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  1. Dreamymoon

    What do you think is happening with these “glitches in the matrix”

    Ok I read comments they said it didn’t work when they got old phone. Possibly fake. Can do anything on the internet now with editing programs. However, I do think there are some strange Mandela effects
  2. Dreamymoon

    What do you think is happening with these “glitches in the matrix”

    This is one guy doing it, not same guy mentioned though, paranormal? I don’t know. I’m interested in trying it with an older phone to prove it. Some say it’s a different dimension we lived in.
  3. Dreamymoon

    Disney Exposed i honestly detest Disney
  4. Dreamymoon

    What do you think is happening with these “glitches in the matrix”

    Do you think it’s demonic? I wonder what the spiritual reasoning is one thing I’m interested in are Mandela effects which are super interesting and disturbing. There is this guy on TikTok who gets out this older phone model and shows the proof that what people remember is true, when he holds...
  5. Dreamymoon

    Video Games & Anime Illuminati Agenda Exposed

    It’s basically humans over Pokémon/animals. There shouldn’t exist a hospital for Pokémon. Never saw a human hospital. They mostly only go there for fighting for humans sake to become the “best there ever was” For their “owners”.
  6. Dreamymoon

    Video Games & Anime Illuminati Agenda Exposed

    I liked Pokémon a lot as a kid but it has some dark aspects and some content which isn’t suitable for children there...
  7. Dreamymoon

    Cartoon Network

    Nickelodeon is suspicious too, Dan Schneider scandals and what’s on it tbh
  8. Dreamymoon

    Cartoon Network

    Thought I’d make a topic for this organisation. They show adult cartoons and plenty of their “children’s” cartoons have disturbing content. For example this is on the powerpuff girls plenty of other adult jokes in it. then Courage the Cowardly dog which I loved...
  9. Dreamymoon

    Doja Cat's new album

    Completely evil.. most evil music video I’ve ever seen
  10. Dreamymoon

    Halsey’s Lilith MV

    Another demonic new music out. Seems to be promoting the evil game Diablo
  11. Dreamymoon

    Satanism in TOYS [Trigger Warning]

    I never liked them either I think they look creepy
  12. Dreamymoon

    UFO Disclosure and AI

    True that. But there was a video I saw of a man physically vanishing on camera (not sure if real) and then there are the missing 411 cases with children never been seen again and some that do reappear strangely. There are conspiracy cases of underground tunnels however
  13. Dreamymoon


    Is Pilates an ok alternative to yoga? I can’t see any difference ‍
  14. Dreamymoon

    Barbie movie hype

    Oh that song… hear it all over TikTok. Didn’t realise how dirty it was
  15. Dreamymoon

    Chat AI and AI art… creepy

    Certainly possible with how evil the world has gotten
  16. Dreamymoon

    Barbie movie hype

    The feminism agenda bothers me with it the most. I’ve not seen it but apparently they make kens as useless and purposeless and they rely upon women.
  17. Dreamymoon

    The Elon Musk thread

    Did anyone see that video of his former nanny who says he will usher in antichrist?
  18. Dreamymoon

    UFO Disclosure and AI

    Everyone has this opinion. Some Christian’s say it’s a big lie and the verse 2 Thessalonians 2:11, some say they aren’t beings or demons but robots filled demons, some say it’s all fake a lie. Some people who aren’t Christian’s say there are good aliens and bad aliens…who knows. I personally...
  19. Dreamymoon

    Barbie movie hype

    I liked that song growing up, but it has dirty lyrics in it. Kids used to make fun of it. It depicts Barbie as being “cheap” and “easy” and the “dumb blonde” stereotype where it’s about looks and not brains.
  20. Dreamymoon

    Celebs selling their soul, aliens, giants, and mermaids (Erica Mukisa’s testimony)

    I watch several TikTok videos on the subject (yes, TikTok I watch it only to avoid YouTube ads). You can see evil mermaids and that in films too.