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    Why Feminism isn't needed anymore (except in 3rd world countries)

    Also, it is disturbing to see how much increased the number of women who "bought" the image that men are the real "monsters". Divide and conquer. There are so many things to be said about how these movements are hypocritical and how are harmful to society... I mean, in Sweden women are...
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    Why Feminism isn't needed anymore (except in 3rd world countries)

    Although feminism has had few relevant points in the past, today it is a notable hypocrisy. Feminism are not promoting equality, and probably the purpose was never this. It's interesting to see many people who are 'in' of conspiracy theories and are in favor of these movements.
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    Is Jesus the "BEGOTTEN" Son of God?

    -"Mary, do you accept to generate the God's Son?" -"Mary said: Yes!" ;)
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    Is Jesus the "BEGOTTEN" Son of God?

    God didn't have intercourse. LOL He first asked for the Mary's consent, so that Jesus could come to earth in flesh (incarnated).
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    BEWARE of satan's lies

    Supposedly yes, which comes since from the age of the Sumerians and ancient egypt. And I said "evidence".
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    Jim Carrey: 'The Illuminati is Brainwashing Children into Worshipping Satan'

    Neon Nettle it's a site with a plenty of gossip and fake news as Yournewswire, Natrual News etc.
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    BEWARE of satan's lies

    I guess the satan's biggest lie was the "evidences" that human race has been "created" by extraterrestrials beings, not by God.
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    Is Jesus the "BEGOTTEN" Son of God?

    "begotten" son because Jesus came to earth in flesh
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    Russell Simmons

    I think anal sex its used for a some kind of ritual, which would be a very old practice... besides, it's considered a perversion, that's why this artists must do it.
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    I dont know what to believe anymore

    unfortunately, the whole world and the mankind was created into luciferianism. Jesus knew it and that's why he hated the "church", the corrupt roman government and etc. He preached the truth and he is the only truth, all this ancients philosophers and thinkers had occult knowledge.
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    Q Clearance Information Drops

    I have not followed this news, what is going on?
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    U.s. Emp Drill Planned For Nov. 4-6

    and if something happen... ? it's too "quiet" this days...
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    The Economist 2017 Star Tarot Card

    what? where?
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    Taylor Swift's New Video: "naked"... "reborn As A Robot"

    For me the message it's only one: luciferian transhumanism
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    California Fire- Haarp I dont know if is true, but...
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    Pc Culture Is Fascism

    Yes, I don't think is real life but many people think it is. Say I disagree is almost a war statement, at least is what I see...
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    Pc Culture Is Fascism

    The whole world changed after 9/11. It's all a part of a big plan... And the free speach doesn't exist anymore, all you have to say is "I disagree" and watch the "magic" happen. I know because I see this everyday on FB.
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    Collective Conciousness, Ai And God

    I think its funny when they talk about to destroying the ego. Its came from oculists too, I have a light impression that "destroying the ego" actually it does the opposite, it feed the ego.
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    Collective Conciousness, Ai And God

    There's a lot of stuffs to say about it, but basically all of them say will come the New Age, which will be no more exist any religion, no atheist, no catholic etc. All the people will share an only collective consciousness and achieve the "enlightenment". The interesting here, it's all this...