge jump from one familes crimes to a world full of families freedom.

Even the abuse claims are off a bit.
Media Claims:
Top 4 things
That made me think something is FISHY: (besides the speed of the international news story with an agenda)

1. "They have been locked up for 19 years."
Okay...um... I hope nobody was locked up for 1 minute.
But they have family pics at Disney, Universal studios and Las Vegas with grandparents ....over the past 3 years. So... which is it? Why are reporters not investigating that? There are family pics of them out in public. And the kids did go to public school a few years ago too... So which is it?

So... that seems perhaps...we should look into that.

2. "The kids have NEVER been to doctors."
a. The oldest son is wearing glasses!
So that makes me think. They clearly have intervention when they need it for specific medical needs...or at least he has.
b. I heard a couple of the kids had registered disabilites... so again..who registered their handicap?...that takes a doctor note. Suspect again.

3. "They have never been educated to read or write."
a. Then they said documents of the abuse was in the childrens daily journals they wrote in for school. (Um...so which is it? They are illiterate or they keep daily journals?)

4. There house is messy and run down.
Well that I can believe. Have you seen what a dorm with only 4 college students in it looks like? Go walk around the dorms at every state run college. Maybe we should shut those places down. Their house had 15 people and 2 dogs. I bet it looked like hell.

Either way...this story stinks!
And GOD BLESS the kids either way...
Either the government is using a truly BROKEN abused set of kids that need help and protecting... from international jackals...
and they are being thrown down as media pawns for their agenda.
Which is SICK!

Or they are using a normal large family that is messy and awkward....
and exaggerating or flat out lying about them to destroy their lives...(dispersing them and seperating the siblings into seperate foster homes...which makes it 10 times worse for these kids) to possibly manipulate the public to pass an agenda.

Either way.... This is not good!
These kids need prayers.

And this still has zero to do with destroying other peoples rights.

This agenda to lose medical and education freedoms for all parents... that seed is being planted with evil intent.
Stopping abuse is nobel!

Making everyone suspects of abusing kids is not.
This story is making impact.

I want people to remember...
homeschool is expanding more and more every year.
Common Core...has meant more parents are chosing online charters, homeschool, tech schools, or private schools.
Hundreds of thousands have made this choice.
And just because someone does not chose public school does NOT mean they are beating their babies.

In my small town of thousands of homes in a waterfront community...all very affluent...middle class to upper middle class: Currently
700 of those homes in this small town alone homeschool.
Jenny Phillips who wrote some of the best Language Arts homeschool curriculum in the World (the Good and the Beautiful) and it is shipped internationally, also lives here.
Just one town. 700 homeschools. (By the way...thank you common core...you expanded the homeschool community faster than any other thing could have done.) In just one small town in America...
700 homes have families that enjoy reading, teaching, learning, and just being with their brilliant kids (many of those kids start college or vocational school at 16).

Those 700 homes...in just my area...
are aware of the "anti-homeschool language" the media is allowing in this story.
ALL are VERY scared right now of this kind of garbage and aggressive language that is going around victimizing homeschool families, demonizing their parents. People screaming for interregation tactics of those families and out right sounding discriminatory remarks trying to make "those people" suspect of the one thing they would never do: Harm their kids.

America is filled with towns like my town.
And THESE moms who are all about protecting their kids and giving them the best opportunities money and education can buy...are HIGHLY pissed off today that Senator Pan ...and all his cronies, and the entire pharmacutical companies that back him, are taking AIM at their rights.
They are afraid to speak up...
because they do no want to look like they support child abuse or child abusers...

The political machine better stop using this families personal choices and private crisis to POINT its fingers at thousands of other parents in the PUBLIC square that are having a homeschool Trial by Media.

Mama Bears are NOT going to take the accusitory language lightly.

(Please excuse my fat thumb typos on a small cell phone keyboard. This is too important to not say something, even if it is unpolished. Something about people screaming and demanding for the equivilant of every family being suspect and needing storm trooper level government monitoring is truly too wicked to be silent or afraid to speak out. Americans need to rise up against that level of insane mob mentality.)

Glad 2 know

Nov 30, 2017
Makes me think if someone "planted" these mentally ill parents to have an excuse to eradicate homeschooling or give government more control of a home schooled household? Remember that very intelligent evil people with evil plans were born before our generation and they get the snowball rolling so they can have an excuse to take down what is good for our kids? Remember that home school creates more educated, polite, family oriented children that become more well-adjusted adults are there's nothing worse than good people for our society (sarcasm).