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  1. markymark91

    People freaking out on airplanes

    Same person imo
  2. markymark91

    Mysteries, Controversies, Documentaries...

    Isn’t the S a logo once used by Suzuki I remember people in school drawing it in there books back 20 years ago or so, Dam im getting old
  3. markymark91

    People freaking out on airplanes

    Just watched the new video she put She’s had hair extensions put in and possibly a nose job
  4. markymark91

    Barbie movie hype

    Watched this today had many jokes very unsuitable for young children, this film needs VC to do an article on it
  5. markymark91

    Recent absence in VC forums.

    I do think Reddit and X/Twitter have killed off many of the old school forums
  6. markymark91

    TikTok 'time traveller' claims aliens will invade Earth on Thursday

    There’s so many of these supposed TikTok time travellers I have no idea why they get so much attention
  7. markymark91

    Shazzam starring Sinbad

    He was all over the nickelodeon channel back in the 90s I’m not sure he did much over this side of the pond
  8. markymark91

    Shazzam starring Sinbad

    Does anyone here remember it? I personally don’t but remember Sinbad being in all sort of children’s programs and films back in the mid to late 90s (I’m from the UK so not sure if this memory is only remembered by Americans)
  9. markymark91

    River Phoenix was murdered because he was about to blow the lid

    Great thread very informative. I have watched My own private Idaho various times and always found it very unsettling also quite bizarre not that I didn’t enjoy the characters journey
  10. markymark91

    Regarding the old viligant citizen youtube channel

    VC did use to post on here at one point and made a questions and answers thread.
  11. markymark91

    What really happend to Anna nicole smith?

    There’s a thread about her in the entertainment section on here also the series autopsy did an episode about her death which is worth a watch
  12. markymark91

    Stephen King Satan Orange Man

    I read IT a few years ago always thought the sexual part with the boys and Bev was very strange and unnecessary, maybe King just wanted us to feel uncomfortable while reading it
  13. markymark91


    great article VC also wrote an article about the Disney version
  14. markymark91

    Vigilant Citizen You Tube Channel?

    Since YouTube started censoring Sandy hook videos they have slowly taken more and more conspiracy videos down
  15. markymark91

    Amber Heard recounts horrific abuse at hands of ‘Monster’ Johnny Depp

    He needs to kick the sniff and the drink. Amber sounds totally crazy but all these substances can’t be doing his head any good
  16. markymark91

    Conspiracy theories podcasts

    Just ones about different topics that go in depth rather then people just getting information off of Google
  17. markymark91

    Conspiracy theories podcasts

    Is there any that you beautiful people could recommend?
  18. markymark91

    Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon occult and p***philia

    Anime/manga always has old pervert characters like Roshi in the dragonball series
  19. markymark91

    Will Smith "strikes" Chris Rock at Oscars

    I wouldn’t be shocked if this was staged to try and get the ratings up. Public interest has been very low in the Oscar’s for many years.
  20. markymark91

    Are People On Here Genuinely Scared Of Watching Certain Movies?

    I wont go near the human centipede sequals there just stupid and daft for the sake of it.