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  1. Lizard King

    My White Privilege Has Been Revoked By DMV

    My White Privilege did me no good at DMV today. I not only felt like an endangered species but had to deal with Whoopi Goldberg clones for about 3 hours. Also a gang of military age Spanish speaking people hanging out front were not too impressed with my White Privilege either. I made sure to...
  2. Lizard King

    What are some other "Sinister Sites" VC should cover?

    I think the Washington DC Capital should be added to #1 spot on the Sinister Sites list. More demons congregate their than anywhere else. Congressgating.
  3. Lizard King

    Demon face disorder

    Maybe she had been taking some mushrooms. Demons are revealed by mushrooms.
  4. Lizard King

    Trump indicted thread

    From what I have read he was DOA. I recommend watching the video if you can stomach it. Whatever he used as an accelerant was extremely effective because his whole body went up immediately. I've only watched it once because it is horrible.
  5. Lizard King

    High jump quiz question

    If they really went to the Moon why is there nothing we can see that was left there ?
  6. Lizard King

    High jump quiz question

    There are people who claim the Sun rotates around the earth. Kind of looks like it does lol. Flat earth is just crazy to me and I am suspicious of anyone who claims it is.
  7. Lizard King

    Trump indicted thread

    I read this guy's manifesto online and pretty much agreed with everything he said. Also the only person he hurt was himself so deep down I think he was a good person. Also I think his death was a weird metaphor on the state of our society. The fact that he didn't harm anyone contrasts with all...
  8. Lizard King

    Demon face disorder

    Forgive me if I am wrong but aren't you the one who had family member slaughtered by demon who then stole his farmhouse too?
  9. Lizard King

    Train Derailment in Ohio being blacked out by media

    Synagogue of Satan just gave the Axis of Evil 100 Billion today.
  10. Lizard King

    High jump quiz question

    Actually not only is it poppycock it is also sarcasm lol.
  11. Lizard King

    Synagogue of Satan Just Stole Another 100 Billion From American Taxpayers

    That's why the Synagogue of Satan is trying to destroy Russia. Russia has already won the Ukraine war. Ukraine and the Synagogue of Satan are the same entity. Both zelensky and satanyahoo are letting the Ukrainian people get slaughtered so when Israel no longer exists they will flee to Ukraine...
  12. Lizard King

    Synagogue of Satan Just Stole Another 100 Billion From American Taxpayers

    Synagogue of Satan which owns the US Congress just gave another 100 Billion to Israel and Ukraine. Not a nickel for the southern border invasion. I'm beginning to think Mike Johnson is actually Nancy Pelosi dressing like a man. I wonder what compromising videos mossad has on Johnson. I always...
  13. Lizard King

    The Illuminati in the Country Music Industry

    Orange Man makes that sign a lot too.
  14. Lizard King

    The Border Invasion: Thousands Flooding In By Day = Pandoras Box(Fentanyl, Human Trafficking, Cartels in U.S)

    After reading all these depressing posts I wonder where all the fentanyl is because I am at the point where I wouldn't mind trying some so I don't have to think about this stuff anymore. When I was little I saw a movie called The Alamo. Little did I know when I became an adult I would be...
  15. Lizard King

    High jump quiz question

    If no one has been to the Moon how did Pink Floyd come up with The Dark Side of the Moon? I read somewhere that if you have extremely powerful telescope you can actually see the American flag the astronauts planted on the Moon. The dune buggy they rode around on the Moon is still there too.
  16. Lizard King

    Exemplary Сasual Dating - Genuine Ladies

    Good way to get a virus.
  17. Lizard King

    P Diddy on Ellen

    The sight of Ellen Degenerate makes me physically ill. Poor Anne Heche.
  18. Lizard King

    Synagogue of Satan considers this collateral damage.

    Synagogue of Satan considers this collateral damage.
  19. Lizard King

    A much-needed trip down Memory-Lane; co-opting religion for geopolitical ends

    The word Evangelicals is now defined by this definition: dangerous fools being led to the slaughter by the Synagogue of Satan. Money is what they both worship and perhaps that is why they are kindred spirits.
  20. Lizard King

    The Real Syriana: Israel.....Planned home of the World Government

    I read somewhere that Ben Hur had JFK killed because JFK didn't want Synagogue of Satan to have nuclear bomb.