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  1. SkepticCat

    The Psychological Legacy of 9/11

    We would be in Heaven on Earth. If people are made to understand the problems we collectively face are ultimately due to wicked men having put everyone under what is essentially mind control/social engineering to subconsciously and de facto live as Satanists, and therefore, when faced with and...
  2. SkepticCat

    Men are socialized to be rapists

    Men are also objectifying themselves in this. Real human men know better than to throw themselves over the physically weaker sex. r*pe is predatory, animalistic behavior. r*pe should be shamed and shunned. Again, men should be made to respect themselves by showing they're in control of their...
  3. SkepticCat

    Deception and Reality - epistemology

    Thanks for the reply and apologies for the delayed response. Your post is appreciated - though frightening (see explanation below). I have studied philosophy though not nearly as deeply as I should have liked. In these my various academic endeavors I have always ended up with the...
  4. SkepticCat

    some people die for it

    If by this phrase you mean what I suppose you do: inflicting harm on self doesn't resolve any problems and doesn't help in any way. In Isaac's case - if he in fact did end his own life and wasn't 'helped' - then one consequence of his decision is the world now doesn't have access to whatever...
  5. SkepticCat

    Deception and Reality - epistemology

    Thanks for the replies, you guys/gals. The whole point of the NWO is deception. So, to really be able to combat and expose it, we need to develop expertise in discernment (or not, I suppose is an equally valid option - just resigning to the inevitable, but I myself am an inquisitive nature so I...
  6. SkepticCat

    Who exactly are the people doing all this?

    '“And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?”' - Rev. 13:4 In short: Their goal appears to be total domination of life on earth, turning the true Creator's laws on their...
  7. SkepticCat

    Deception and Reality - epistemology

    100 views, no replies. Does anyone want to speak out as to why they choose not to post anything after reading the post? The issue appears perhaps more pertinent these days than was it ever.
  8. SkepticCat

    Deception and Reality - epistemology

    Having understood just how flawed human cognizance is and how badly we can be deceived - as the Luciferians have unfortunately done a very good job of showing us - the issue of epistemology reveals itself as a key field of study. 'Knowledge' is precisely what Luciferians pride themselves of...
  9. SkepticCat

    Christians are now called Easter Worshippers

    I think it's inappropriate to get worked up over semantics when so many people were just killed. However, given the over-the-top-obvious agenda'ed structuring over these putrid 'condolences' from political 'VIPs' that could only have been cooked up in some horrific Mockingbird lair somewhere...
  10. SkepticCat

    The British Royals

    That will be all.
  11. SkepticCat

    Merkel: Trump has almost destroyed the New World Order

    “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” - James Paul Warburg "Globalism will pay my dental bills - perceive my dire need. Also, Orange Man bad." - Angela Merkel "I agree with Merkel...
  12. SkepticCat

    This Is Why You're Sick:

    You can sign me up, Devin, but you'll have to get a paint job first. I'm here for white rabbits only (was told to follow those). ... eh? It's your new look - hope you like it. :) - Oh boy is it ever wake up time... On topic, I've had great health success with Zeolite...
  13. SkepticCat

    Which Elite group does President Trump belong to?

    Trump is from the Transformer faction (good) and does battle with the Decepticons (evil). See for yourself, vidya proof: ... on a more serious note, see this: ... and the following, a clue to Trump's [former?] affiliation with Scottish Rite Freemasonry:
  14. SkepticCat

    What exactly are the aims of the illuminati?

    The Illuminati have many goals including (but not limited to) world domination, tetris, creating weird toys to frighten children (see: evilstick), bad movies and even worse music videos, chemtrailing earth to oblivion, mind control, putting human flesh in hamburgers and laughing about it as well...
  15. SkepticCat


    Less ad hominem more epic. I hope Trump is not just another deep state deceiver. I don't like his style and his past is dubious, to say the least, but if he's genuine about what he has set out to do, carrying on the legacy of one great man and in turn on behalf of the American people (and...
  16. SkepticCat

    Global Warming Hysteria

    ... it's for your protection.
  17. SkepticCat


    Imagine taking this kind of wealth, resources, manpower, time, effort, attention and instead investing all of it into something productive rather than spending all of it parading around, bullying, stealing, murdering each other over and over and OVER again... and, for what? Because your leader...
  18. SkepticCat


    The man is an absolute disaster. The only good thing about Trump, as I see it, is at least he speaks about the 'deep state' and 'draining the swamp', which is exactly what the US needs to do. However, he successfully plays the fraud role of being the man who will do it on behalf of the...