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  1. kittybratxx

    A majority of movies follow the same formula

    The Alice in Wonderland formula is followed in many movies especially children's movies it's about astral projection A child goes to sleep and astral projects then a white rabbit character lures them to another world White rabbit says I'm late he carries a pocket watch Harry potter - hagrid...
  2. kittybratxx

    Transgenderism being pushed further

    They're really coming after the children here in Scotland with their transgender ideology Now children as young as 4 can change their name and gender without parental consent within schools thanks to the Scottish government...
  3. kittybratxx

    Are we in the End Times?

    I think so. Revelations in the bible have started to play out
  4. kittybratxx

    Lil Nas X - Montero (blatantly satanic)

    Now he's brought out the most satanic video ever
  5. kittybratxx

    Lil Nas X Call Me By your name satanic video

    That movie was also pedophilic
  6. kittybratxx

    Why aren't all women feminists?

    I want to be a house wife and have loads of children and look my family thats all I've ever wanted. I couldn't be a feminist in the fact that they somewhat ruined things for woman they want to break up the family unit. Third wave feminists just hate men
  7. kittybratxx

    Bronies?! Am I crazy, or is this adult-male obsession with My Little Pony super creepy?!

    Very creepy especially the ones that make pornographic material out of them! My 8 year old little cousin encountered an image of them in underwear with breasts and a gif of one of them twerking with a human like backside. It's vile!
  8. kittybratxx

    Why Can't Homosexual's Donate Blood? [video]

    They spread h.i.v so no
  9. kittybratxx

    How do you explain gods love?

    To me personally its like an unconditional love that's so pure goes straight into your heart and you just know he's always with you, I hope everyone experiences one day.
  10. kittybratxx

    Is LGBT+ acceptance campaign starting to backfire?

    They love to corrupt the youth. let's not forget James gunn. who made the first scooby doo live action wanted velma to be lesbian back then. The same James gunn, who made all the sick paedophilia jokes on twitter. I read an article about how during lock down some children who where considering...
  11. kittybratxx

    YANDEX-CHILD p***philia

    I'm really Glad that more people are becoming aware of this situation, But it's one thing everyone knowing. It's what can we do about it? Because these people " think they are above the law" and probably are..... I'm glad tho that even the younger generations are posting videos about this on...
  12. kittybratxx

    Antifa is defending pedos now

    Well they all certainly look the type.
  13. kittybratxx

    Do you think God could forgive me?

    We are all sinners! But if we admit we are guilty and repent for our sins we can be saved. Ofcourse it ultimately comes down to God. But as long as your heart is pure and true to him. Have faith
  14. kittybratxx


    So #buybuybaby is somewhat related to a child sex trafficking on Instagram I was browsing it saw lots of odd sick accounts One with a video of a little boy naked on a scooter it made me feel so sick after seeing it. Theirs too many of these hidden in plain site idk what to do
  15. kittybratxx

    p***philia will be accepted as sexual orientation very soon

    I don't believe that all people with homosexual tendencies are paedophiles, However it should be noted that Numerous communities like. Albany Trust, Campaign of homosexual equality, Gay left, Liberty, spartacus international gay guide, Have all been known to support Paedophile group "PIE"...
  16. kittybratxx

    How do you plan your future personally?

    Escaping is easier said than done, with all the government surveillance being put into cities tracking your mobiles, Drone technology, But i wish everyone the best and hope and pray that they can escape.
  17. kittybratxx

    Time travel, elite sexparties, moon bases, giant animals and growing out lost limbs

    I don't believe in the time travel part but i do believe in CERN tampering with thing's they shouldn't be and altering the universe in small ways.
  18. kittybratxx

    Elites want gun control?

    They want people as weak and vulnerable as possible it makes them easier to control Be careful they want us all to become vegan too, and with the way thing's are looking in the meat industry recently it doesn't look promising for our health
  19. kittybratxx

    p***philia will be accepted as sexual orientation very soon

    Thank you, i had Just thought i'd create an updated one due to all the new information that's been coming to light
  20. kittybratxx

    is CERN opening the portal to hell?

    CERN have been known for tampering with electronic particles with their large hadron collider also known as a bottomless pitt The term bottomless pitt can in fact be found in the bible "And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key...