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    I believe someone who already has or had an account on these forums is posting gross, pornographic content from accounts with vulgar usernames.

    Yes, I had to finally block this individual so I couldn't see their posts. I don't block anyone in general but I mainly like to see what all of yall, of all different perspectives and backgrounds, post. The Alan Carr stuff, annoying for sure, I could easily scroll past. The porn stuff is...
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    Science, Technology, Humanity ( "4th Industrial Revolution," Computer/Digital Technology, AI, VR, AR, Robotics, Biotechnology, Transhumanism, Economy)

    That sora ai thing is terrifying. That cat running through the grass was unreal. There's no way bad things WONT happen with that bullshit. This is not natural
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    Just News

    Thank you, Daze! JUST came across this on infowars, for all its faults, that site gets some things right occasionally. absolutely terrifying stuff here.
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    What game are you currently playing

    I have always heard great things about the xenoblade series. one day I will get to them! thanks for the recommendation
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    what were times before social media like?

    frig yeah, it's weirdly been fun reminiscing about early memories in my head since finding this thread and posting that and it's only been half an hour or so lol
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    What game are you currently playing

    I've had it since it first released digitally in April, but FINAL FANTASY PIXEL REMASTER for the switch. it collects the first six FFs. Beat the first four, currently on V. I like games, specifically Nintendo, but I'm a slow gamer lol and what's even more funny is I rarely get legit new games...
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    what were times before social media like?

    I was definitely a kid in the 90s so I only have that perspective but seeing what goes on at schools these days with a kid absolutely beating a teacher senseless because the teacher took the kid's Nintendo switch away during class...yeah, that just didn't happen. granted, would have been just a...
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    Whatever happened to ...?

    I've always been tubby since posting here. funny, that statement works on more than one level! lol
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    Whatever happened to ...?

    possibly many primarily lurk still, at least. I'll throw out likes every now and then but I hardly post, not that I posted much to begin with lol. I think I've had this account over 5 years now, forum reader for much longer than that, yet im still a rookie haha. I always say I'm going to post...
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    Covid-19 Vaccines Deaths & Side Effects

    it's looking like bray Wyatt had a heart attack
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    Soros empire to continue

    George Soros passing the keys off to his 37 year old son. Claims to be more political than his father. Things will get worse, I'm afraid.
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    Ancient Egyptians are Black

    I'm ethnically scotch-irish. no "oppressing", ancestral slave ownership, or white guilt here. nice try though!
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    Ancient Egyptians are Black

    Boy, Black Panther sure did a number on some folks, quite a bit, actually. That racist oceanic submitted painting with typed words on it as evidence LOL. Are you serious, Clark?
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    so maybe the racist black Christian woman and the militant black Hebrew man can help me understand something that has yet to be pointed out. if black history was so advanced, and white history was just jealous cave dwellers, then how did these supposedly inferior white boys overthrow these...
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    SUPERNATURAL predictive programming?

    running through this very long show in its entirety since it finally ended and season 4 and 5 have been pretty unnerving with what very well may be predictive programming. one episode Dean goes to the future 5 years ahead and the croatoan virus has wiped out majority of humanity. a joke is made...
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    The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Thread

    well nice to see nothings changed here. came looking for info on the maxwell trial and went through 13 pages with very little information because the same tired a s s clowns continue to derail threads. main reason I stopped posting here. it's embarrassing what this forum and community has...
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    The da vinci code

    Is this book/movie based on any real world knowledge and clues or was it all made up by Dan brown?
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    Georgia guidestones

    What are yalls thoughts? Definitely eerie at the very least. I've heard of them a long time ago, never dug into the "anonymous" aspect of it all. I guess Alex Jones thinks its ted turner in league with the nwo which, not to make light of it, makes his wrasslin promotion and their nwo look fishy...
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    2020 General Election Thread

    Thank you justjess. I won't forget it!
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    Tenshinhan from Dragonball

    I know there's quite a bit of fan speculation about why Tien was so important early on but fell off the map. Seen plenty of youtube videos about it. However, I have a theory I've not come across. I think Tien was always supposed to be a play on the Chinese martial artist who dedicates his life...