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    This may be strange but I noticed this a few weeks ago and I’ve been wondering why they made this choice. This is the water I drink, why is it this price? I also buy 2 at a time and of course it adds up to . Am I being subliminally told that there is something wrong with the water?
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    August Alsina DEMONIC album cover! foreshadowing something??

    I’ve been saying t he same thing. I’ve known for years their marriage was open because Will has said it in an article. I’m shocked no one seemed to have known this, your the first person I hear mention so I know something is up.
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    psychiatry isn't a science, it's a huge FRAUD

    I agree. Mainly from my own experience. I spent years going to the hospital because I was having nervous breakdowns from a traumatic event they put me in multiple meds. It took 3 years for a nurse who asked me questions to say, “ that sounds like anxiety”, never did a doctor come to that...
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    X =Antichrist

    That’s for pointing this out. I saw Beyoncé with this necklace and I’m like that’s not a cross.
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    The Super bowl half time show.

    I don't get how everyone doesn't see this. I haven't watched the performance, tbh I won't. I'm not a fan of either, but the lady in red thing really grinds me the wrong way. We see it so many times and it always reminds me of Revelation and the description of Babylon. Pretty sure there was dark...
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    When Religion And Conspiracy Theories Collide.

    This could turn into a comedy thread. This is the most I’ve laughed on this site.
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    Are the 4 angels bound in the Great River Euphrates about to be loosed?

    No, only those spiritually in tune, but not the world.
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    Vegetarianism/Veganism and the Bible

    Just my opinion, eating meat is fine. The Biblical restrictions on the types of meat do have some medical benefits. I think the problem lies in our overconsumption and instead of acknowledging the overproduction and consumption and additives added to everything we blame the thing itself. I was...
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    Video Games & Anime Illuminati Agenda Exposed

    Fortnite. It’s everywhere since season 6 of the game it just got darker in its underlying symbolism.
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    Reclaiming slur words

    Me personally I grew up in the Caribbean and was taught not to say or let anyone call me that word. It wasn't until I came to America when I heard people use it.
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    Britney Spears psychiatrist DIES: Dr Timothy Benson 'suffers aneurysm'

    I’m immediately suspicious. It sounds like the typical Hollywood cocktail.
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    BTS discussion thread

    Don’t know if anyone has mentioned it yet but this is an old. What always catches me from RMs “Persona” promo song was the part where he says he pretends to be evil. The high lighted pets are the pets translated from korean.
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    Bible doesn't judge people, and it's confusing/easy to exploit ?

    I agree, I think the Bible shows we are fallible humans we sin and can still receive redemption from God but that doesn’t mean We won’t have to go through the consequences. On a more spiritual level the whole concept of “good and bad” is kind of answered. We don’t really have the capacity to be...
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    Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease

    I haven't been diagnosed with anything, but I do notice the difference when I eat certain foods. I started a Keto type diet, I said Keto type because it's not strict and I realized that I don't eat alot of meats or dairy but I generally avoid rice, and bread anyway, I just needed to get rid of...
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    China type surveillance in America?

    I saw it briefly on the news this morning. The headline was something like: Camera's being able to detect a gun to keep our children safe. The first thing I thought was, it starts with "keeping the children safe" but ends up becoming 1984. TBH I'm tired of this narrative. It's sad that people...
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    Back to the Mandela Effect, weird evidence

    Revisiting this again. I'm not sure about the "time traveling" angle, but I do believe these things are changing. That's why it's important to keep hard copies of things. Everything that has gone digital has the potential to be tampered with and I'm realizing more and more that this generation...
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    Cameron Boyce, Star of Disney’s ‘Descendants,’ Dies at 20

    Sooo I typed in “forever boy” in Google to see if it referenced anything. Thought I was gonna find Peter Pan or something but... yeah
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    Cameron Boyce, Star of Disney’s ‘Descendants,’ Dies at 20

    Does anyone else feel weird about this picture?