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    Why is no one talking about Ryan Garcia?

    He's dead, so I'm betting his next bout won't go well
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    Why is no one talking about Ryan Garcia?

    The info I'm sharing??? What, that yet AGAIN, another person in the public eye came out & said if he were to die he was murdered because of the kinda things we all post about here? He told the truth and the world that the cabal we all share things about here IS TRUE... it makes me sick that...
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    Why is no one talking about Ryan Garcia?

    Is that not what this place is for? To discuss these kinds of things .... lord knows, you yourself have educated these forums about Palenstine, Epstein, and corruption ad nauseum .... So what, a new post about a subject matter that this place is 100% about ... please take your "do you ppl need a...
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    Why is no one talking about Ryan Garcia?

    Well, he's dead regardless... mentioned Bohemian Grove & the pedo rings, tweeted if he dies he was murdered etc... pretty much all I cld find. Not much info and alot feels "faked"
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    Why is no one talking about Ryan Garcia?

    I wasn't sure where to post this, either Entertainment or here, feel free to move it.... but I come here maybe once a week to see if there is anything new going on, & was honestly shocked when I came this time to just only get further info on Ryan Garcia... I don't know much about him, and am...
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    What other sites are there besides this?

    I've been reading VC since 2010 and for like the past year I've gotten little to nothing from here ... I mean Alex Jones is reporting more "woke" stuff than this place anymore and once upon a time, this used to be the one stop place to get all of it ... I'm not giving up on VC, but it's changed...
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    Disease X

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    What do y'all think of the pedo "jokes" at all these award shows?

    At the Golden Globes, that comedian (I think James Gaffigan?) made pedo jokes & got actual laughs from the audience. And that reminded me of when Ricky Gervais made all those pedo "jokes" (I believe it was at the Oscar's, and EVERYONE went all apesh*t calling him brave ect.) and if I remember...
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    Back to the Mandela Effect, weird evidence

    This 100% I agree with, it's deff something going on with the things they're doing... I remember like almost a decade or more ago reading an article about that CERN thing in Switzerland and Hawkings saying stuff bout. He said sumin like he's against the things they're using it for, that they're...
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    Does anyone else think Madonna wears a hyper realistic face mask of herself when she goes out?

    Omg! I had the same image in my mind lil, except it was like the lizard ppl from that '80s tc show V.... a true lizard person under that face I bet! I used 2 love her, then like her, and now it's like omg give it up! But joking aside, I now believe she is truly an agent of some sorta evil
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    What happened to Madonna ?

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    Does anyone else think Madonna wears a hyper realistic face mask of herself when she goes out?

    OMG!!! I see it, I see what u mean... I never would have thought that, ever, unless it was pointed out to me cus it looks "almost" realistic (like she may have recently had a procedure, & it hasn't settled yet type of deal) but now that you said this, I see it. And she would be the one to do it...
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    Regarding the old viligant citizen youtube channel

    I've have thought for years VC isn't the same VC, someone else took over. I've been coming here since 2009 and I've seen this site change 3 times.... who knows if it's sold and taken over or what, but it's still doing what it's here to do.... get the word out and wake up as many ppl.... but 4...
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    The return of Lindsay Lohan

    I thought it was a little weird myself... she was one of the first celebs to actually back Weinstein and put out a video stating that he could never have done those things, he's the nicest person she had ever worked with blah blah blah... and then not even a few hours after, she pulled it down...
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    Ideologies, Philosophies, Rhetoric, Thoughts, and Academia: Shaping Societies & Civilizations

    Omg, why is every post in this forum, under every topic ALWAYS a video to watch without it having not even 1 simple explanation as to what it is... I usually come here the time of day when I'm winding down & getting ready to sleep.... and watching a video ALWAYS puts me to sleep WAY b4 reading...
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    Stephen King Satan Orange Man

    I actually just re-read a few of his books recently and NEVER remembered alot of the weird sexually explicit (for lack of a better word) shit that happened in nearly all of his writing before he become sober and found recovery. I mean the books that come to mind - Carrie (not only very sexual...
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    Agoraphobia and Homophobia Just Common Sense?

    I think "normal" is fearing what is unfamiliar/unknown, so to me education has ALWAYS been key for to alleviate those unwanted concerns. But I totally get what ur talking about. I was recently incarcerated for a little while because of a DUI & the timing of it was horrible, during covid and...
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    Pinkton Farm

    Thanks so much, I'm shocked ive never heard of or remember hearing of it b4. Yes I know the highway/trail of tears, not surprised my education system left soooo much out of that kind of history, the farm is something that deff should be taught & remembered. As 4 the children disappearing. I...
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    Pinkton Farm

    Omg, I've never heard about any of this!?! I skimmed over most of pretty quickly (will go back 2 fully read) but this ALL happened in Canada??? On a pig farm? To Native woman? What did I see about children observed escaping? I was already sickened to the stomach & cldnt finish.... anyone...