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  1. MP3D

    Seems the school shootings are back on.

    / the video im referring to is a 5 second clip of the shooter entering the building. are you saying there was no shooter/shooting? 100% staged? pick a conspiracy, there are many to choose from. the VA reporter one is strange, her "BF" was busted with a few DUI afterwards and was caught...
  2. MP3D

    Seems the school shootings are back on.

    could be crisis actors, however could just be stressed out parents with broken English.
  3. MP3D

    Seems the school shootings are back on.

    the fuck is this?
  4. MP3D

    Seems the school shootings are back on.

    thank you. good to see some critical thinking still going on here.
  5. MP3D

    Seems the school shootings are back on.

    there is video of the shooter entering the school. i KNEW lots of peeps on here would jump to "fake shooting" before any facts were released. now whose the victim of mind control?
  6. MP3D

    Billie Eilish

    very insightful.
  7. MP3D

    Adrenochrome References//Anti-Aging Youth Blood

    that is the least helpful response.
  8. MP3D


    where is that promise? i would like to know more about that.
  9. MP3D

    The Elon Musk thread

  10. MP3D

    Will Smith "strikes" Chris Rock at Oscars

    who gives a crap?
  11. MP3D

    Yep, me again

    nothing, just people fighting over whos religion is better and whos GOD is whiter. same as it ever was
  12. MP3D

    Yep, me again

    who is "they"? people should stop saying "they" and accuse the people/org/etc.. by name. stop blaming some bogyman, it discredits any argument you have.
  13. MP3D

    DISNEY's new movie about cannibalism

    the agenda progresses....
  14. MP3D

    Is the Pope a satanic person?

    Hidden Hand?
  15. MP3D

    Do You think the moon landing happened?

    your "much evidence" was that one link?
  16. MP3D

    There Will Be A Zombie Apocalypse

    division, smh :(
  17. MP3D

    2 years without fluoride toothpaste

    fluoride does not get absorbed topically. its great that you stopped using flouride toothpaste, but almost all of the food/drink you eat/drink has been in contact with flouridated water at some point, so i think the clarity you feel is placebo.
  18. MP3D

    Man Receives a Heart From a Gene-Edited Pig

    someone who wants to keep living. i have mixed feelings about this, but look at it from a parents point of view as if your child was dying.They would most likely to anything to save them.
  19. MP3D

    demon shows face in Madonna performance

    come on. this is just silly.