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  1. Sunshine

    Rejection of Darwinian Evolution goes mainsteam

    I wouldn't go that far. Those guys are well-known tools of the machine. It's more likely that they are discussing such matters on their platforms in order to decrease the public's willingness to accept alternative theories to Darwin. Those particular three seem to be competing to see which...
  2. Sunshine

    Orange Man Peddling Maga Bibles $59.95 Each

    I hate to break it to you guys, but when I worked at Barnes & Noble, I found out that the Bible is the best selling book of all time. It never goes out of style. It's also the most frequently stolen book in the whole store. Clearly, there is still, despite the machinations of the media...
  3. Sunshine

    Eye on Israel...(...and the Spiritual Battle behind the war...)

    Really? Then why are the IDF forces taking the time to evacuate the resident families, door by door and house by house? Why take the time, money, resources and manpower to set up and supply refugee camps and bring Gazans to safety? If they'd wanted to "burn the house down with everyone inside"...
  4. Sunshine

    Eye on Israel...(...and the Spiritual Battle behind the war...)

    Oh, but they are still His Chosen people. He never breaks a promise. I had a friend who once explained it to me this way: Imagine that these three Nations of the Book were three brothers. Israel is the eldest, Christianity, the middle, and Islam is the youngest. Just because the brothers are...
  5. Sunshine

    My Wish for VC…

    What sites would you recommend? The sites where I used to go for global news are either taken over by the propagandists on either the PTB side or the hyperbolic CT side, or shut down altogether. I was actually going to post the question to the forums: where to get the Real Story about what is...
  6. Sunshine

    What if the Dahmer story is not real?

    What are you, an overly-jaded millennial or something? While I respect a person who is willing to question "history," and works to verify facts before investing their belief in anything, I feel I should disabuse you of the "false flag" notion in this particular case. I was a teenager when the...
  7. Sunshine

    Neil Young Is Rock Music's Version Of Nancy Pelosi

    I think it's hilarious that Neil Young and Joni Mitchell think anyone using Spotify gives a sh*t about them, their music or their opinions. ROFL
  8. Sunshine

    Demi Lovato is having an Alien Encounter

    well, she looks like a dude, so....
  9. Sunshine

    New fox show "Alter Ego"

    Gee, I knew that Will.I.Am and Grimes were both on board the illuminati train. ....But Alannis? My heart is cleft in twain.
  10. Sunshine

    The Secret Dehumanization Campaign Against Muslims Before Forcing Us into Concentration Camps

    Wow, you must have spent quite a bit of time stringing together random scenes from semi-random movies, video games and music videos. Does this mean that on 5 November, you'll find yourself a better hobby? As an aside, how much help do Muslims need to "dehumanize" themselves? They are the...
  11. Sunshine

    Organic Protests Breaking Out Across the US

    Over the weekend, people started showing that their patience for the Biden regime and its histrionics is coming to an end. Students at four college football games, with packed stadiums, started chanting 'F**k Joe Biden." Also of note were eruptions of same at plazas, concerts and street-side...
  12. Sunshine

    IT'S NEAR: THE NEXT SOLAR STORM. DATE: Before December 2021

    And what happens in December when your prediction hasn't come true? Are you going to apologize for the fearmongering? That would be a refreshing change from all the other dinguses who predict doom and gloom on such-and-such a date. On this site alone, there's been at least half a dozen posts...
  13. Sunshine

    What is going on in Walmart's ?

    I am no fan of Walmart, but I would bet it's far more likely that they're making way for the Christmas-shopping-season displays than using their stores as human depots for some impending civilian round-up. Surely, that would have a severe negative impact on their profit margins. Lol
  14. Sunshine

    With the world’s eyes on Afghanistan, how does the Taliban represent Islam?

    Are you a freaking troll or what? I think most people in the US would welcome refugees from Afghanistan. I would open my home to shelter women and children from that country, without hesitation. There are private individuals and groups working for that very cause.
  15. Sunshine

    Facing the Reality of Climate Change

    Wow, you sound so panic-stricken! What if I told you that the climate of the Earth has been in constant flux for its entire existence? At several points in its history, it was a volcanic free-for-all, with hot gasses and ash spumes creating an environment so hot and so toxic that plant and...
  16. Sunshine


    The sheep's name was Dolly, and she lived a relatively normal life, but she got sick and died at the age of six years old. That was due to a lung infection that she and several other sheep at her farm caught and succumbed to. I am curious to know what happened to her six offspring. (Nobody...
  17. Sunshine

    pots, pans, and food containers: what's safe and what's not

    Yes, being a former chef, I've always been super picky about cooking vessels, knives, storage containers. I got two cast iron skillets and a Dutch oven as Christmas presents over the years, and plan on keeping them until I die. Best damn way to cook a steak, hotdogs, pork chops, chili or a stew...
  18. Sunshine

    Nicotine addiction.

    I have to disagree with you about the nicotine patches. They are the only things that worked to help me quit--first smoking and then vaping. At first, I did feel liberated from the addiction. I was like "I'm free! " No more standing outside in lousy weather, no more pulling over to smoke...